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    v9.20 #10 (19-09-2017): - updated Battle Observer 1.09.4 - updated No Fog + Max Far Plane - updated Map-Rotation Log - updated contour icons: Nikodemsky - updated Change client messages to Polish language - updated InBattle WN8 Calculator - updated PYmodsCore scripts used in few mods from Polyacov_Yury - added Advanced tips for skills [PL] - added gun & hit sounds: The Second World War. Day after day [by Guderian1979_ ] (read mod description in the modpack) - info: I've returned from hospital, surgery was successful, but now I need to recover to 100% hp. It will take some time (~ 3 months). I will try to maintain the updates when I can. Next week I will receive info from my docs if I need some extra treatment since cancer is a b*tch you know... Thank you for kind words guys and gals!
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    updated modded scripts and folder version - did it from hospital bed and my smartphone. some mods might require update like text mods, flags, contour icons.
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    I did it with a brain implant they installed me here in hospital.
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    Aslain Today 12:53 "The surgery was successful. Think I will survive this just this big pain and all that wires and tubes connected to me.... So I am still alive..." from the chatbox
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    v9.20 #01 (30-08-2017): - updated Replay Manager - updated Account Manager - updated Debug Panel by Ragnarocek - updated all Battle Results window mods - updated contour icons: DEbranded, man1aq - updated hitzones Esther - updated Wide border of maps [light] - updated Elkano's Minimap Ping Spam Blocker - updated Elkano's Received Damage Announcer - updated session stats: YasenKrasen, Timespent - removed Arty Log - Info: certain mods may not work properly in the Grand Battles, like XVM. This is not my bug, we must wait for modders
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    Hello all Glad to help out, Aslain does great work. USA Las Vegas here<
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    I had exact same problem. Here's what I learned and how I fixed my system. - When the modpack has been successfully installed the directory \res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain does NOT contain the file PATCH.EXE - When my install failed it produced the error shown below (from the installer - not from anti-virus) when it found that PATCH.EXE was already there, - AND because the permissions were fouled up the installer could not move/delete/whatever it needed to do with that file. I fixed my system by the following * Restart system * Log in as administrator or account with administrator privileges * Delete the entire directory \res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain * Perform another install of latest modpack being sure to select option to "Delete all previous mods from the game" Summary - At some point during a previous modpack install, something went wrong which caused the installation to either malfunction or finish prematurely. - The result of that occurrence was a corrupted file system in the aforementioned directory, where the permissions were broken and files remained that should not. - Prior to this issue I had not received any indication of any modpack install not being successful. - I have NO IDEA what actually caused the corruption, but my game works fine now .
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    Aslain.com is powered by ...support us today and get a professional Quality game server from BlackBoxServers.net Downloads for World of Warships Aslain's WoWs ModPack v6.11.0 #00 (~80 MB) download link #1 [direct] download link #2 [direct] download link #3 [direct] download link #4 [direct] SHA256: 78e9b8ef01b758c80879f2adcd556099b776e5fa0bbd3ec4291e412df620275a Important download guide: http://i.imgur.com/odkwHUc.png Installation: - select folder where is your WoWS installed - pick your mods and options, click next to finish - when you want to select different mods, launch the installer again Uninstalling: - use uninstalling feature from windows system - if you still cannot start your game, perform this action http://tinyurl.com/z23lxng Changelog: You may use following tools to support me, posted them as requested by users:or donate: Conan Exiles Hosting
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    Aslain.com is powered by ...support us today and get a professional Quality game server from BlackBoxServers.net Downloads for World of Tanks 0.9.20 Aslain's WoT ModPack v9.20 #10 (~115 MB) - download link #1 [direct] - download link #2 [direct] - download link #3 [direct] - download link #4 [direct] - download link #5 (torrent) [direct] Important download guide: http://i.imgur.com/odkwHUc.png SHA256: fc8c3ff6e45a8bd14f56ae57fd93423eeac10764a5e6808089bdc617538b7127 XVM config by Aslain v9.20 #02 (.zip, my XVM config only 15 MB) You may use following tools to support modpack developement and efforts, posted them as requested by users: or donate: Changelog Conan Exiles Hosting
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    So they released me to home, but I'm not fully recovered yet, it will take around 3 months thy said. I must take it slow for that period of time they said. I will see how much work I can put out, knowing me I won't be able to take it slow.
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    Fixed. Try again Battlenat0r.
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    Aslain seems to be doing just fine Complaining about lack of morphine, but he did do a modpack update for World of Warships, using his phone, TeamViewer to his computer at home. I'm telling you.. Aslain is a robot, Terminator-style, and he went in to get an oil change or something
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    During Aslain's absence, just thought I'd let you guys know I copied my mods from the folder in res_mods to and they all appear to be working and are stable. EDIT: forgot to add that you might have to run an integrity check after you rename the folder if you get stuck on the loading screen. EDIT 2: MonstroMarkers appears to the be the only mod I run that isn't working. Mods I'm running: Zeiss sniper x15 MonstroMarkers (not working?) Minimap by Fugetsu Target direction lines Navigator Chat v2 Dry Dock: Black Sea and Dunkirk ports Smoke Counter: left side Enable replays
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    Aslain had a major update to his body's ModPack....
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    You will roll out from the Hospital witth a 15-0 Victory; they will be successful and you will continue with your life.
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    v9.20 #02 (31-08-2017): - updated XVM to 6.9.0 - updated contour icons: Panzerschiffer, Milkym4n, Webium, Prudenter, Frost - updated Milkym4n tank skins - activated Battle Results window mods - added Multi Hit Log - InBattle WN8, EFF, Damage - removed all gun sounds mods, AutoTelescope [waiting for their update]
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    v9.20 #00b (30-08-2017): - removed Selected tank highlighter [was causing garage loading problem]
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    v9.20 #00 (30-08-2017): - adaptation to WoT 9.20 - temporary removed: Battle Observer, Multi Hit Log - InBattle WN8, EFF, Damage, Atac!, Extra Aim Info, Zorgane gun sounds, Transparent Clan Logos - Info: I could not check the Milkyman skins, so if you experience game loading problems, or sudden CTD try to uninstall them - More updates comes later...
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    Updated the Pudel tank icon and the polish flag to the polish army flag to
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    This is popular questions for this mod Let me find my previous answers. added 0 minutes later I based on this list, but not limited to it: Battle, Hangar, and Battle results music matches sections above the rest is juggled around. Additionaly added few tracks from Classics, Vol. 2 and Vanquish albums: Evergreen New World Order Siege Future Guardian High C's Heaven & Earth Submariner Neverdark Aratta Magika The Colonel Ride to Victory
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    Hope you feel better soon Aslain! May your treatment go well! Thanks for all you do!
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    v.6.10.1 #02 (20-09-2017): - corrected torpedo markers in the Battle GUI mod - updated contour icons: Panzerschiffer
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    Thanks guys. It was a life saving surgery.
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    when u download that link u have to do the changes yourself , I had to do it myself as everything is set to enabled . I hate the spotting markers etc so I disabled anything I don't want from battle observer , but this is the path u use to change the options C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\mods\configs\mod_battle_observer\armagomen damage_log.json is the one for disabling the logs u see . hope u sort it out , I'm only doing it this way as we all know about aslain going into hospital ,
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    please all do donate to him a few euros so he has a nice care package when hes out of hospital and can eat some nice foods
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    its ok i got it sorted as i downloaded the mod from the authorsite , I also installed it through aslains installer took both files out and changed it all so it all comes out in english during game but. for some reason battle observer isn't working through aslain installer even replacing that file that was mentioned so I just take the files from wat I downloaded from authorsite and replce the files in wot folder and tinkered with wat I needed this is it changed to English "ARMOR_PIERCING_CR":"APCR", // Бронебойный "ARMOR_PIERCING":"AP", // Бронебойный с повышенным уроном "ARMOR_PIERCING_HE":"HESH", // Фугас "HIGH_EXPLOSIVE":"HE", // Кумулятивный "HOLLOW_CHARGE":"HEAT", // неизвестно "UNDEFINED":"--" } }
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    ok I got it working I downloaded the mod from the site instead , but the shell types r in Russian can someone please tell me wat they r "shellTypes" : { // Подкалибеный "ARMOR_PIERCING_CR":"БП", // Бронебойный "ARMOR_PIERCING":"ББ", // Бронебойный с повышенным уроном "ARMOR_PIERCING_HE":"ББ", // Фугас "HIGH_EXPLOSIVE":"ОФ", // Кумулятивный "HOLLOW_CHARGE":"КС",
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    Get well soon Aslain, I and the Clan FUR42 from EU-Server hope that everything goes fine and you can live with your life with full force
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    Always think positive! Stay away from this "or no updates ever if they fail"! They won't! Best wishes for a quick recovery!
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    Hi Aslain I hope it all goes well , and you have a speedy recovery.
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    Hi man, I hope all will go well. If I go with the sound of your statement it isn't a minor thing you're facing, right? Whatever it is, try to stay strong and we all hope for the best! May whatever higher power you believe in be witch you every step of the way!
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    Saw your message - hope all goes well and a speedy recovery- GET WELL SOON!
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    Good Luck Aslain !!!! Please feel free to give us an update of your wellbeing at your earliest convenience. Thanks for everything you have done !
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    Title says it all. After Grand Battle YK (Core) does not count results anymore. Did disconnect-connect but nothing changed. Only restarting the game helped. Ideas? Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
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    Who knows Edited out the link, since it was broken (loading an error page on paypal..) - works fine from the main page though (aslain.com)
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    Jesli nie antywir/firewall jakis, to moze obciazenie serwera, zbyt duzo osob sciaga...
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    v9.20 #01 (30-08-2017): - akt. Menadżer Powtórek - akt. Menadżer konta - akt. Debug Panel by Ragnarocek - akt. Okno z wynikami bitwy [wszystkie] - akt. ikonek konturów: DEbranded - akt. skórek z hitzonami Esther, man1aq - akt. Szerokie linie brzegów mapki [light] - akt. Bloker spamu pingowania na minimapie by Elkano - akt. Elkano's Received Damage Announcer - akt. statystyk sesji: YasenKrasen, Timespent - usunięto: Arty Log - Uwaga: niektóre mody jak XVM mogą źle działać w Wielkich Bitwach, nie jest to mój błąd. Musimy czekać aż to naprawią twórcy swoich modów
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    Yes it's known issue, don't use it for now.
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    This sounds very unlikely, unless you mean while the installer is installing, that things are slow (and your antivirus program, for whatever reason, is scanning things, and slowing you down)... The modpack doesn't install something that runs in the background, which could slow a computer.
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    Will do but would there be any difference between the 2 different servers? On Tanks the east from west are a little different for me, but I've never played on EU servers either. OK Thanks Aslain for your valuable time!! Oh P.S. You do know, You ROCK man I wish I could do what you have done here in wargaming for years now and make it appear so easy! Thanks again!!
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    It's a local issue, might be caused by various things, like antivir, inproper file permissions, lack of admin rights etc.
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    Search for reload up sounds in XVM sounds section.
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    1. Fixed in latest modpack, wait for #09 2. Wait for WoT 9.20 maybe they release new Damage Panel 3. Change crosshair to different one (Harpoon and Deege are bugged) 4. Ask Soloviko to fix it, he is maintaining that icons, I can only tell that this tank has no icon in Tank Icon Maker, so the most of contour icons will have contour missing.
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    It's not minimap mod, it's for OTM and strategical view only.
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    Please include this sixthsense based popurlar "surprise motherfucker" sound clip. It's a 10 second version with beeping every second and a special end beep. Surprise_motherfuck_6thsense.mp3
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    v9.19.1.2 #06 (22-08-2017): - akt. ikonek konturów: Ghostman101278 - akt. Ikonki pokolorowane klasą czołgu (od Ghostman101278) - akt. WoT Tweaker Plus - dodano dźwięki załogi: Hallack
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    v9.19.1.2 #03 (18-08-2017): - updated contour icons: DEbranded, corecroft27, Jackhammer/Tomsa - updated session stats TimeSpent - updated Gnomefather's Historical Realism Gun Sounds (by Zorgane) - updated Milkym4n skins: FV4202 Battle-Hardened Remodel - added Milkym4n skins: T34 Heavy - added Change default voices to Sabaton - added option to XVM OTM by Aslain: Position - Display in Clan Wars only
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    v9.19.1.2 #02 (17-08-2017): - updated hangar anti-mirror file [used with few contour icons] - updated contour icons: corecroft27, Ghostman101278, man1aq, PogS, Wizards - updated Class colored icons (by Ghostman101278) - updated PMOD #27-3 - updated Hangman v2.14.5 - updated Two Steps From Hell Music Mod - added TessuMod (WOT/Teamspeak integration mod) - removed YasenKrasen: Text extension