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  2. Ress

    XVM debugPanel configs (for debugPanel.py)

    Revisited and updated each config. Should work "forever" without any need for "maintenance", as long as xvm and extra py_macro are updated regularly. ...another "discontinued" project.
  3. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip every few moments the game pauses for a solid 5-10secs 99.99999% sure its not my pc specs if they matter 7700k/16gb ddr4/gtx 1080, and game is on a m.2 ssd any ideas? or should i go a try one mod at time till a find out which one is causing the problems? game works fine with no mod pack ps. thanks for the awesome mod pack, long time user, new to forums
  4. Updated German installer translation WoT_de_translation_1.2.0.1_15.zip
  5. v1.2.0.1 #16 (19-11-2018): - akt. Odznaki Biegłości w Bitwie [naprawiono ALT w bitwach nielosowych] - akt. plików językowych instalatora: HU, CZ - dodano celownik: Devastator
  6. v1.2.0.1 #16 (19-11-2018): - updated Marks of Excellence Extended [fixed ALT in non-random battles] - updated installer languages: CZ, FR - added crosshair: Devastator
  7. Battlenat0r

    Audio not muted in windowed mode

    Seems its only engine_config changes. <soundMgr> <enabled>true</enabled> <muteEnabled>false</muteEnabled>
  8. Sorry for this. Please find updated file (two lines were changed to DEbranded) WoT_cz_translation_1.2.0.1_15.ini
  9. Aslain

    Says not compatible with current version

    Are you sure you're installing the mods to proper destination folder? Attach logs, see my signature. Additionaly attach: game_info.xml
  10. I've changed steaxch to DEbranded, your translation returned to seaxch, please review few lines with this name.
  11. blake690

    Can't find Hangar Armor Inspector button

    Yes I am thanks to you and thank you very much!
  12. blake690

    Can't find Hangar Armor Inspector button

    Thanks, but I was pretty sure it was more my own ignorance rather than a bug. Thanks for the help though.
  13. Quaksen

    Can't find Hangar Armor Inspector button

    So you're all good now Just have to mouse over the tank then, to see the armor thing.
  14. blake690

    Can't find Hangar Armor Inspector button

    Yea, here's a screenshot using the Super Conqueror. This is with the button with Russian text pushed.
  15. Yup, right click on tank (tech tree, carousel...) > Preview vehicle > then russian text
  16. Quaksen

    Can't find Hangar Armor Inspector button

    Deleted my previous reply. According to the preview image in the installer. You right click a tank, select preview vehicle, and you should have a button with russian text in the left side.
  17. I've installed the mod since the first time I saw it in the modpack but have never been able to find the button. I've searched online about it but it hasn't helped. Do I need to download the mod, is it still available or is something else blocking it from installing? Here's a screenshot of my garage. It's supposed to be installed.
  18. Last week
  19. I downloaded Wows from the website and then downloaded the modpack but each time i start it i get a popup that says thats the modpack is not compatible with version. game version is i've looked for an update but i can't find one.
  20. Please find attached updated CZ translation: WoT_cz_translation_1.2.0.1_15.ini
  21. WoT EN http://aslain.com/custom_messages/WoT_en_translation_1.2.0.1_15.ini
  22. Aslain

    Grand battles tank display mod

    XVM is not supporting player's panel and statistics tab. Maybe they add it in future, when Grand Battles won't be beta anymore and become more common.
  23. Found nothing suspicious in your logs. You can try to reduce mods amount. Maybe start with: Hangar Clock & Calculator by AntonVK, then XVM.
  24. As the title says... anything I install... it gives me a fr eeze with the in-battle interface mixed up in garage... can't do anything, except ALT+F4 and restart the game. This happens at the exit of the battle I'm currently in. I press "back to garage" and it does this stuff... Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  25. After installing the 2nd world war day after, it worked fine. However, I tried to install WW2HVA after and since then, the game has been crashing a few seconds into the loading screen. Reinstalling them again or another gun sound mod does not work. Trying to make the game playable now but found no fix as of yet.
  26. cdntankerjoe

    Grand battles tank display mod

    Would be nice to have a better display for the grand battle mode. IT's very hard now to see what the tanks are and how good they are
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