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  2. @konsta No tak. Ale wiesz, wydaje mi się że oba problemy są powiązane tylko z tym gifem jest jakoś bardziej rozbudowany. Może za wywalanie odpowiada jakaś sekcja modów a za gifa jakiś konkretny mod. Ale to tylko moje przypuszczenia.
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  4. Gold damage log not in the list?

    Gold log was a part of the mods by ekspoint, they was removed, because was crashing the game, and is suspected for displaying Dr. Evil gif.
  5. Hey, I was wondering where the gold ammo log went. It looked just like the arty log en I liked the stats. Are they gone?
  6. 2 battles OK. I can't test more now. Will let you know later
  7. Hawg's Consumable, Shell & Equipment Informer

  8. Unable to shoot

    Yes, I know. Please note, that it is rare (it happened to me couple of times in different GAME CLIENT versions), but very unpleasant issue and I believe it is not related to the minor updates in your modpack. I think you should be aware of it and maybe forward information to mods developers.
  9. I reported it to ShuraBB and he gave me supposely fixed version, could you try it? mod_Auxilium.pyc
  10. Add clan icon

    Server : EU Clan : NSAF Logo :
  11. After installation #6 pack I have problem after battle it stuck on garage loading screen. In #5 all was OK. I'm guessing something with Auxilium Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  12. Epic Music mod

    The author only poivided the count and album names only: 320 tracks from albums: Audiomachine, Battle X Music, Colossal Trailer Music, Epic North Ninja Tracks.
  13. Gold ammo visibility mod Bug

    And before modpack update to #06, was it working fine?
  14. Found a bug with the "gold ammo visibility mod" : it didn't work as intended (in this case, no blue effects), and it disabled zooming for me (shift button was working as intended when typing). already ran the game with that particular mod off and everything is back to normal, so can say that mod is the cause of the issue.
  15. Strangeness in v1.0.1.1 #06

    Yep, awesome as always. Thanks Aslain.
  16. Crash to desktop with

    Noticed afterwards that you were using the test file for 05 modpack.. the final 05 modpack doesn't have ekspoint mods. Update to the latest modpack
  17. Yesterday
  18. Epic Music mod

    There was a new music mod put in the mudpack can anyone tell me a track listing and album titles? thanks in advance!
  19. Ok, zapamiętam następnym razem Póki co instalacja 06 rozwiązała problem. Na wszelki wypadek przy instalacji poodznaczałem kilka modów które nie uważam za niezbędne. Dzięki za pomoc i dobrą robotę z paczką modów.
  20. Unable to shoot

    Logs are from modpack #04, please try #06.
  21. Crash to desktop with

    i use version 0.6 sry you have true.. sry
  22. Crash to desktop with

    Are you manually installing a mod from ekspoint?... Your logs are from #03 modpack, and #06 is the latest one, please update and see if the issue is gone. (Ekspoint mods were removed in #05)
  23. World of War Plains

    I'm not sure on that I think about the same as the others . but I don't want to lie to you and say they do and they don't if you know what I mean.
  24. Crash to desktop with

    I'm referring to THIS SPECIFIC CRASH WITH THE GIF. This isn't random.
  25. Unable to shoot

    Hello, this is rare issue that happened to me one or two times in the past and happened again in my last game. When it happened I was unable to shot, LMB did nothing. Please note errors in the log just before last game start. (I killed the client and started again in order to be able to play.) Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  26. Crash to desktop with

    sry this is my first log on this forum Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
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