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    "MeltyElement" Effective Armor Calculator & Crosshair Protractor Mod Many of us remember the effective armor calculator from the MeltyMap' s MathMod. For those who don't know what its all about, there is a quick run down under the spoiler. Effective Armor Basics: Description At first the old Armor Calculator went defunct back around ~8.8. Then my old mod went defunct at ....so it has been a while....again. This time it has be re-written to work with XVM/XFW's py_macros and integrates into your XVM config. Unlike previous version the effective armor in the Armor Panel is no longer dependent on a XML sheet of tank armor and angle values that are outdated and can no longer be easily updated. All armor values and armor angles are gathered dynamically and directly from the game. A collision check based on your turret/camera rotation and tank's hull height is done against your own tank which returns the armor's angle at that point. GitHub MeltyElement Armor Panel & Protractor PY_MACRO For installation, additional features, and more information check the readme - here I will only be able to maintain work on this until the end of June or so. With the mod being built on a feature of XVM it should be usable for the foreseeable future and not get the rug pulled out from underneath it like the switch from AS2 to AS3 did last time. Also thanks to XVM, no ActionScript to mess with. Hopefully that means its somewhat accessible and can be easily updated by anyone with decompiled WoT python files. Please, feel free to take the mod and run with it. It would be awesome if some of the original MeltyMap features could stick around for more then a patch or two. FLASH VERSION mod_MeltyElement_ArmorPanel v1.0.1 This is the original flash version of the mod updated and reworked for the actionscript changes. download mod_MeltyElement_ArmorPanel.7z and extract the mods folder to your World of Tanks directory. The XML/config is found at mods\configs\ElementArmorPanelSettings.xml Notes The armor angles in the MeltyMapProtractorSetting.xml are in desperate need of updating. The type, left & right arcs(yaw limits), front & side(base armor) are completely irrelevant now and will be removed eventually. Only the arc, arc2, arc3 values are important now and need to be updated. However the old method of getting those values is no longer available due to the original Wot Tank Viewer no longer being maintained. If anyone knows of any alternative programs or methods to accurately measure angles, please let me know. (feels good to strike that out)
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    Are you aware it's not my fault? You may stop donating WG if you want to punish someone It's their soccer event caused this.
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    Game still crashes after switching to minimalist hanger. Switched to safe mode, ran some platoons, then 2 hours of strongholds without any crashes. I miss my mods man! Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip ETA: Donation sent.... don't forget to pay Aslain for all his hard work trying to fix this WG / XVM mess... He's staying up half of the night trying to figure this all out. Gotta give him some love ($$).
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    Press ESC in hangar, since MoEE v5.00 settings are located in main menu.
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    Let's start with this: My modpack is officialy approved on wgmods.net which is Wargaming website, all mods on that page were checked by WG therefore you cannot be banned for using them, even if you think you were, it wasn't because of this modpack or mods from WG mods hub, it's only your wrong impression. I'm in direct contact with WG and I'm checking mods before adding them, to double secure it. If you think you was banned for my modpack you need to question yourself with these: have you shared your computer with anyone who can possible install things on your computer without your consent ? have you logged in the game not using your personal computer ? have you logged in the game using insecure networks ? have you shared your game account with friends or clan members ? have you installed 3rd party mods (from outside of my modpack) ? have you repeatedly played battles without active participation in them (afk, inactivity) ? have you installed applications that changes shaders or graphics in the game (Tundra, ReShade, SweetFX and similar) ? If any of that questions can be answered with YES, then you have your explanation why you received your ban. How to prevent yourself with next possible ban? The most people who blame my modpack thinks that they'll simply stop using it. Wrong! It's a false impression and will lead you to the next ban, because the real reason that got you banned is still there! If you will keep doing these things I mentioned earlier or keep the forbidden software installed, you will be banned again! You don't want to lose your account right? So think and think again, and stop doing these things! Never ever! Change your account password too... My modpack is secure like fort knox and cannot get you banned ! Contacting me about your ban or writing to me on my forums, chats or in any topics is pointless, because I cannot help you with removal of the ban, for this please contact WG support about it. Your ban is an indisputable fact and won't be commented by me. POLISH VERSION GERMAN VERSION FRENCH VERSION CZECH VERSION Thank you for your attention.
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    You're selecting two different Safe Shot options - and one is being unchecked. (The most likely thing happening here) Check what you have selected - or add log files as required
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    v1.0.2.1 #10 (21-06-2018): - updated XVM 7.6.4-dev [8460] - info: we're still on test version of XVM, install it at own risk!
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    It's probably related to a specific mod I use but you don't !! I always erase etc etc when I reinstall btw Re the "command" - If you hold the CTRL key down, you can dot around the map having a look while keeping your aim where it was. It only changes where the gun points when you release the CTRL key
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    I'm going to say this.... I crash, been using aslains for as long as I can remember, I don't care if i crash, This modpack we Use is the best !!! Sometimes... like everything else in life there's a bad peanut in the bag, the seller didn't put it in there, it just happens, STILL BEST MODPACK ON THE PLANET!!!
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    I was able to do 16 battle in a row without crash with v1.0.2.1 # 07. It will seem like it's stable with all my addon and basic garage. To follow I do not want to rejoice too quickly.
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    Używam modów Aslaina od dawna i nie instalowałem nic więcej . Bana nigdy nie otrzymałem . Te mody są dozwolone na oficjalnej stronie WOT-a i nie ma obaw o bana .
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    Ok, tanks, doesn't matter how you play, it's just for testing purposes, not to judge gameplay Could you try without XVM, if you still have this issue?
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    what an unpleasant person..... Aslain is trying his best, working hard all day round to solve this problem which wasn't caused by him and you just blame him? try being grateful for Aslains work..... ./blacklist chump25
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    Tha mod was updated to WoT, but by different author, and that new author has added a malware/adware code to it, so I cannot add it for now.
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    v1.0.2.1 #06 (17-06-2018): - added contour icons: PogS - updated XVM 7.6.4-dev [8444] - update Advanced Techtree - updated Marks of Excellence Extended v5.01 (has 3 styles now) - updated Hawg's Consumable, Shell & Equipment Informer - removed scriptloader pro
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    same bug here, equipments load well, but not the camo (depending of the tank, it seems to load well for the desert camo, but the other ones are messed up). it may be because of the new customization hangar ? Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip [edit] preset styles work well (frontline, football) except for ranked battles, it dismount but doesn't mount back, custom styles are heavily messed up
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    When new version will be available.
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    I saw it with clean client too, without any mods.
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    I will see what can be done about it.
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    If you were using the config that looked like: I tried recreating it in izeberg's panel: Config here: https://pastebin.com/vakJ8h83 (Might need to adjust your X/Y positions as I've set it for 1920x1200) Since I can't figure out if there's a way to actually add custom configs (as creating a skin_4.xml failed), I just paste over skin 1 with that. Now if anyone knows where the authors thread on the mod is and can ask how to properly due custom configs AND if show self on ALT key can be added like the previous mod, that would be a big help.
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    You'd have to get ekspoint to remove his adware/malware and what else word you can call it, from his "ekspointCore" file. Until then - NOT HAPPENING. GUARANTEED.
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    v1.0.2 #02 (13-06-2018): - updated XVM 7.6.4-dev [8431] - updated session stats: YasenKrasen, TimeSpent - updated Auxilium - added Change client language: PL - added contour icons: Jackhammer (Patejl352), Man1aq (wojtus11) - removed Crew Skill Informer, Account Manager
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    The login images (PNG) for World of Tanks are located as "gui\maps\login" The res_mods location you'd be using would be: "res_mods\VERSION\gui\maps\login" Not sure if just placing one image would be enough, or if you need to have all of them present... here's the file list of images that are in that location by default. List:

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