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  2. Really sorry for my error in IT translation (here the corrected version, also corrected a few mistype in italian).- Max WoWs_it_translation_v6.14.1_05.ini
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  4. Game will not start

    It will not start , i cant even get to the screen where we enter email and password python.log Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  5. Some errors in one Treat.

    OK. Tried out somethings and I can say the folllowings. First thanks for trying to help me Aslain but it appeares that ether the mod pack installed something wrong eachtime because the problem with the Arty appeared eachtime. No matter which arty I played. Now that I´d played with a few other Crosses , I can say thar there are only a few that are working fine for my Game. Or better said there is only one. The Melty but only if I use his Arty Mods together with the Melty Standart Cross. Same with the sound. I tried the other one from Gnomefather, the world of war one that is in your Pack there is all fine. Except one great fact ! This mod somehow changes the Game so hardly in thinks of sounds and now eachtime I start the Game, the Game tells me to restard it because of those changes. After the restard it works. Yet I don´t like those sounds so I go back and Live with the lost reload sound. Maybe it comes back after sometime. Maybe it also has to do with my new Windows. My Windows 10 appears to be a liittle bit of a bitch. Far to much hidden programms and Spies in it that had find and catch. Even now. If you want to know which Crosses I used, just ask me. I maded a little list and of course there is the Archive if you are now interrested :-) Forgot this. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. gra nie startuje

    Nie zainstalowałem żadnego moda z sekcji 'Modyfikacje dźwiękowe' i uruchamia się poprawnie. Czyli problem leży gdzieś w dźwiękach... Przynajmniej u mnie.
  7. In hard days like this, when a new WOT-patch is daily released and some "sub-mod-packer" could not delivere... there maybe should be a "WOT essential-modpack " with necessary implements and no "nice-to-have"-features... a) to give aslain the chance to react fast b) give us players the "must haves" c) give aslain time to create and test a fullfilling modpack in a stable version d) to minimize the expectations off all the guys and girl who wants a stable modpack 10 seconds aftet WOT-Update... Last but not least... Aslain has to decide if such a essential-modpack should be realised and which content it could have... Just wanna start a discussion of what is a must-have and what nice-to-have. I'm looking forward for your comments ;-) Rainlords
  8. Gre wywala do windowsa

    Dzieki! widzialem to tylko walkowane po angielsku, ale nie doczytalem sie rozwiazania.
  9. !!! VERY IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT script.zip !!!

    This is like paint drying, they take a graphic display that provides information of hits or lack there of to and from your guns.... something that they can actually display if they are smart. And the replacement is to fall back on the "flags" of hit pen no-pen etc that spring up during battle for a second or so... hmmms.... Someone found out that if you keep people in the dark as to who hit them or how your own damage figures are doing, you would not work out whether to use HE or AP on a particular ship.... don't want the paying public to find that sort of information out now would we. Add to the frustration level, then a percentage of them will pay $$ to buy Premium, and or anything else that costs $$ And we wonder why there is an average of 5k on the server..... not a good revenue focus to upset your clients, no clients, no revenue. But they do it so well and so often maybe they really think they actually do have a brilliant plan. BC
  10. game freeze on sniper mode

    Reloaded with no crosshair mods and now works fine.
  11. Gre wywala do windowsa

    Aslain już pisał w temacie o podobnym tytule, że to wina XVM. Wystarczy poszukać i poczytać Pozdro.
  12. game freeze on sniper mode

    I am having the same issue with arty, go to overhead mode instant game lockup. Will try and reinstall with no crosshair mods. Also was working just fine last version, updated to new version this morning.
  13. Czesc, Problem wyglada nastepujaco: Za kazdym razem, kiedy chce wrocic z bitwy do garazu gra sie wylacza. Za kazdym. Pozdrawiam! Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  14. Hey! Every since the patch 9.21 i get connection to server interupted about 6 mins after connecting. I only get it with aslain installed and dosent matter witch mod i use. Anyone got some ides? Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  15. Mission Assistant

    Thanks Quaksen.
  16. gra nie startuje

    U mnie nadal nie gra nie startuje. Robiłem sprawdzanie plików i usuwałem te mody, które podejrzewane były o crashowanie. Klient dochodzi do pewnego miejsca i ciągle się restartuje. Bez modów wszystko gra. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  17. Thank You Aslain For Fixing Day 1 Issues!

    You're welcome buddy, that days are very intensive. I'm trying to do my best.
  18. Notification Ingame

    "Check for Aslain's ModPack updates in garage" mod is located in the bottom quarter of the list
  19. Mission Assistant

    It's currently not in the modpack, it needs an update/fix When it's back, it'll be in the "Garage mods" section, in the bottom quarter of the list. (3/4ths down the list)
  20. Notification Ingame

    Pretty sure there is a modpack update mod? I haven't honestly paid too much attention to that one. The easier you could do, to get instant update, is go here: http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/13-09210-aslains-xvm-mod-modpack-installer-wpicture-sound-preview/ and follow the thread (top right corner).. you'll get an email when there's an update posted
  21. Notification Ingame

    Would be cool to have a notification ingame if the current modpack received an update else you never will know unless you keep an eye on the forums, But it would be a good addition to add a notification for the modpack itself ingame
  22. Mission Assistant

    Since I can not get you to respond in general chat I ask you sir where is the mission assistant located in your mod pack. I can not seem to be able to sift through the list to find it.
  23. Can someone tell me what these numbers mean?

    Thankyou Quaksen. Much love. And that is extremely useful information! It Helped me out the moment I read your post as I was already in a battle and knew exactly when they came into range and how far to kite them from. This mod really does give you an edge in battle.
  24. game freeze on sniper mode

    So I removed all Crosshair Mods and the issue is gone. I previously tried another crosshiar and had the same issue. So at this moment, I can either play with a crosshair and NO arty or play with no crosshair and play with arty.
  25. From left to right: Tier number - Ship name - Torpedo range - Gun range.
  26. game freeze on sniper mode

    Unlikely, maybe try without XVM or change crosshair to different one. XVM is bugged as hell at this time.
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