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  2. Thank you kind sir!
  3. Thanks for attaching the logs I'll scoot this thread over to the issues & bug reporting section, and Aslain will get to it in the morning
  4. I have the same problem, after I updated to the 18.0_12 update Aslains I lost win chance, updated to 13 and same thing. Tried to go back to a previous version(s) I had on my pc and still no in game win chance. It just shows up in the upper left corner as a slash and hash symbols / - . I recently uninstalled everything and reinstalled and it continues to be an issue, I have typed in game to ask others and found some working and others not.
  5. Witam Klan [NLCW] Nieustraszeni Łowcy Czołgów. Rekrutuje do szeregi czołgistów oraz czołgistek Powstał klan 24 kwietnia 2017 i chcemy go realizować aby był nie tylko dla 4FUN ale dla klanu Co oferujemy: Randomki z plutonami, twierdze, facelity, turnieje, (CW w przyszłości). Co wymagamy: Nic wymagającego co dopiero rozwijamy klan i może w przyszłości się wymagania zmieni. Ale coś wymagamy więc. Bitew i WR% (Win Ratio %) narazie nie ma znaczenia ale za to WN8:+800 Ocena Osobista: 4000 Na jakie tiery wymagamy po jednym VI oraz VIII. Co do wieku by do klanu to +15 a najlepiej po mutacji oraz sprawny mikrofon z tsiem. Więcej informacji na PW w grze. Shini_Kumi wsciekly_kocur2000 laki_ghost Koper911 Link do klanu gdy chcecie zgłosić na ochotnika Strona Rekrutacji NLCW Zapraszamy GG&GL
  6. If you selected "Display Win Chance on the battle interface" and it's not showing where the preview shows - then you should probably attach logs to this thread, so it can get checked
  7. I have tried to rework my settings, reloaded the mod, restarted the game, and still the Win Chance is not showing. I have it selected in the Mod Launcher/Loader. Where am I missing the check box I need to check? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi Aslain, The new TeamSpeak client requires an updated Tessumod, and a modification to the configs. Please see discussion here. Thanks again for all your hard work on this mod pack! -- ChicagoJay / MacDude72
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  10. could u please update the battle assistant cause the vanilla one for WoT sucks badly. Your battle assistant with the sniper view is way way way better. G G G

  11. note: before I tested it without OTM I also tried disable any special effect (it's on low now) or explosion, but that didnt help either. If someone died, same thing. Only not happened without OTM mod. Although, I only tried with yours and with the native marker, nothing else.
  12. v9.18.0 #13 (27-04-2017): - akt. XVM do 6.6.4 - akt. VersusMod - akt. statystyki sesji: YasenKrasen - dodano Pomocnik Misji Osobistych - dodano Zmiana języka gry na polski - dodano Bloker spamu pingowania na minimapie by Elkano - dodano Kompaktowe drzewko badań - dodano Pokazuj HP drużyn na ekranie bitwy [XVM] - przywrócono brakujące ikonki XVM używane w różnych miejsach
  13. v9.18.0 #13 (27-04-2017): - updated XVM to 6.6.4 - updated VersusMod - updated session stats YasenKrasen - added Personal Missions Helper - added Change client messages to Polish language - added Elkano's Minimap Ping Spam Blocker - added Compact horizontal tech-tree - added Display Team HP on the battle interface [XVM] - re-added missing XVM icons for multi-purpose
  14. I just installed the new version after I wrote the request (with pyton log delete checked), but I logged in and I played one game. I made a log thingy after that (attached). Here is a pic too. (I selected the "tank name" death marker, I thought that it's the most simple, but doesn't matter.) And the replay: Maybe its helpful. Probably not :).
  15. Please provide logs.
  16. (Sorry for my English.) Hey Mister! So, I'm using your OTM, I love it, and I really dont want any other. But... I'm getting a little FPS drop (like 56 from 60, but it's noticeable with screen freezing) every time someone dies in my drawing range. I'm 99% sure that it's the destroyed vehicles marker. It's pretty consistent, and I tried to install everything else without OTM and it was fine in this case. Also tried different "floating markers" (and different "style of texts"), neither worked properly for me (fps drop again, when a teammate or enemy dies). And I tried to uncheck the section completely but I still got some death marker... well, floating. I can't remove it. If you ever have the time for make an option to disable that thing completely, please do it! Don't even need to respond, I'm checking the updates log every day, so I'm gonna notice for sure! Have a nice one! And as always, thank you!
  17. Fixed, wait for modpack update.
  18. Nie działa ta opcja w wocie, na czystym klienicie działa jakieś pomysły?
  19. Hi, I came across the problem. The game does not show a deduction of the arrival and the duration of the cyclone. The time is 5:20. With the active cyclone, the minimum view does not show the current view but the maximum. Do not you know where the problem might be?
  20. Poczytałem o tym na angielskich forach. Ogólnie mało się o tym mówi ale dużo ludzi ma z tym problem i wygląda na to, że jest to błąd (znowu) WG. Ale i tak dzięki za sprawdzenie
  21. heh yeah they havnt messed too much with reload timers on lower tier tanks, just been back on NA server as im mainly playing there atm and find the new way is getting allot of positive comments.
  22. Well get latest modpack then.
  23. I do both but most of the time I use mouse to click damaged equipment. added 8 minutes later I just tried using keyboard only and it works, mouse point and click don't.
  24. my first battle since update , was with gw panther , I am so impressed with the stun mechanics , I managed 2500 dmg and my wn8 was over 2k , I have noticed some thing though , only the big artys seem to have reduced load time , I took out the lef and the fv304 theres is not much reload time change , the aim time is better but the splash range is really smaller than a big arty ,. I found that the team play better together , I noticed that on enemy team , I had stunned a guy , and his teammates 2 or 3 came out of no where and basically defended the stunned tank . and killed the guy in my team , but then I managed to stund the 4 of them, but we eneded up losing .
  25. I actually was looking forward to the revised matchmaking [MM] system, but it came out still feeling exactly the same apart from beeing better balanced tier/tank wise. The main issue wasn't adressed, in my personal opinion. Player skill or WN8 will you have it should be considered also. Far to many times even now i still encounter or am in a full team of lesser skilled players against a far better skilled team, proportionally completly out of whack. I am just putting this out there, maybe someone with a better sense of how WG thinks about MM system. For me it isnt any specific class that needed to be nerfed or boosted, more needed was a decent MM overhaul.
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