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    v9.20.1.4 #05 (05-12-2017): - updated crew icons: Historical tankmans - updated PMOD session stats by kszys [EN] - updated XVM Damage Log by kszys - updated debug panel ekspoint, v1, v2, pharaon - updated Auto Equip - updated Extra Aim Info - updated Info Panel Extended - updated InBattle WN8 Calculator - updated crew auto return - updated Extend the time of display of Damage Indicator to 14 secs - updated Tactical Map - reverted Direction indicator mod [previous version had better menu options] - removed outdated crew icons [family guy, GuP, WWE] - marked all mods made by ekspoint with tag: [ekspoint] - such mods may display a link to this modder website on the game interface. If you don't like it, don't use that mods.
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    None of those tanks were un-elited - odd move, but I can see their reasoning... if someone didn't want to grind to the next tank (on the VK 45.02 B for example), I'd prefer keeping the accelerated crew training.
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