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    It's more or less ok for me, you have to go "piano" on the mods, the strict minimum is ok but if you go crazy shit will happen :) I'd like to thank Mister Aslain and send him all my love for all the extra work he did, he is doing and maybe he'll... And hope he is fine now after all the bad karma, keep it up dude !!!! Wish you all the best ! Raoul.
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    v1.0.2.1 #11 (21-06-2018): - added contour icons: Contrabass - updated XVM 7.6.4-dev [8463] - updated PMOD v1.34.1 - removed Crew Skill Informer [works in first battle only] - info: we're still on test version of XVM, install it at own risk!
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    pretty crappy for all the work you put in. hoping t have my internet issues sorted in next couple of weeks and getting a new not too expensive rig that ive been saving for so should be back in tanks soon. Ironically if everyone patroned 1 pound euro dollar it would be a half decent figure. i hear the voices saying yeah yeah thats great coming form an ultra donator. I am not a rich man. My ultra donator came from donations over a period of time. Often using my bit of spare cash to just send to Aslain as I appreciate the work he has done. he underappreciated and under valued.
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    Not to mention that in recent two - three months I barely receiving any donations :/ On Patreon few people registered by that time, and donating $1.... which I really appreciate but still.
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    No, I understand what you are talking about. My point probably wasn't as clear as it could have been...and no....I can't make my point "in Finnish"....haha. I don't think that it is due to a map problem. If you don't use the "trajectory view" then Battle Assistant probably wouldn't make any difference at all. But, if you are using trajectory view in the vanilla arty view then I would try Battle Assistant...in English of course.
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    its all about work load. you see how often tanks and ships needs updating. player base for planes just isnt that high and honestly the new donations he may get for it would be peanuts. he already works like a slave and is not (in my humble opinion payed enough by the community for it.) planes would triple the work load and probably generate 10 or 20€ extra a month in donations.
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    You're selecting two different Safe Shot options - and one is being unchecked. (The most likely thing happening here) Check what you have selected - or add log files as required
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    v1.0.2.1 #10 (21-06-2018): - updated XVM 7.6.4-dev [8460] - info: we're still on test version of XVM, install it at own risk!
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    It's probably related to a specific mod I use but you don't !! I always erase etc etc when I reinstall btw Re the "command" - If you hold the CTRL key down, you can dot around the map having a look while keeping your aim where it was. It only changes where the gun points when you release the CTRL key
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    I was able to do 16 battle in a row without crash with v1.0.2.1 # 07. It will seem like it's stable with all my addon and basic garage. To follow I do not want to rejoice too quickly.
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    It'll work As long as you follow what Ress and me mentioned Ress' post is a good one explaining it.
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    That's what I said, yeah. Inside "res_mods", and inside the "VERSION" folder, you'd first be making "gui" folder. Then inside that, you'll make "maps", and inside that, "login" - and place your login images there.
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    In res_mods? Of course not. You'd have to make the folders
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    The login images (PNG) for World of Tanks are located as "gui\maps\login" The res_mods location you'd be using would be: "res_mods\VERSION\gui\maps\login" Not sure if just placing one image would be enough, or if you need to have all of them present... here's the file list of images that are in that location by default. List:

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