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  2. SilentRage007

    Issues 8.0.2 to 8.0.3

    Many thanks. I'll stay tuned and hope fur the best.
  3. Yesterday
  4. v.8.0.3 #03 (22-02-2019): - dodano nową gałąź: Panel informacji o okręcie - dodano nowy mod: Panel informacji z perkami kapitana + Pasek HP - dodano skórki Anime Ship Skins by Compass Rose: RU, JAP, GER (nie wszystkie statki uwzględnione) - akt. Zaawansowana Minimapka - przeniesiono Przenośny panel informacji o okręcie do nowej gałęzi (trzeba go wybrać ponownie)
  5. v.8.0.3 #03 (22-02-2019): - added new branch: Ship parameters panel - added new mod: Panel with commander perks + Adv. HP bar - added Anime Ship Skins by Compass Rose: JAP, RU, GER [not all ships are covered] - updated Minimap Extended - moved the Movable ship parameters panel to new branch (you have to check it again)
  6. m0nstertr4x

    Autoaim Indication+ with Wheeled vehicles

    ok ill drop him a suggestion :) thanks
  7. Managed to add it, will be in the next modpack update.
  8. Interface2037

    PPs are a bit strange.

    Too bad they removed client language fetching, kinda liked that.
  9. Aslain

    Autoaim Indication+ with Wheeled vehicles

    Maybe try to write to mod author: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/441413-1021-a
  10. v.8.0.3 #02 (22-02-2019): - akt. Zaawansowana Minimapka (naprawiono wskażnik celu) - akt. celownika Nomogram (dynamiczny) - akt. kamery Zeiss Zoom x15, x20, x25 - akt. ikonek klanów - dodano mxCamo (by qMBQx8GH_real)
  11. v.8.0.3 #02 (22-02-2019): - updated Minimap Extended (fixed target indicator) - updated crosshair Nomogram (dynamic) - updated camera Zeiss Zoom x15, x20, x25 - updated clan icons - added mxCamo (by qMBQx8GH_real)
  12. kzkhak

    Not shown hitlog and damage log

    ah... sorry, They are not shown again without UI scale mod. It is so strange. It is fine to play some replay files. but It doesn't work on playing normal modes. I tried to remove WoT client's cache and preferences.xml, nothing to change. shot_4450.jpg is playing normal battle mode. shot_4451.jpg is playing that replay file mode.
  13. Aslain

    Issues 8.0.2 to 8.0.3

    1. Confirmed. Well I guess we have to live with this, it's either intended or a mistake. I will try to ask the author. It's not game breaking. 2. I politely asked WoWs users to vote on my WoT modpack, that mods page is using WoWs logins, since it's made by WG. 3. Zeiss Zoom 15/20/25 will be updated in next modpack, maybe it will fix your issue. (currently x15 has settings from x25 maybe thats why you have this issue) (already updated in modpack #02) 4. They will be added when they are available, currently they are not. Their author/s are no updating them.
  14. TerryDK

    Switching Computers

    Thanks, Quaksen! I'll give it a try as soon as I get my new box all loaded up!
  15. I love this mod but when i play wheeled LT's it interferes with the build-in autoaim snapping for these vehicles. So i was hoping there was the option to disable it on wheeled vehicles only Looking at the config there's not much to do, but i see there's the option to set a togglekey so i'll try that and disable it when playing wheeled vehicles. Perhaps the dev can do something about it :)
  16. Last week
  17. v.8.0.3 #01 (21-02-2019): - akt. Menadżer kamuflażu - akt. Kaliber dział w calach - dodano Dźwięki załogi z Star Wars [EN] - dodano kamuflaż Wielka biała flota (w dziale ze skórkami) - dodano skórkę: Yamato ze wskażnikiem kątowania - dodano skórkę: Lotniskowiec z Red Alert 3 - dodano skórkę: FSI Missouri - dodano Paczka ulepszająca skórki okrętów ARP od WG - połączono paczkę skórek Crooka wraz z jego GUI - usunięto Paczka UI dla skórek okrętów Crook'a (jako osobna opcja) - naprawiono Nie ściszaj dźwięku gry przy po jej minimalizacji
  18. v.8.0.3 #01 (21-02-2019): - updated Camouflage Manager - updated Gun calibers in inches - added Star Wars Voice Mod [EN] - added The Great White Fleet camo (find it in the skins section) by Smeggo - added skin: Yamato with angling indicator - added skin Aircraft Carrier from Red Alert 3 - added skin: Shogun Battleship from Red Alert 3 - added skin: FSI Missouri - added skin: ARP Enhance Pack - renamed Crooks skins to Crooks World (it will install GUI part automaticaly now) - removed UI package for Crooks Full Nation Skins (as separate option) - fixed Allow to hear sounds when the game is minimalized
  19. SilentRage007

    Issues 8.0.2 to 8.0.3

    Thanks for the response on #2. Never noticed the WoT modpack checkbox before. Just with this installer.
  20. Aslain

    nie wczytuje się bitwa

    Usuń moda ATAC, widać nie słuzy w konfiguracji co masz. Być może to jakis konflikt między ATAC a innym modem jak Battle Observer.
  21. Witam. Mam problem z wczytywaniem się bitew. Dzieje się to co jakiś czas . Pasek ładowania bitwy dochodzi do końca i na tym koniec. Pomaga tylko zrestartowanie gry. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  22. Quaksen

    Issues 8.0.2 to 8.0.3

    Because Aslain also has the WoT modpack, and there's no wgmods page for WoWs, so WoT link is displayed. The option has been there quite a while by now :)
  23. SilentRage007

    Issues 8.0.2 to 8.0.3

    1) Display issue in Tech Tree (using expanded tech tree) - notice duplicate panel display. Started in version 8.0.2 2) WoWs Modpack - Finished Page - Displays option for WoT thumbs up (not expected) and selecting it also takes you to the WoT mudpack page (https://wgmods.net/46/) 3) ran into an issue with Zeiss Zoom - 15% but will need to check more. Issue is with calibration of distances to the additional zoom. Prior to the install - when zoomed in I could set my target on estimated lead of say 10 when target was at 9.5 sec. With the Zeiss zoom - followed same procedure but fell significantly short of target. I use the static type 7 crosshair. 4) Will you be bringing back some of the older Detection Mods. I used to use the Sixth Sense Colored Icons and before that the Black Citadel Chain detection mods. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  24. Look I'm sorry about that if I knew what the mod did I wouldn't be asking to remove them in the descriptions of the mods give little to no detail on what they do or only few screenshots of the mod it's self. This is why I am asking this because they are so many mods that Aslain has I can't shake a stick at them and need better screen shots on them so I can see the right mods that are fit for me . And when I put this in the General discussion I was asking anyone for help not just the people that help Aslian out it was for everyone including members to . that is what I thought General discussion was use for .
  25. v1.4.0.1 #08 (21-02-2019): - akt. statystyki sesji YasenKrasen - usunięto Ignoruj flagi wybrane przez użytkowników na stronie XVM (przestał działać)
  26. v1.4.0.1 #08 (21-02-2019): - updated session stats YasenKrasen - removed Ignore flags selected by users on the XVM website (stopped to work)
  27. Have you tried updating your game card driver ? your driver could be outdated and need a new update.
  28. Meanwhile you can get it here: https://wgmods.net/1321/details
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