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    Decided to re-create compilation of debug panel configs to work with xvm. First candidate was panels used in ekspoint's debug panel mod, all 3 main variations adapted. In future i might adapt some old panels, its doable...only needs a little bit of digging inside .swf files. PS. all versions are configured for default xvm config atm, but i can add adaptation to Aslain's config ( so its more of a plug&play) Download: XVM debugPanel configs (Pack1).7z Requires: - XVM (obviously) - py macro debugPanel.py (by ktulho - download link) Preparation: - download and put debugPanel.py inside ...\res_mods\configs\xvm\py_macro folder - disable default debugPanel inside elements.xc, add: "debugPanel": { "$delay": 100, "alpha": 0 } or replace with elements.xc file included inside archive - pick a config variation you like and add required definitions inside battleLabels.xc - download configs archive and copy battleLabelDebugPanel.xc and icons folder inside ...\res_mods\configs\xvm\default or inside your config folder but you will need to correct path for some images (inside battleLabelDebugPanel.xc) example: <img src='cfg://<<<YOUR CONFIG FOLDER>>>/icons/debugPanel/pingBar/7.png'> Configs: v1 - originally by NooBooL v2 - originally by NooBooL v3 - originally by ____P_H_A_R_A_O_N____ v4 - originally by Ekspoint Changelog: low quality preview images and terrible English grammar #paintskills #dealwithit
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    It was my mistake, I accidentaly removed USSexpression.xml when I updated it to 7.6.0
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    Would it be possible to add an option to show a symbol for people on your friends list in the in-game players panels, similar to how it shows people on your blacklist?
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    Danish for WoT installer updated: WoT_da_translation_1.0.1.1_19.ini.7z
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    I was mistaken on the Crosshair Protractor Mod, it was the "accurate Damage indicator" and not the Crosshair Protractor Mod. There was one working a couple updates ago and was colored yellow. Is this part working?

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