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  2. v1.0.2.4 #07 (17-08-2018): - updated anti-mirror files (for yesterday's micropatch) - updated contour icons: Riskynet (by colt87)
  3. v1.0.2.4 #07 (17-08-2018): - akt. plików do usuwania lustrzanego odbicia ikonek (dla wczorajszego mikropatcha) - akt. ikonki konturów: Riskynet (by colt87)
  4. maestro1

    Game Crash when take Light Tank

    Since #5 from Modpack- today #6 i have no client crashes.. can it be the pogs update, the other thinks i dont use.
  5. synpax_na

    Waterline Marker

    I would be willing to sponsor the development of a waterline marker.
  6. Quaksen

    Fricking disconnects!!!

    And what exactly does the modpack have to do with your disconnects? It does not affect your internet connection between you and the server you're playing on. (And if you still want to claim it's the modpack's fault, at least post log files, as per the pinned thread on how to report an issue)
  7. This is a total joke that I average about 3 disconnects per map, is this what I invest into my gaming for? Get the DAMN thing fixed folks you all are making yourselves out to be taking advantage of stupid crap and really I do not believe you give a rats ass about the players. GET IT FIXED QUICK I surely do not want to have to find something else to spend my time on. I can be pissed off and aggravated without trying to get away from those things on this game just to have more of the BS
  8. Mearzbow

    Add clan icon

    Hi, Clan name Flota Wujka Kostucha [FWK] Icons : Small one (24x24) : Original size (250x250) :
  9. Aslain

    Clan icons submission

    Visit this website: https://wows.mv-smirnov.org/en/icons/ Click on Authorize, select your region and authorize your login then upload your icon. In case of problems you can post your clan icon in this topic using following info: 1. Clan tag (in example [WG]) 2. Clan region 3. Attach image (24x24 png)
  10. Aslain

    Installer bug (had for ages)

    If you select them both, the installer will uncheck the one from XVM branch and will install Auxilium's only.
  11. zalmoxis91

    Installer bug (had for ages)

    Actually, for some odd reason, it only seemed to work if I had both on. If I deactivate one, then it does not work at all. Although, I have only tried this like 1-2 months ago and since I was more careful to check both.
  12. Quaksen

    Installer bug (had for ages)

    Check under non-XVM mods too. You are selecting auto equip return another place in the modpack too
  13. zalmoxis91

    Installer bug (had for ages)

    Sorry for late reply. I made a screenshot.
  14. Last week
  15. I've notices that some skin mods don't work, and worse they 'over ride' and camo. For example, Lyon. I have yet to find a skin that works, and any that are in the texture section will simply show nothing but the regular look. There aThere also seems to be some randomness to how There also seems to be some randomness to how skins and camo interact, with some camo covering the body completly and others sort of integrating with the skin, which is actually kind of cool. Just can't figure out why
  16. Jessan/JP

    Chat window Missing and MM Monitor not working

    I am having same issue. I have disabled Team aware but still no chat. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip EDIT: After completely uninstalling again and then reinstalling without Team Aware, I now have chat again
  17. Sgt_Psycho_DK

    Tank missing from garage

    LOL, had the same problem with Obj. 277 and though I had tried everything, but not the reserve. My ass, didn't see it for 2 months or so :-D tried olso vanilla and did excactly the same....slap my face now :-D
  18. Kudislav

    Prudenter contour icon

    Typowe do "ruskich" ikon. Szary/Srebrny - HT , Żółty - MT, Zielony - LT, Czerwony - SPG, Niebieski - TD
  19. PROstuntNRG

    GTO'S Hitmarker za cicho

    Dziękuję za odpowiedź.
  20. v1.0.2.4 #06 (16-08-2018): - akt. plików językowych klienta (dla dzisiejszego mikropatcha) - akt. statystyki sesji YasenKrasen (dla dzisiejszego mikropatcha)
  21. v1.0.2.4 #06 (16-08-2018): - updated client language files (for today's micropatch) - updated session stats YasenKrasen (for today's micropatch)
  22. Aslain

    GTO'S Hitmarker za cicho

    W mojej pacze nie uzywam w ogole odglosow z tego moda, z powodow niekompatybilnosci z wieloma modami dzwiekowymi.
  23. Witam Dźwięk z moda GTO'S Hitmarker nie występuje lub jest zbyt cichy. W konfiguracji moda włączyłem dźwięk. <playSound>False</playSound> zamieniłem na <playSound>True</playSound>. Czy da się w jakiś sposób ustawić głośność modyfikacji? Ustawienia głośności w grze mam wszystkie na max i nie mam problemu z żadnym innym dźwiękiem. Z góry dziękuję za pomoc, pozdrawiam.
  24. maestro1

    Game Crash when take Light Tank

    No never watching replays. i have reinstall the complete computer win 10 and so on, but same problem so i write here the problem. i test a few thinks and write you later again. so i have this problem on light tanks only when i play in platoon. than 100% client crash. i play normal light tanks not solo, so i have only test it now.
  25. Sir Hugh Lyon Sack

    Modpack installation fails

    Yes, you did, but with my eyesight, drive "G" and drive "C" look an awful lot alike.
  26. Aslain

    Prinz Eugen Enchant (WOWS)

    Please provide logs, see my signature.
  27. AlisaBosconovitch

    Prinz Eugen Enchant (WOWS)

    Good afternoon, I am having difficulties installing the Prinz Eugen Enchant UI mod for wows. May I confirm that on a fresh WOWS game, I only need to select the Prinz Eugen enchant mod and it doesn't require any prerequisite mods? Currently, after installing, the res mods folder remains empty and the game works fine, but theres no changes to it. May I know how to install it properly? (im using mac) The mudpack works fine somewhat, I managed to get navigator working before. Thank you!
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