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  2. same error
  3. Naprawione, czekaj na nowy modpack.
  4. I will give it a try now
  5. don't think so... look here player stated, that those errors are in vanilla too and here is error code list:замена-звуков-sound-changing-звуки-на-различные-события/page-98#entry374248
  6. Zaktualizowalem to pare godzin temu, wlacz modpacka , wczysc folder dlc i przeinstaluj mody, ale to moze trwac dlugo bo serwer jest pod duzym obciazeniem dzisiaj.
  7. AFAIR ErrorCode: 15 Is rather from XVM. Do you use souds.xc ?
  8. Niestety to nie pomaga
  9. Windows Defender maybe or smart screen?
  10. Are you running the installer with admin privileges? This is not a bug in the installer, but local issue you are experiencing.
  11. Miałem podobnie. Jaki masz antywirus? Ja mam Avast-a. Okazało się, że to on blokował Aslain-a. Wystarczy wyłączyć antywirusa i wszystko ładnie śmiga.
  12. Diito, downloaded but when I try to open the exe, just get the spinning wheel. AVG not the issue must be Win 10 being balky...
  13. Updated for the new micro patch (path change only)
  14. Updated for the new micro patch (path change only)
  15. with any tank (all tanks) i got error id: 15 in logs which means: ID not found (maybe a wg problem ?) 2017-01-24 20:00:02.323: INFO: [SOUND_ERROR] Sound fail: 2967843034 - ErrorCode: 15 2017-01-24 20:01:18.304: INFO: [SOUND_ERROR] Sound fail: 2166136261 - ErrorCode: 15 2017-01-24 20:01:21.279: INFO: [SOUND_ERROR] Sound fail: 2166136261 - ErrorCode: 15
  16. Today
  17. i have use all that without any problem until 9.17 update mods and even in 9.17 mod packs,sound was working until last few mod updates. python.log
  18. Is that happening with any tank you guys playing or particular one (name it) ?
  19. got same problem with my modpack and I dont have any from mentioned mods really dunno where is the problem...
  20. Hello, I have tried several times, even deleted WoT, also tried ticking clean install of mod pack. Anyone got any ideas???????
  21. Local problem, check your antivir etc.
  22. Wersja 4.1 dzisiaj się ukazała -
  23. You are mixing skin mods, don't do it. I allowed it in the modpack, but it's more for users who knows what they are doing. Skins & remodels package from Milkym4n Enhanced camo by pold77 Shiny metal by Hanabishi Painted Rollers rollers for SD client Camo Selector + WoT Tweaker with unknown settings. That may give you very unstable game. Cannot reproduce your no engine sounds problem, I can hear them.
  24. It's just a bank file, I don't see how this can change your game language, attach all required logs.
  25. when English Duke sound is enabled in game invites are not in English.
  26. Still no engine sound on start game
  27. Witam Czy ktoś miał taki przypadek, że nie odpalała mu się instalka. Próbowałem już różnych metod. Ponowne ściąganie uruchamianie jako administrator. Ma ktoś jakiś pomysł jak to uruchomić?
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