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  2. Yeah there is some errors but hard to tell why, I also see a lot of mods that are not from my modpack. Maybe start with not installing anything extra from the 3rd parties and see if there is improvement.
  3. Aslain pls check this out as well this happend while i was in game playing python.log
  4. Crooks Skins - Lyon

    Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip I hope i did it right, and thx for the help!
  5. Yesterday
  6. Getting Kicked...

    I have found out more information on this issue . . . . . XVM is affecting load times to get in game but . . . . . if you log into your XVM online & go to settings then make sure you have not ticked the XMQP box this will drastically decrease your load times on the login screen, due to it exchanging data in game with allies. Exchanging data in game with allies in my eyes is a bad thing & could probably cause you increased load times & unecessesary memory usage which could lead to crashes. Make sure you uncheck the XMQP box! I have provided a screenshot of the XMQP box which is in your XVM settings on the web. I really do hope that this helps you out Phyrman09 & also helps alot of other players out may be having the same kind of problems. I hope this provides Aslain with some maybe useful information to help towards his Modpack too.
  7. CTD & BSOD

    BSOD is caused by hardware issues, or drivers for said hardware. Not this modpack. Connection issues is also either your end, or a link between you and Wargaming's server. Who knows about the CTD's - you didn't provide any logs at all.
  8. CTD & BSOD

    V Every day since 1.0 a lost connection during battle - very embarrasing Last few days some CTD Yesterday a BSOD Today CTD rejoin. Then later a BSOD (page_ fault). Restart failed with BSOD. 2 hours wasted running full memory test and replacing page file etc. Uninstalled Aslain mod and no problem since Sorry dude I love your mod. But whilst one of the mods packaged is so flakey it's a problem for me
  9. ASLAIN, OH TRUST ME - everything has been updated, WOT support had me reinstall everything from game, flash, C++ 3 or 4 different error log programs and a new BETA World of Tanks game center with better file, computer, network checker, even registry scrub. so I know the INFO: [SOUND_ERROR] Sound fail: 2967843034 - ErrorCode: 15 occurs with or with out the modpack, but error for flock, missing tracks for a 13 90 (which i do not have but i have added the Milkym4n 13 90 remodel and that error went away. Ok so what ever errors im getting are rooted in the modpack, thats why i thought of XVM. I'm currently trying to install less and less until i narrow it down ATAC kept showing errors so i didn't install it OH i don't have the camo net mod support also gave this update wot_1.0.0.834_na
  10. i had that error before and it was caused by the camo net mod
  11. In your logs only this was suspicious: 2018-04-23 15:22:46.935: ERROR: [ERROR] (scripts/client/Flock.py, 129): Failed to load flock model: content/Environment/env_birds/SparrowsFlock.model 2018-04-23 15:22:46.959: ERROR: [ERROR] (scripts/client/Flock.py, 129): Failed to load flock model: content/Environment/env_birds/SparrowsFlock.model 2018-04-23 15:22:47.030: ERROR: [ERROR] (scripts/client/Flock.py, 129): Failed to load flock model: content/Environment/env_birds/SparrowsFlock.model 2018-04-23 15:22:47.030: ERROR: [ERROR] (scripts/client/Flock.py, 129): Failed to load flock model: content/Environment/env_birds/SparrowsFlock.model Update your all drivers (try Driver Booster free maybe), also check the game integrity.
  12. ASLAIN, I need your help figuring out what is freezing the computer - game will freeze and sometimes it won't let me get back to windows If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the python log, that's where my game froze I have also attached a pic to show there is no error message Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  13. Hi, just a minor issue I've had for a while, which I was hoping would be resolved with updates (but wasn't). Every time I start the client, the MoE Extended mod reverts back to its default location. Previously I only needed to position it once, and it'll stay there no matter how many times I started the client (until there's a patch and I need a new version of the mod). Also I seem to be able to move it only once. Is there a config file somewhere I can edit so it stays in one location permanently?
  14. Voice Mods

    How about Clint Eastwood, many good lines.....
  15. Error code 15 means ID Not Found, which means that game or mod wants to play some sound with given ID but it cannot be found, it cannot crash your game froom what I know. If you want to disable xvm sounds edit sound.xc and select enabled true to false, the installer has same option to turn off all XVM sounds.
  16. Aslain Can you tell me where the sound files are for the game and how to load xvm with no sound?
  17. color change

    There's a mod in the modpack to change it to yellow, green and I think red or blue.
  18. Timer mod for concealment

    I see, is there a chance any of you fellas might wanna make this simple count down mod ?:)
  19. Last week
  20. Timer mod for concealment

    Nobody created such mod from what I know.
  21. v.7.3.0 #11 (22-04-2018): - dodano Światła kierunku poruszania: v5 (X33STORM) - akt. ikonek klanów [1 asia] - akt. Teksturowa metoda cieniowania obiektów - akt. Zmiana stałego kamo okrętów USA (i niektórych Pan-Asia) na wersję z bety (Avalon) - akt. Wygląd dowódców Merdmaid's Wrath (by Chobittsu)
  22. v.7.3.0 #11 (22-04-2018): - added Ship Movement Indicator: v5 (X33STORM) - updated clan icons [1 asia] - updated Emulated Ambient Occlusion (InnocentiWOWS) - updated Functioning MS22 Camo Replacements (Avalon) - updated Mermaid's Wrath commanders (by Chobittsu)
  23. I have tried reinstalling the latest version but everytime it does not show XVM statistics while it does appear on my laptop but on my desktop it will not. Can't seem to figure out what it is. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  24. v1.0.0.3 #07 (22-04-2018): - dodano addon XVM: celownik XVM [z opcjami czas lotu i czas celowania] - dodano celownik: Predator - dodano Dźwięki dział i trafień z WoT 0.6.7 (DJ_DveiPL) - akt. Gold ammo visibility mod - wyłączono automatyczne autkualizacje w Rozbudowane drzewko badań [jest podejrzenie że powoduje to problem z czarnym ekranem] - usunięto Mapka z taktykami
  25. v1.0.0.3 #07 (22-04-2018): - added XVM sight addon [with options: fly & aim time] - added crosshair: Predator - added Guns & hits from WoT 0.6.7 (DJ_DveiPL) - updated Gold ammo visibility mod - disabled auto-update feature in the Advanced Techtree [it's suspected for the black screen problem] - removed Tactical Map
  26. Hit notification are missing.

    please read this ...
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