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  4. Olá, por favor, insiram a logo do meu clã no mod ELITE FLEET
  5. No. I have 8 gigs and I had ~4 used. So i think the 1.5GB limit is not from my hardware. I went through all of the options one by one to select the perfect setup. (long time not used your mod) And I clicked back and forth between options a lot, to compare them. I almost finished when the error occurred. If you clicking on sounds for example the rise is more significant than with low res pictures. Oh, and I have to use my keyboard arrows to go through options, because if i click it turns on the option (and all the sub options). Every arrow hit loads the preview raising the memory consumption. I didn't find a solution to select an option for only preview.
  6. Hard to say without any logs. Are you using "favorite server" option? NA merged their servers into one, so that might fuck it up?
  7. Im getting error massages after this last update starting friday that i cannot connect to server and my settings may be incorrect. how do i find out what i need to do to correct it
  8. As a computer tech and a really big nerd I couldn't have said that better myself! added 1 minute later Ahhh yes, the gremlins...... shame on them!
  9. Thank you, i did wonder if it was an XVM problem. Thanks for the reply
  10. This is not my bug, it's XVM devs task to fix it. I saw someone already asked for it on their support forum.
  11. The mode pack has failed. In the garage when I press to the development button and open a tank and press the prewiev button the game unload. whithout the mode pack everything is OK. Not able to close the camouflage panel. Under prewiev mode tanks not visiable. This panel also un closable.
  12. When i'm in the SERVICE RECORD in the Vehicles section, when i hover over the xTE figure for the vehicle the data isn't showing. I get 'xvm_xte/header' and 'xvm_xte/body' showing. I'm running v. but this has happened for the last couple of updates. I've attached a screenshot of the problem.
  13. Glad you got it installed. At first I thought your problem was very strange, then I realized what the cause of the problem is...
  14. Hi guys, I know this doesn't help, but when I start the game for the first time, my zoom is 25 always. After bring it to the 2, it stays there fine.
  15. It's an error message generated by the installer. The permissions on the Aslain directory containing the file patch.exe were broken. I run as admin, tried explicit admin, tried everything I know about permissions to no avail. I restarted my system per Aslain and I was able to remove the directory. I was then able to install the modpack without issues, HOWEVER, upon completion of the install there is no file called patch.exe in that folder now. While the problem was clearly local, I think it was caused by the installer. I'm guessing that a previous install process did not terminate properly leaving some working files around on the disk. Works now :), and thanks again to Aslain and all who help on this forum.
  16. i just did a search on the mod site in question and found 3 mods all for ther latest version of the game ALL illegal. FPP or not aslain check all mods legality before he adds them. if a mod is called into qyuestion at a later date then its removed untill its decided. FPP or not people visit these sites becasue they host less than legal or grey area MODS. FPP discusion aside about if people were being sarcastic or not its simple really. If its deemed a good mod Aslain will add it. If its deemed bad aslain wont. Go forth play with new mod now its added and enjoy.
  17. LOL, 'a storm in a glass of water'. I mentioned FPP because you said suspicious mods come from that particular website. While that is true it is a non-issue because now we have a universal FPP in place, and by that virtue, it is 'out of the question' (my original point). It could come from a dark web for all we care, and we can quite easily check whether it is legal or not. Now, security-wise it is a whole other ballpark. Nice chatting with you guys. See you on the battlefield. Over and out.
  18. Because I replied to you mentioning the FPP. I simply added a personal opinion on it. Shrugs. I obviously mentioned the "straight forward", because you also did, and I agree with it. We were discussing a suspicious website and the FPP. Not this mod in particular. We went kinda off topic when the whole suspicious website part was mentioned, hehe. Ah well (I re-read it as I posted it, and after, and I still do not see how it could be even slightly seen as being sarcastic. I see a post saying I love the FPP, and agreeing with you.) Anyways, game on.
  19. Oh come on people.... First of all, @Quaksen, why would you even mention the times before the FPP? This mod is brand new, came out long after the new FPP was announced and enforced. So, according to the amended FPP, this mod is obviously legal on all Wargaming servers. I wasn't sure if you were serious because you mentioned the word 'straightforward' after my comment as if it were not a fact (or it just seemed that way to me). Just read it again and you might notice it kind-of sounds like mocking. I am really sorry if I crossed some line here. Well, never mind now. The mod made it to the modpack and that was my only intention here. Polite discussion on the net is nice too. Cheers fellows, have some nice games.
  20. Cześć Mam taki mały pomysł - czy w 'pobieraniu i ważnych informacjach' nie można by odwrócić kolejności wyświetlanych postów ? Teraz na pierwszej stronie jest pobieranie, a żeby podejrzeć najnowsze zmiany , trzeba skakać aż na 30-tą ... Gdyby najnowsze posty były jako pierwsze, skakanie nie byłoby potrzebne Pozdrawiam Góral
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  22. Recently with the gnomes gun sounds my gun has no sound and a very very select few tanks have sounds
  23. if tyou read jsut one comment it can come across as sarcastic, but if a person takes the tuime to read it properly it makes sence. When i first read it i thought you were being sarcastic until I reread the sentence again. SO know where he is coming from.
  24. Hej, Niestety cały czas to samo, dołączam 2 zrzuty ... Dzięki za zainteresowanie... Jacek
  25. Używam programu norton ale wyłączyłem go na czas instalacji paczki. Załączam pliki. _Aslains_Installer.log python.log _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf
  26. Here is a cool SixthSense icon if you want to add it too your mod pak Aslaing . Shaggy from Scooby_Doo.
  27. I don't see the sarcasm at all in that post? I'm saying I love the FPP. I'm saying it's straight forward, same rules for all servers. Instead of what it used to be, before FPP, with different rules for different servers. Oh well, lol.
  28. I think there is some confusion. When you read it at first on its own it can sound sarcastic but knowing @Quaksen he was being serious. Also Zzarac was just highlighting the obvious and yes its better that all servers are the same rules. there can be oh no i thought i was on xx server i wont do it again etc. this way you use dodgy mods and get caught bye bye time. Well put in your responce too @Quaksen saves people drawing the wrong conclussion from small part of a bigger statment. Totaly with you on it. Hope that clarified things for you @zzarac
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