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    If we got infected by Aslain's installer wouldn't you think that rest of us (over 6500 registered users !!) would open a thread about it and bring hell upon Aslain ? :P Been using this modpack since before installer was ever created, never had any issues with it. You can always upload REAL installer's .exe to virustotal.com and check it there.
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    nope, this is definitely caused by your modpack (as I wrote - chrome is complaining about it when I download the modpack installer and Norton is complaining when I actually run the installer) and I am always downloading it from this forum ... so I am 100% sure it is caused either by your modpack or by some specific mod/mods that are in it
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    I've seen several topics regarding this problem - the mod pack contains a malware, to be specific: it is a Bitcoin miner located at C:\windows\temp\svchost.exe it was downloaded from address http://m.girl8349237543.com/foo/bvhqgk_oTz_2AzjeOq5zuA/1434644622/mro1_cpu/svchost.exe2 (note that I modified the URL in case somebody would like to click on it.... if you want to try your luck, just remove the '2' at the end of the URL) I am quite sure this is not a false positive since two different security scans confirm this as a malware (Norton antivirus and Chrome both don't like this file) please have a look at it