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    The arty log mod does the same thing. Wondered how I could move the panels to where I want them and then they stay there until I have to update the mods. Sorry @Aslain I know it's a seperate topic.
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    Just for clarification is the modpack crashing or the game client? You wasn't exactly clear about that in your post, if the game is crashing with your mods installed then you need the required logs, if the modpack is crashing then provide screenshots of any error messages if there are any that pop up. otherwise if again it's the modpack itself that is crashing try uninstalling it and delete the modpack installer and redownload it and try installing it again.. Wargaming has not sent a new update since which was a while ago and therefore this statement does not apply to the problem at hand.
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    Its when the notification window bugs out and leaves the message in the notification center. Nothing major. Author (Chodak) cant reproduce it, for whatever reason, so might never get fixed, lol

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