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  2. I'm using the JBVT, but at some nations the tank are under the nationsflsg and so they are not clickable. So what can I do to solve the problem?
  3. That sounds rather odd, and would probably need a replay to understand exactly what you mean.. Autoaim being disabled would be: Him doing it. Target getting unspotted.
  4. is there something out there in mod land that does that? he was screaming it had to be warpack but i told him to go make a foil hat....
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  6. No he isn't using a triple monitor setup and you were right. After he deactivated this setting, all HUD elements showed up again and were in the correct position. Thanks a lot Quaksen
  7. I was using the siren warning sound for torpedoes then tried the Jaws ones but as of now none seem to be working. Did something change as far as how to activate them? Thanks in advance.
  8. Bug reported and repaired. Wows now works properly following an update for Wows and aslain.. Delete by administration at their convenience..
  9. Attach logs too, sound mods are complex.
  10. Zgadza sie, mój mały bład, poprawie w następnej aktualizacji paczki.
  11. Forgot to include read me, will do in next update.
  12. v6.1.1 #04 (19-02-2017): - dodano tłumaczenie instalatora w języku Malezyjskim od Pray_For_MH370 - dodano Pomniejszone odznaki - dodano Flagi Sea Shepherd - przeniesiono odznaki bitewne do centrum do sekcji odznaki bitewne - optymizacja instalacji
  13. v6.1.1 #04 (19-02-2017): - added Malaysian installer translation by Pray_For_MH370 - added Shrinked ribbons - added Sea Shepherd flags - moved Ribbons to center to the ribbons branch - optimized installation method
  14. Apparently Hangman was the problem, since with the update, I played without interruption yesterday, and had 0 crashes to desktop... Close the ticket, I think this one is fixed! Thanks Aslain!
  15. Tak, mozna zainstalowac sam XVM z paczki, po prostu go wybierz, i nie wybieraj innych modow.
  16. Witam mam takie pytanko,chcialem wyprobowac nowy celownik artylerii ale po zainstalowaniu nic sie nie zmienia czyli jesli mam jumbo to arta ma jumbo itd oczywiscie inne celowniki artylerii dzialaja bez problemu tylko ten od Deggie nie chce cos zaskoczyc jaka to moze ma byc przyczyna?
  17. not hearing any gun sound from any swedish tanks. i was playing strv m/42. was also spectating the strv 74 after i died in game and no gun sounds on that one too. tried it with the ikv 103, also no gun sounds
  18. Hmm napisałem bo zawsze tak używałem tzn. jego paczka + twój folder XVM i nigdy nie było problemów. W takim razie czy mogę wrzucić twoją paczkę ale włączyć samego XVMa bez reszty modów?
  19. Ok Gracias,solo me queda esperar,gracias por responder!
  20. Unfortunately I don't update clan icons manualy, I download them in huge batch of thousands icons. Maybe one day I will update them all again, currently there is a problem with icons downloading script.
  21. Hola,Soy Latino Y Estaba Pensando si se pdiera introducir nuestro icono de clan al pack,todos nuestors soldados y reclutas usamos este magnifico mod pack,Gracias
  22. Whenever I open the service record, after viewing general statistics, I look at the vehicles tab, with a preference of seeing the top tier vehicles. This I immediately sit by Tier, with the highest tier vehicles at the top of the list. The request is to set the sort order in vehicles tab to sort descending, by tier. This is set in userinfo.xc.
  23. I don't know that I've EVER heard this suggested, so it might not matter to anyone else, but I've always preferred to have the sort order of the nation's to be set alphabetically.
  24. I finally managed to attach python file ( I don't know why it couldn't get attached yesterday). To start with I would like to say it was not a big issue for me, but I found it a strange behavior since things were working very nicely before few updates back. Just for your information, as things are ok now after update #20, I tried the following yesterday: 1. Run WoT in safe mode .. PC didn't crash. 2. Shut PC off then on and run WoT .. PC didn't crash as usually did. 3. Installed update #20, WoT started ok. 4. Shut PC off then on and run WoT .. it worked normally .. and no crash. python.log
  25. I dont get this mod to work on my computer, using nvidia surround. Anyone got any ideas? Tried to change name on the file to battle_layout.xml, dont work, minimap is still in the rihgt lower corner.
  26. Hello, I installed the new mod for World of Warships and it same some weird bug.. I tried reinstalling, installing one by one but no luck on seeing what the problem is.. Its messing up the port and when i start the game it look like none of the mods are even installed.. Logs and SS attached..
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