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    Aslain.com is powered by ...support us today and get a professional Quality game server from BlackBoxServers.net Downloads for World of Tanks Aslain's WoT ModPack v9.17.1 #29 (~105 MB) - eu mirror #1 [direct] - eu mirror #2 [direct] - usa mirror #1 [direct] - usa mirror #2 [direct] - torrent [direct] backup links: - mediafire [direct] - mega [direct] - torrent [direct] (mirror regions doesn't matter, all links leads to the same modpack) SHA256: 74c57b3c299d24ecf3733ae59ac82ba93fc6038d1dafe44270c5ee16f700a91b XVM config by Aslain v9.17.1 #03 (my contour icons + my XVM config, 11 MB) Required fonts (in case you need them separately) => download You may use following tools to support modpack developement and efforts, posted them as requested by users: or donate: Changelog Conan Exiles Hosting
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    I finally did it... I've gotten my recent WN8 above 3,000. I intend to keep it climbing, but for now - I'm going to jot down a few key things which I have learned that really stand out. Maintain a healthy situational awareness: Don't let yourself tunnel vision... no matter what you do, no matter how you're fighting or who you're fighting, you always want to watch your surroundings. Not only will you be able to detect enemy vehicles trying to flank you before they get the opportunity, but you will also be more likely do dodge artillery, and avoid finding yourself in a crossfire. I've seen too many allies and enemies focus upon one vehicle in the battle, only for their enemy to take advantage of this and absolutely wreck them. Don't be afraid to pull back from a flank: If your gun is desperately needed in a flank, put it in there and use it. However, there are times when it becomes increasingly obvious that the flank you are at will be quickly overrun, or flanked and destroyed from behind. If your flank is disintegrating, don't be afraid to turn your tank around and put on your "Nope" shoes. However, if you feel as though you need to pull back, don't hesitate. The more time you spend at a failing flank, the more likely you are to be shot up during your grand escape. When I feel as though it's time to begin pulling back, if I don't begin moving immediately, all too often I'll be destroyed while I'm trying to escape. If you find that you have hesitated for too long and escape is now impossible, just stick with your allies and try to do as much as you possibly can... the enemies which overrun you are the same enemies that the rest of your allies will be fighting, so at least try to cripple them. If your gun is not shooting your tracks should be rolling: If you are not contributing to the battle, your allies are effectively down a tank. There are very few times when you should be cowering behind a corner while your allies are fighting... usually this is only the case for non-scout autoloading tanks. However, unless you have an empty autoloader or a very long reload, you should be in the battle. Yes, you should wait for the right opportunity to make your moves, but don't hesitate for extended periods of time. The longer you're not doing anything, the more likely your allies are to lose. XVM Win Chance is not to be used to judge a battle before it starts. Remember - it's a chance (i.e. prediction of the likelihood of a victory or loss). If your chance to win is low (let's say 33%), you will still win 1 out of every 3 battles with similar predictions - however, if you give up and don't even try in the battle, you are only reducing your chance to win; and often times significantly. Also, keep in mind that recent posts on the Forums and FTR including data from thousands of battles has indicated that in general, XVM Win Chance gives an inaccurate prediction - If you were to average the XVM Predictions for 1,000 battles (let's say you end up with the number 55%), you would find that (assuming you don't give up) will win anywhere from 1%-5% more battles than it predicts (the greater the gap between your recent WN8 and overall, the greater the percentage of additional victories). Even though 1%-5% doesn't seem like much, keep in mind that is 10-50 more victories than XVM predicted... if you give up when you see a low Win Chance, you are more than likely to turn some of those would-be victories into losses. Don't let XVM Win Chance ruin your mood - it's a prediction of probability, and an inaccurate one at that. Every battle always has a chance to be won. Giving up or getting upset about the prediction only reduces the likelihood that you will win. If the entire team lemming trains... follow the train: Sadly, there are times when the entire team goes off in one direction, or rather simply sits at base. If your team does this, don't go off on your own to a doomed flank. The only result will be that you get yourself killed to no avail. When your team lemmings, follow the lemming train and make it a success. Once you've won your lemming flank, either push to the enemy base, or fall back to your own... just work with what you have and make the lemming train work. Never trust allies: As much as I hate to say it, you just can't trust your allies. Unless you got confirmation from an ally that they will do exactly what you have told them to do, don't expect an ally to do anything, no matter how simple or easy it is. Sadly, most players in pub battles are a lot worse than you would hope. Do not do anything that relies heavily on your team. Always leave yourself an escape route and a Plan B. Also, communicate. Talk with your allies... if you want them to move up, or support you, let them know. Saying "Attack!" or "Help!" won't work... type out a text message and try to get confirmation from your allies that they will follow it... and if you get no response, assume they're doing their own thing. If you're going to say something, make it positive: If you're going to type in the chat, keep it positive. Negative text only reduces your team's chance to win by taking the focus of your allies away from the game, as well as breaking their mood and focus. If you want an ally to do something, be specific: Earlier today, there was a JagTiger 8,8cm. facing a Chaffee who's behind a rock. The JgTig8,8cm can one-shot the Chaffee, and the two tanks are 300m away from eachother. The Chaffee isn't even directly behind the rock... he's a distance aways from it. I told my JgTig to move his tank and kill the Chaffee... sadly, he drove straight up to the rock and let the Chaffee circle him... all what the JgTig needed to do was turn his tank to the left, and move about 30m or so to the left... driving up to the rock was not only unnecessary, but suicidal. Obviously, that was my fault. I presumed that the JgTig would figure out that he simply needed to change his line of sight.. instead, he charged the Chaffee (plunging his tank into shallow water, thus reducing his speed). The way my comment came out was unproductive, and had very negative consequences. I needed to specify to the JgTig that he needs to move 30m to the left so he'll have shots at the enemy Chaffee. Have fun: If you lose, or if you have a bad battle, bad RNG or something of the sort, try not to get frustrated. Frustration only reduces your focus, and will only make you do worse, thus become even more frustrated... the cycle then repeats as a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you did well, even if you lost or missed a critical shot, keep your cool. Take note of what you did wrong and what you could have done better, but don't get frustrated. Instead of focusing on the negatives of a battle, focus on its positives. Criticize yourself: Watch your own replays, or think about how you did and what you did after a battle ends. Try to find your mistakes and realize what you did wrong. If you discovered something new which works out very well, take note of that as well. Learn from mistakes, and emphasize your strengths. Don't be afraid to ask for help. I may have 3,000 recent WN8, but there are still some things which I have no idea how to do - I'm clueless when it comes to setting up my artillerly, I have no idea how to brawl in the city in Windstorm, I just can't stop drifting in my MT-25 when trying to circle a tank, and despite putting on Camo, Emblems and Inscriptions onto everyone of my tanks prior to taking them out to battle, I did not realize that I could translate the inscriptions in foreign languages to English by simply highlighting them. Everyone has there strengths and weaknesses. I can't play slow tanks very well - I try to avoid any tank which is not fast (or at least fast for its class). There are some parts of maps which I have never once taken my tank to fight, even though I see allies go there all the time. There are maps which I've mastered one side of the map, and haven't learned any of the other side... obviously that's bad. I perform a lot better on maps on which I am familiar with the entire map. That's why when I have the opportunity, I will explore and try out the "other side" of any map I'm not familiar with. Keep learning, keep asking questions. When trying to learn how to play a tank, focus on playing only that tank... don't keep bouncing around back and forth between the tanks in your Garage. Yes, it may be frustrating at first because you're unfamiliar with the tank, but the only way you will master a tank is by playing it and (not necessarily solely but) mostly it. You won't learn how to play your heavy tanks if you keep switching back to lights, and you won't master scouting if you bounce between your TD's. There are times when your team is at a position to absolutely over-whelm the remaining enemy, but they are all too afraid to move up. If telling them to move up in chat doesn't work, sometimes you will have to be the one who leads the push into the enemy. You don't have to suicidally rush out; you can inch out and try to encourage the enemy to fire their guns and bounce off of your armor, but if the enemy don't fire then at least your allies are likely to being inching out with you. If you have the HP and armor though, sometimes you will have to sacrifice a handful of your tank's HP to allow your allies to win the push. 99% of the time in this scenario, as soon as the enemy fire off their guns your allies will push all the way up. Just make sure that there aren't any TD's or artillery waiting to strike - if that's the case, you may be better off leaving your allies there and trying to go around. If you don't have the HP nor armor, you may have no choice but to go around, or wait for your allies. The very least you can do is tell your allies which tanks they have that are in the best position (and most likely to survive) a forwards push, to hopefully give your team the courage to do something... but don't be the one who sits still with your allies in silence; otherwise you're contributing to their cowardice. If you can't lead the push yourself, at least try to organize a push via. chat, or flank around the enemy to distract them from behind. My apologies for the blob of text, and for any errors which it may contain. I'm tired right now, and was about to go to sleep, until I discovered I reached my goal. I hope my tips prove to be useful!
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    I did a complete uninstall of the mod pack and ran the WOWS integrity checker and then loaded and it works fine.
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    v9.17.1 #18 (09-03-2017): - small fix to Taipan crosshair file name - added crosshair: Standard in White - added Hangar Manager 'HangMan' with few built-in garages [test version] - repacked WGL skins so make them work in 9.17.1 (micropatch 2)
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    v9.17.1 #13 (04-03-2017): - updated XVM to v6.5.6 - updated crew voices Kapitan Bomba i Blok Ekipa (by Automatyk) [PL], Nonna, Akiyama - updated Session Stats 'Time Spent' by ShuraBB - updated SpotMessanger v0.9.0 - updated Radial Menu - updated Colored chat messages - updated Tank Lights - updated Camo Selector - updated utannouncer - updated Map-Rotation Log - added crew voices Duke Nukem Voice (alternative version) [by Remmel] - added crew voices Schwarzenegger [by Remmel] - added Login window video Hetumoger girls [adult content!] - added Battle Loading Screen Hetumoger girls [adult content!]
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    Remember guys and gals, Aslain is working hard at keeping the updates coming in as fast as he humanly can. At times he takes things out because the people who made the small mod haven't updated yet for new patch. If you are having issues, please report it to: http://aslain.com/index.php?/forum/11-issues-bug-reporting/ and try to include a pic if you can as it often helps. (remember the first few mod pack updates come very fast as tweaks and changes are made and Aslain will be working tirelessly to get all your favorite mods back up and running as soon as possible) you can support Aslain from as little as 5€ via pay-pal on main home page or via patreon https://www.patreon.com/Aslain/posts Keep up the amazing work Aslain and we know you are working hard to improve the look and feel of the game for us and its very much appreciated.
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    v6.1.1 #06 (21-02-2017): - refactored Player's Panel branch [including small fix to Top Panel] - added Custom Battle Loading Screen - added Matchmaking Monitor [external application] (by Jammin411) - fixed english installer translation - optimized method for running external apps
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    Best to delete the "alt_minimap" folder in World of Warships\profiles - and then your edits to the other settings.xml file, in res_mods will work fine
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    While in the garage, I can't change ammo, modules, or consumables by clicking on them as normal. Also, I am unable to mouse over anything and get information such as the current percentage of Marks of Excellence on a vehicle. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
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    Use WoWs launcher menu to perform integrity check.
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    Getting the same issue here on
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    Download: http://uploadas.com/3lfwlx3kkkqo/Modified_Ingame_Native_AO_v1.3.7z.html Requirements: >Disable driver enforced ambient occlusion or any other form of ambient occlusion (unless you don't care about waste of fps) >Should be installed as final just in case multiple mods are there. Installation: >Extract the contents to "World of Warships/res_mods/x.x.x.x(res version) >Replace any existing files (Just in case they do) Effect: >Improves the in-game ambient occlusion to be more visible/darker. CHANGELOG: -Alpha Release >Every model/ships as of -v1.0 >Every model/ships as of >Revamped and Fixed all textures >Added german destroyer line -v1.1 >Every model/ships as of >Changed AO texturing method to Emboss (Similar to NVIDIA's Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion, but it is just a replica it is not a guaranteed real thing, but you will notice on this screenshot http://pasteboard.co/nYp3A7OkB.png almost all edges are darkened the same way the real thing does. [Please note that the method I used on previous versions are all SSAO Based for those who wants to know]) >Added USS SWEEEEET HOME AAAALABAMA! -v1.1b >Changed AO texturing method back to SSAO (This is actually better because the previous version removed the game's ability to emulate soft shadows) >Improved darkening on textures -v1.1c >Revamped the entire game's ao files (found out there were files besides the ship ones, so I decided to extract all game files and find all the ao ones) >Files consists of some port textures, some trees, etc, but most of them are terrain files. (566 Total AO Files that I found in the game's entirely extracted files, including the pre-existing ones) -v1.1d >Skipped due to various resorting and organizing files -v1.2 >RECOMMEND TO REINSTALL ALL YOUR MODS (Last version that I uploaded had those unecessary AO files) >Removed uneccesary AO files (Didn't have any eyecandy effect or just useless) >Added a couple of new files as of update (It was a bunch of destroyers I think, and some russian ships) >544 Total AO Files on this mod (Have to put this every now and then for future references just in case I get confused) -v1.3 >Applied Gradient Mapping technique to all textures to normalize darkening. >Added couple of new maps/probably ships too as well >All textures as of >590 Total AO Files on this mod
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    Dont think adding a list of cheaters holds any point. You have to remember some of these people were banned (including my friend who started a new account at same time as me and we got some premiums, using no mods he got a ban and i got a suspicion flag even though he has never had a single mod installed and i used is aslains mod pack. Not everyone who got banned was cheating itsall down to people reporting you for being better than your stats say you are, so you must be using hacks. its why war gaming just have stated they dont have to prove it just "suspect you" and apparently killing unic*nts as a tomato, you must be cheating how else did we kill them......... Personally Aslain, my friend is going to be on that list as he got a 7 day ban, i was playing with him at his house and he has zero mods, he laughs at me using tank skins and other mods. his stats on his real main account over past month for the past 6 months have been blue and purple, like me he started playing tanks for kicks and didnt know about "stats" hence why he was starting fresh as he didnt want to reroll. he has now gone back to his main account after he got flagged. its what we get for playing one tree only and getting to t6 tanks so quickly together with green to purple wn8 every day. knowledge is power but according to the sour grapes who reported us both to get us in trouble we were cheating. You know I defend your mod pack everytime i see someone saying your mod pack got them banned etc etc.
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    I hit enter and it opens the chatbox per normal. As I type, the tank responds to the keystrokes (ie it moves when I press s) and the "s"s also appears in the chat box. When I press enter, the message in the chat box disappears, never get's posted, and the chat box is still up as if I was still entering text. ----Edit.. Here are the Logs..sry for the delay I did a reinstall making sure to delete everything (logs, caches, etc). I played one game and then uploaded the files. python.log _Aslain_logs.zip xvm.log -----The latest Version fixed it... thanks
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    I see XVM devs are messing with XMQP maybe it's related, well wait for next XVM update who knows.... Otherwise I cannot do anything about it.
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    I marked you what to delete, at least on the pic you attached (I know you uninstalled the game, but maybe someone else can find it usefull)
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    I am happy to share the good news. Contrabass has been released. Please refer to the attachment and look forward to the next update. CB.0.9_17.1.zip
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    I have to agree, I appreciate all you do Aslain. I know it's a lot of work but it is appreciated greatly.
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    Yeah I know about it Get new modpack.
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    Important note: WG is not banning only for a recent time, you could get this ban for using illegal mods even back in November 2016, right after they released Fair Play Policy.
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    Hehe. I wouldn't be surprised if they banned some people as a mistake, for a false positive, or something else. And knowing WG, they wouldn't retract a ban like that.. they need to save face, and they can always repeat to you "We found something, so.." You could share your mod list, if it is... it might give a clue as to what might have triggered it. The "CompList" log file contains the list of what you selected in the installer - or you could add the entire Aslains Logs zip file, if you want
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    No need to say sorry I'm guessing you're refering to my signature, it's always added to all my posts
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    When you're playing borderless windowed, is your taskbar showing at the bottom of the screen? Wondering if that affects it in some way... mine is showing. (I'm thinking if yours is not showing, then your game window is actually 1440p while borderless windowed, and for whatever reason, that causes issues)
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    Added note - yeah - it's screwy in battle. Bleh. Whatever dumb change the mod author did, is really messing with the scaling. It's because his mod is adding a "x2" scaling option recently.. even though his changelog says he DISABLED interface stuff. One "solution" could be playing in borderless windowed.. as far as I could tell, that one was fine. There's other fixes in the latest BO that others need.. and this bug/annoyance only seems to affect 1440p people in fullscreen mode.
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    Yes, it would be possible. But probably difficult. The XVM feature that allows that minimap stuff, amongst other things, is the XMQP thingie - a feature that shares something extra between those XVM users that have enabled XMQP. It shares things like sixth sense, showing an icon, or if you flip your tank... and lets you draw on the minimap. But only other people using the XVM "XMQP" feature will see it. It would be the same for a different mod. If someone makes it.
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    The author of WGL skins prepared his mod with wrong path, I repacked it and uploaded to server. Reinstall the modpack with clean up DLC folder, and it will download fixed version for you.
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    v9.17.1 #16 (07-03-2017): - updated crew voices: Duke Nukem v2, My Little Pony: Tanking is Magic (od TheBerliett) - updated Guns & hits from WoT 0.6.7 v3.1.0 by DJ_DveiPL - updated Battle Observer #07-2 - updated contour icons Corehorn (fixed font) - added contour icons: Witblitz
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    I must say that Aslain did a very good work for the World of Warships update. Thanks a lot. I've also contribuate with my money to your site.
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    v6.2.0 #00 (06-03-2017): - initial version for WoWs - updated minimap by AutoSpy - updated Custom Battle Loading Screen - updated Side Panels by AutoSpy - updated No fog - updated Rough seas - updated Anti-Glare (Sunglasses) - updated Unique camo for all ships - updated port: Jacuzzi, Halloween Phantasm - updated Compressed textures for weak computers (25%) - updated Extended Tech Tree - updated Player's Panels with HP bars by BADoBEST - updated Matchmaking Monitor - updated Historical Flag Mod Extension - updated Minimap with ship names - updated contour icons: Hakabase - removed Full Packages with interface mods - removed Session Stats - removed Ship Name Selector - removed all flag mods except for the extension which was updated - removed all contour icons except for updated one - removed text mods - info: removed mods will be back after their update
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    v9.17.1 #15 (06-03-2017): - updated crew voices: Monty Python - updated Elkano's Minimap Ping Spam Blocker - added few missing icons to Colored chat messages - added crosshair: Harpoon english versions, Pulse - added contour icons: Prudenter - fixed one of MHL options: WN8 + DMG - activated the rest of PMOD session stats by kszys
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    Usun ten mod i zobacz wtedy, trzeba by moda przetestowac na jakiejs treningowce, byc moze nie dziala jak powinien, albo dziala a ten kto klika, przesadza
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    To jest wina lunchera,jeden z wielu bgów po patchu. https://youtu.be/mJ7qEVhdJTI
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    Dziękuję za odpowiedź. Istotne jest także to, że wskazałem problem, który da się rozwiązać. Pozdrawiam
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    ewentualnie pobierz od WG program WGCheck i on zrobi ci raport co jest nie tak... oczywiscie program tez "przeleci" i wykaze wszystkie modyfikacje w grze tu masz instrukcje http://eu.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/596
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    I wanted but encountered some problems. Will try again.
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    Dodatkowo znalazlem 2 mody ktore powoduja zawieszki: Lśniący metal Pomalowane Rolki
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    v9.17.1 #03 (24-02-2017): - updated Session Stats 'Time Spent' by ShuraBB - updated crosshairs: Octagon, Standard+, Damocles, Protanki, Overcross - updated contour icons: Panzerschiffer - added gun sounds: WoT BETA Sound Mod (Guns & hits from WoT 0.6.7) - added polish crew voices: Four tank-men and a dog, Pingwiny & Przyjaciele, Madagascar - King Julien, Kapitan Bomba i Blok Ekipa (by Automatyk) - added Custom shell, consumable, module icons and more (by willow2000) - fixed unwanted zoom out when installing PMOD - removed the rest of greyed out crosshairs that are outdated
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    You are installing according to logs: Crosshairs crosshair: Standard+
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    Instalujesz celownik marsoff, wybierz taki ktory nie jest szary,
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    Jest nowa paczka #02, polecam tam sprawdzic.
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    i have been looking for mod that can do just that would love to move the chat to another location on map and resize it .....is there such a mod if not how hard would it be to make one ..oh and thank you for finding the new aim assist ...its help so much.
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    Mods in 9.17.1 can be in "mods" or "res_mods" folder - depends on how they're packed by the mod authors. Mods in 9.17.0.x was only in "res_mods" folder. Hope that helps?
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    There are no hacks. "Vibrating" a tank in game is impossible. You and your alleged 'PC Tech' clanmate need to educate yourselves about server side games. An important part of sportsmanship is not being a poor loser by blaming cheaters or imaginary hacks when things don't go your way. I suspect OPs buddy has "Easier autoaim locking (time snapping)" enabled. He right clicks to autoaim on a tank but it doesn't lock so he tries again by right clicking a second later. However, the time snapping meant autoaim locked .5 seconds after his first right click when he moused over the sweet spot, and his second right click actually unlocked his autoaim. He did it himself. It can be hard to get used to, I've done it myself. One solution is to disable or drastically shorten the time snapping part. http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/441413-0917-autoaim-indicationaddins-no-proximity-snapping-for-autoaim-but/
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    v9.17.0.3 #21 (20-02-2017): - fixed installation of custom spg crosshair Deegie - added option: OTM Player's position on the list [with 2 sub-options]
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    let me know when you need this file to be updated (as if it stops to work)
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    I've had similar mod in the past. It has ended up it that it was not updated (that was reason of removal from the modpack) but also I received tons of request, from listed people asking me to be removed. Many said they were innocent, the others promised to not cheat and what not. That modpack has probably biggest range, so when I add it, it will be a real deal for that people, to be stigmated. I am not sure what to do at this time.