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  2. Many mods suddenly don't work anymore

    Yes, and virus program off. Tried many versions and times, and reinstalled WoT as well. Still the issues persist. I think it started 2 weeks ago out of the blue. Very strange. Will reinstall later this week or try to do a recovery or so. Thanks for the help!
  3. Attach logs. That red thing around your tank is a feature of Autoaim Extended. How aften do you get that crashes and in what situations?
  4. Are you running the installer with admin rights?
  5. After installing combo Autoaim Extended + Autoaim Indication+ I have crashes during the game and a useless red skirt appears around the selected enemy tank. I can not remove it.
  6. Many mods suddenly don't work anymore

    thanks for the quick replies, seems something is really off in my PC Tried the new log file but getting similar errors. Do you know what the code 2 refers to? I have to go to work now. I will try later to check and otherwise have to reinstall the pc
  7. I will toy with paths in the logs archiver. Try it now: Aslains_WoT_Logs_Archiver.exe
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  9. Many mods suddenly don't work anymore

    What about the forward slas (/) in the filename? Seems wrong? See list of folders in the WoT folder, no \Aslains_modpack
  10. This is not related with WG update or bug in my modpack, something in your PC is causing it. Looks like logs archiver cannot finish it's job :/
  11. Hi Aslain, For a while now, (latest updates from WG) something is wrong when installing your modpack. A lot of things I have selected do not work, i.e. Auto-login, Ping on interface, No Contour Icons, No minimap functions. While other mods do work like 3 row garage mod. I have tried to install 5 different updates of your modpack over the course of the last 2 weeks, with admin rights and AVg off. A few days ago I even completely uninstalled WoT and your mods and installed again, but still the issues persist. I tried to create a logfile, but I get an error from the log-file tool. (see imaged attached) hopefully you can help me out with this issue so I can send you the logfile.
  12. My Strongholds interface doesn't load

    Can you reproduce it from replay too? Wild guess, but try to remove Minimap Tankview Directions.
  13. Hello, EDIT: Can some1 please move this to WoWS ... cause I posted in tanks again .. sorry. Could this be done? I have problems when playing CV and the white planes / ship I have trouble following. Is the ship / planes color property editable on the minimap? PS: Didnt find the topic sorry ... Is any of the moders out there willing to implement this?
  14. When I click on "strongholds" it continually shows "loading content" and never opens. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  15. Yesterday
  16. It would be amazing if you could create a simple mod to replace the announcements that you block or ricochet a shot done to your tank with Terry Crews shouting "block!" Like this, Apologies, as this is about the only video I found off hand.
  17. Logi w tym przypadku nie sa potrzebne. To znany problem, XVM nie obsluguje w pelni tego trybu bitew.
  18. Torrent download issues

  19. W poprzednich ModPack'ach również ten problem występował ale czekałem cierpliwie może ktoś jeszcze go zobaczy Nie działa odbicie lustrzane ikonek czołgów (co ciekawe wroga) podczas wczytywania bitwy..... w załączniku logi i screen. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  20. Torrent download issues

    For v9.22.0.1 #07, the .torrent link points to 06 instead of 07 The correct 07 file is on the server, just the link is wrong.
  21. v9.22.0.1 #07 (20-02-2018): - akt. wszystkich modów od Polyacov_Yury [Radial menu, UT announcer, Oświetlenie czołgów, Kolorowe komunikaty, Zmieniacz kamuflażu] - dodano opcję: Druga linia: ikonki klanowe do OTM Aslaina
  22. v9.22.0.1 #07 (20-02-2018): - updated all Polyacov_Yury mods [radial menu, ut announcer, tank lights, colored chat kill msgs, camo selector] - added option: 2nd line: Clan icons to OTM by Aslain
  23. Were Climbing Guides removed from pack?

    I was testing it again now and that mod is still crashing when installed with some other mods. I reproduced it from that logs posted there:
  24. Clan Icons in XVM OTM?

    Fair enough, I will add it for you in next modpack update, it will be available in the 2nd line of OTM, to keep best compatibility with other OTM functions (prevent overlapping).
  25. A więc szukam wolnej kamery na powtórkach z obecnego klienta testowego, czy takowa istnieje? Jak tak, to gdzie można ją znaleźć?
  26. camo mod and equipment mod

    Sorry for my bad english b/c it's not my native I confirmed auto equipment mod some time remove bino, camo net, repair kit etc... And it also remove all consumables from tanks, just click arround on some tanks and after 4-5 times, consumable will be removed I found out that if u mount camo in any tanks, the problem happened. If Remove camo from every tanks, auto equipment worked. So i think auto equip camo make these problem
  27. Third time's a charm! Uninstalled & re-installed again & it seems to be fixed
  28. Cannot reproduce it from your logs, loaded same mods.
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