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    Aslain.com is powered by ...support us today and get a professional Quality game server from BlackBoxServers.net Downloads for World of Warships Aslain's WoWs ModPack v6.1.1 #04 (~80 MB) - eu mirror #1 [direct] - eu mirror #2 [direct]- usa mirror #1 [direct] - usa mirror #2 [direct] - torrent [direct] SHA256: 153561a2c7a1c432df950d501686aff8af531ebf02654761e11edda2d14703af Installation: - select folder where is your WoWS installed - pick your mods and options, click next to finish - when you want to select different mods, launch the installer again Uninstalling: - use uninstalling feature from windows system - if you still cannot start your game, perform this action http://tinyurl.com/z23lxng Changelog: You may use following tools to support me, posted them as requested by users:or donate: Conan Exiles Hosting
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    I started (and then stopped) the installation on all available instances of Tanks and Warships, you have the files attached below. If you need a guinee pig... WOT_KR_game_info.xml WOT_ASIA_game_info.xml WOT_NA_game_info.xml WOWS_NA_game_info.xml WOT_RU_game_info.xml WOWS_ASIA_game_info.xml WOWS_RU_game_info.xml
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    v6.1.1 #04 (19-02-2017): - added Malaysian installer translation by Pray_For_MH370 - added Shrinked ribbons - added Sea Shepherd flags - moved Ribbons to center to the ribbons branch - optimized installation method
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    Aslain.com is powered by ...support us today and get a professional Quality game server from BlackBoxServers.net Downloads for World of Tanks Aslain's WoT ModPack v9.17.0.3 #20 (~105 MB) - eu mirror #1 [direct] - eu mirror #2 [direct] - usa mirror #1 [direct] - usa mirror #2 [direct] - torrent [direct] (mirror regions doesn't matter, all links leads to the same modpack) SHA256: 3e3111b6e46ba303bf25982b91893228bc269251652579b7eb8778c84545181c XVM config by Aslain v9.17.0.3 #01 (my contour icons + my XVM config, 11 MB) XVM config by Aslain v9.17.1 #02 CT Required fonts (in case you need them separately) => download You may use following tools to support modpack developement and efforts, posted them as requested by users: or donate: Changelog Conan Exiles Hosting
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    Hey, The mod pack does not detect the client version when using WGC (wargaming game center). I noticed that the launchers do not exist anymore when using WGC, you are probably using the launcher.cfg to get the client version ? Looking in the game folder for files that contain the game version I found "game_info.xml". I checked, the files exists in all 3 games (Warships, Tanks, Planes). In this file you have "<id>WOWS.EU.PRODUCTION</id>". I attached the files from Warships and Tanks. Tell me if you need any other info. Thanks. WOWS_game_info.xml WOT_game_info.xml
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    v6.1.0 #01 (09-02-2017): - updated zoom YAZOM - updated contour icons: MajorRenegade, Aslain, DeceasedDaisy, Panzerschiffer, Garfield - updated minimap with ship names - updated KanColle Ship Previews - updated kancolle Voice pack - updated Better ship icons on compact carousel - added Extended Tech Tree - added Arpeggio of Blue Steel UI Theme Pack - removed another batch of not compatible mods [flags]
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    Hey folks here at Aslain. A great way to support the mighty Aslain who is out of work at the moment and working hard at the mod pack updater constantly a thankless job at times. As we all know all developers need to eat to feed the brain so please sign up as a patron today and support what in my opinion is the best mod pack set up out there. I have tried the others but have always gone back to aslain. (if you cant patron even a few one of euros via paypal can keep this developers brain running.
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    v9.17.0.3 #14 (08-02-2017): - refactored installer windows (thanks BegiN) - added crosshair: Wolfhound - added XVM carousel by Katsumoto - updated Painted Rollers
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    New english file for WoT http://aslain.com/custom_messages/WoT_en_translation_9.17.0.3_14.ini
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    Updated Spanish WoT translation WoT_es_translation_9.17.0.1_10.rar
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    Note: If you want to remove this HP bar too, instructions found at bottom of page. Hey Aslain, I see that this health bar: is now enabled by default with installation of this damage panel: I see that it can be disabled on the 3rd line of res_mods\\gui\flash\damagePanel\damagePanel.xml by setting 'healthbar enable="false"', but perhaps it would be ideal if that were to be disabled by default again, or perhaps even if it got its own check box in the installer if some people like it? I assume this was done in error, hence why I posted it in bug reporting. Thanks Aslain!
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    v9.17.0.3 #06 (30-01-2017): - updated XVM to 7112 [nightly build] * services initialization refactoring * squad: fix min/max tiers calculation * minimap: fix "motion" and "blindarea_motion" circles * battleLoading: re-implemented "highlightVehicleIcon" option - removed WG FM Radio [suspected for game instability] - removed Arty Log Mod [unstable, in conflict with ekspoint mods, req. upd.] - removed session stats: Patrol
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    v9.17.0.3 #05 (28-01-2017): - updated XVM to 7108 [nightly build] - updated session stats: YasenKrasen - added to XVM floating dmg: Skull & Bones for both ally and enemy v2
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    There's a bug in the installer, it looks like... It downloads the correct file - but it tries to unpack the wrong one? 2017-01-27 11:20:48.840 [AddFile_AddMirror] Filename:skins_Gold_Type59_917.7z 2017-01-27 11:21:00.746 [Comp_incr] File coppied to Aslains_DLC_cache: skins_Gold_Type59_917.7z -- OK 2017-01-27 11:21:11.429 [UpdateProgressGauge] Extracting: skins_Gold_Type59_916_1.7zResult -- OK
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    v9.17.0.3 #02 (25-01-2017): - added Golden Type 59 HD (KukieJar) - updated XVM OTM demon2597 - updated Session Stats by _Patrol
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    v9.17.0.3 #01 (24-01-2017): - updated Johny_Bafak's Vertical Techtree [F8 for menu] - updated WoT Tweaker Plus - updated Show PW saving box (for Asia server only) - updated contour icons: YACM by Panzerschiffer - updated Hangar Manager 'HangMan' with few built-in garages - updated XFT damage log config (it will not disappear on alt key now) - updated session stats: Tomonik
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    v9.17.0.3 #00 (24-01-2017): - initial version for WoT - updated XVM to v6.5.4 - updated Battle Observer - updated Change client messages to Polish language - updated Advanced tips for skills [PL]
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    Forgot to include read me, will do in next update.
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    Unfortunately I don't update clan icons manualy, I download them in huge batch of thousands icons. Maybe one day I will update them all again, currently there is a problem with icons downloading script.
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    Does your friend use triple monitor setup? He selected: Dreifach Bildschirm UI Tweak [lese Mod Beschreibung!] Which moves a lot of things off screen, if you're running one monitor. Since it adjusts for the following resolution: 5670x1080
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    o/ Finish it, enjoy your modpack Malaysian and Indonesian players. Hoping it can help a bit. WoWs_my_translation.ini readme_WOWS_my.rtf
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    I am currently running Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v. The game frequently hangs and ends up disconnecting. I ran WOT in safe mode and do not have that problem. This issue started with Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v. I love what you do and appreciate it as well. Thanks! python.log _Aslain_logs.zip
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    Updated Italian WoW translation WoWs_it_translation_v6.0.1_06.ini PS please consider the possibility to post WOWS EN file to translate a little more often so the changes will not be so many.
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    It will be back when I find it working again, this is the case of all removed mods actualy
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    Updated German WoT translation WoT_de_translation_9.17.0.3_18.zip Updated German WoW translation WoWs_de_translation_v6.0.1_06.zip
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    Jakiś czas temu też kilka osób miało ten problem to jak pamiętam powodował to hangar manager HangMan z kilkoma garażami (by goofy67)
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    Updated Spanish WoT translation WoT_es_translation_9.17.0.3_14.rar
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    Thank a lot, this is well done report! Could you please replace docks.xml with this one and see if there is improvement: dock.xml I tested it and it should fix that problems. edit: it's confirmed bugged Extended tech tree and better icons on carousel mods, already updated them, wait for new modpack.
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    yup new YAZOM update is broken, I will revert it asap.
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    Updated German WoT translation WoT_de_translation_9.17.0.3_14.zip
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    v9.17.0.3 #15 (08-02-2017): - fixed clean up dlc folder task
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    Ok, znalazlem jeden powod dla ktorego powinny być te funkcje rozdzielone
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    thats the frst step of helping u . is get the latest mudpack as it cud have updated mods within it that may solve yer issue , if it continues after new mudpack then he will look into it further
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    I may give it a chance, don't remember now but I removed it for a reason, think MajorRenegade said something about it being not working or so. Big Waves are in the modpack, it's called Rogue seas now.
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    v9.17.0.3 #09 (03-02-2017): - small fix to clean up dlc folder and tasks
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    Updated Spanish WoWS translation WoWs_es_translation_v6.0.1_02.ini
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    Sometimes then i try to battle game dont show battle loading screen and the load map only show tanks and map textures, no interface, crosshair and anything else. And dont show tank research three. python.log _Aslain_logs.zip
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    I feel silly now, sorry for not having seen that. Haven't played in awhile but always used your mod pack and that must be newer. Thank you for the explanation and help!
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    And in the very same thread, WG states that safe shot is legal. Post number 26. Hello everyone, at the moment SafeShot does not provide any functionality that would be considered not allowed by the Fair Play Policy. ttp://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/599621-wg-support-safeshot-is-illegal/page__st__20__pid__13403197#entry13403197
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    Newer version featuring much more portraits by same guy: https://pravdateam.wordpress.com/2016/07/31/icon-female-admiral-portrait-ver4/ Would be nice if it gets added to the modpack Also any ETA or fix on Torpedo alert mods? They never function for me no matter how many times I reinstall, and there isnt a zip folder with logs for me for some reason.
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    v9.17.0.3 #03 (26-01-2017): - updated Personal Missions Helper - updated battleLabelsTemplates.xc - updated AutoAim Indication+ - added tracks & engine repair + extinguisher on 'T' key to AutoAim Indication+ branch
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    Załącz logi, informacja w podpisie posta.
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    Hej,statystyki sesji nie są kompatybilne z tą wersją,reszta działa dobrze to "ich" nie ma w wynikach bitew _Aslain_logs.zip
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    Did you changed the sixth sense sound in the WoT settings under the sounds section? You need to change the sixth sense sound to "user sound" if you haven't done this before. But without Logs it is hard to tell what the issue is.
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    Confirmed. Well don't use it for now, I will try if .0.2 version works better
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    Forgot to activate it on the list, will fix it today.
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    I understand right : u will only edit your keys for R T Z Y U for the smoke etc ? You can edit it in the Main.py..there are the keybindings. Open it with an editor and change the keys. I done it too because i have it on my mousebuttons and when i start smoke with mousebuttons the counter not work...so i edit it and tell him the mousebuttons and then it works fine for me.
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    1. All forum rules are valid in this section except bumping: it is allowed for each clan to bump their thread with same or similar post over and over again. 2. Each clan is allowed only 1 active thread per clan. IF you have multiple clans ( WG1, WG2 etc..) you are allowed to have active thread for each, no matter if it is basically same clan. 3. Topics that are not connected with recruitment and clans will be removed and poster will be sanctioned. 4. Native languages are allowed in this section - there is no "Use English language only " rule here. 5. Due to potential issues with language barrier, moderators won't be responsible for removing each potentially bad post - it is duty of clan officers or topic starter to report posts that violate rules.Moderators might interfere only in the case of obvious Forum Rules violations. 6. Each clan MUST HAVE link to their page on main portal ( example: [WG]) in their first, opening, post. 7. Aslain will not meddle into internal things of clans, alliances and so on (officers, or clans leaving, "backstabbing" or NAP breaking, potential gold sharing issues, etc.). Such things are internal matters of each clan or alliance and will be considered as violation of forum rules if posted here. 8. Threads without new posts for 15 days will be considered abandoned and will be locked and removed from this section. 9. Above everything, be polite and always follow the rules - what you post here will represent your clan to entire community and can cause damage beyond repair.
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    I belive I removed everything that may fall info Fair Play Policy. When I find something, I will react fast.