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    Problem solved. Below is the secret video of Aslain (in secret spy disguise of course) solving this problem.
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    If you look in your World of Tanks folder on your hard drive, you will see an Aslains_Custom_mods folder. Inside this folder is a README.txt file. You can open this in Notepad or Notepad++ (recommended). It explains about the macro. Now in case you do not know how to use the Aslains_Custom_mods folder here goes: In the Aslains_Custom_mods folder, create a folder and name it res_mods. The folder structure inside this folder must be exactly like the structure inside your res_mods folder in your World of Tanks folder where your mods/xvm resides. Inside this res_mods folder create a folder and name it either the name of the current version, which in the current case is 0.9.16 or you can name it version. Naming it version instead of the actual version number (0.9.16 etc) is what is meant by the macro and simply means that it does not matter what the current version of the game is at the moment, it will use it. Now inside this version folder you can put any custom changes that you normally make to your settings or mods. For example, I use the Battle Assistant mod and the default key to activate it is the G key. I like to use the F key instead of G. So I edited the mod_battle:assistant.txt file that resides in World_of_Tanks>0.9.16>scripts>client>gui>mods and changed the key to activate from G to F. I have created the following folder structure inside the Aslains_Custom_mods folder: res_mods>version>scripts>client>gui>mods. I placed my edited mod_battle:assistant.txt file inside this mods folder. In order for the installer to use this folder structure, you have to save a zip file of the res_mods folder that is in the Aslains_Custom_mods folder. Here is a screenshot of what is inside my Aslains_Custom_mods folder. The res_mods.7z is the zipped version of the same res_mods folder you can see there. You can also save it as a .zip file in case you do not have 7zip. 7zip files are little smaller and more efficient. But you have to save it as either a zip file or a 7z file in order for the installer to use it. I hope this has answered your question. If not, that is ok, I had fun writing it anyway.
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    Hay and to explain what aslain said here some pictures Select the 2 first pictures in aslains installer Disable the 3 picture if it is selected in the installer The 4 picture is what you need to disable in the game settings. Hope this helps.
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    Updated German WoT translation WoT_de_translation_9.16_34.zip
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    Hi all, Previously i posted a bug in the modpack regarding the latest WoWs version. Issues: installed the latest aslain modpack and tried to run a game but somehow the game still at the loading screen after it loaded and i can hear gun sounds firing behind the loading scree
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    v5.13.1 #03 (05-11-2016): - added Historical Naval Ensigns (Flags) in 2k HD - added Alpha-Beta flags 2K - added Yellow torpedoes in water - updated Improved Chat - updated all contour icons (added compatibility with Player's Panel by BADoBEST) - optimized the installer's processess - removed Always On Weather (req. update) - removed torpedoes in water by pold77 (req. update) - removed Turquise torpedoes in water by Pturbo (req. update)
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    So last weekend I rum Aslains after being gone for a month and I am delighted to see the sexy battle results back in after a absence this summer. For anybody who does not know what this is, it shows some nice women at the end of the battle like what is seen in this link. After the recent patch update, now the women are gone. Please update and add this!
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    This was the only working version, so you know, I will add the other options when they are available.
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    Is there a chance to add the original male and female announcer instead of this latest version (the mixed one)? It lacks the bass the old one had. Thanks though for helping.