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  2. i always have problems when i download the mod for wot. It always comes up with this ' game resource path does not exist :./res_mods/ ' with this i just usually have to change the res mods folder name to this above mods folder name. But this time i do it the game loads but i cant access the game interface IE i cant look at the tanks to see what i need to upgrade to get the next one, it just does nothing and is a black screen. Is there something i am missing?
  3. Me too, it doesn't work completely. I tried a renaming of the folder and installed previous version also. Add an empty folfer for the previoouss version, delete the mod folder etc.
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  5. just renamed folder from "" to ""... eventually got into the game but i can't transfer crews from one tank to another... can't even remove binocs ^^ python.log
  6. Having same difficulty. Non-responsive when trying to service vehicle.
  7. Same here, also when I go into armory, it's just blank
  8. Aslain pl. post a reminder.
  9. you can rename the mod direction and some mods works but for me it still crash and I don't know what mod that does it. it freeze also if changing direction of the mods to
  10. Game freeze with 17.01 mods if I go to tech tree. python.log xvm.log WoTLauncher.log
  11. as a stop gap just open resmods and rename 17.01 to 17.03 works for me
  12. I second that, looks like a neat little mod.
  13. A new version of the game now(update) , i just did log in and mod pack not working anymore
  14. Had the same issue, its something within the mod pack causing it. For now just uninstall the modpack and delete everything in your res mods folder then create an empty folder called "" That fixed the equipment tabs etc from not popping up.
  15. After the latest updates not sure if it's wot or mods Unable to sell a vehicle or add or remove components Also nothing under Armory tabs or exterior view python.log
  16. I installed v#31 and did not change any settings from my previous version. I loaded the game and the garage view was only from inside the tank frame in the Batcave mod. I could not switch out to another view even when switching tanks. I reinstalled to the Hangar selection mod and was able to have a normal experience in the garage. running latest version of WoT HD client with no other issues. python.log
  17. You rock sir! Thanks!!
  18. Yesterday
  19. Yeah, it works correct with modpack version v9.17.0.1 #31 Thank you ver much!
  20. Wargaming has officially gone totally insane... on EU on RU on ASIA LOL...
  21. After game up date and aslain to #31 alls working again. after game update res_mod needs to be changed from to or you get a critical error on load ( asian server )
  22. v9.17.0.1 #31 (23-01-2017): - akt. Info Panel - akt. Hitlog Announcer - akt. Extra Aim Info - akt. Debug Panels (lag, fps, zegar itd.) - akt. Multi Hit Log - WN8 na żywo w bitwie - akt. celownika: Hardscope - akt. ikonek konturów: YACM by Panzerleiter, Wizard by yaya070 - akt. konfigu Battle Observera (włączono ładniejszy pasek zajmowania bazy) - akt. konfigu XVM karuzeli - dodano celownik: Warrior - dodano blokadę instalacji dwóch różnych modów safeshot/deadshot na raz - dodano wybór stylu w sekcji Battle Observera - dodano nową opcję do sekcji karuzeli XVM: przeźroczyste tło - naprawiono instalowanie XVM na regionie RU
  23. v9.17.0.1 #31 (23-01-2017): - udpated Info Panel - updated Hitlog Announcer - updated Extra Aim Info - updated Debug Panels - updated Multi Hit Log - InBattle WN8, EFF, Damage - updated crosshair: Hardscope - updated contour icons: YACM by Panzerleiter, Wizard's by yaya070 - updated Battle Observer config (enabled fancy capture bar) - updated XVM carousel config - added crosshair: Warrior - added blockade to prevent installing two different mods for safeshot/deadshot feature - added style branch to Battle Observer section - added option to XVM carousel branch: transparent background - fixed XVM installation on RU cluster - fixed spanish translation of the installer, that was affecting english translation
  24. Hej,statystyki sesji nie są kompatybilne z tą wersją,reszta działa dobrze to "ich" nie ma w wynikach bitew
  25. Few bugs, en. instead of es. I fixed it to: es.servercross_outlined=contornos en alto contarste (bordes) es.servercross_hotkey_N=Alternar con tecla de acceso rápido: N
  27. Safe shot illegal: FALSE. It's allowed. Source:
  28. Maybe this is old news, but people are telling us that the Safe Shot Mod is Illegal to use. Is this true or not? Please clarify for the NA forum and here on the NA. See Link Below: Discussion here above ^ What is the answer to this question? And am I legal to use it? Apparently, others say I should not. What is the verdict? Thank You.
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