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    v.8.0.0 #01 (31-01-2019): - added side paneles Hakabase - added Better compact carousel - added contour icons: MajorRenegade - fixed Navigator and Side Panels - updated KanColle Kanmusu voice mod [JP]
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    Yeah i can confirm this too but it is an easy fix just a case of renaming the files and adding coipies (or atleast it worked for me), this is what I did and seemed to work: trail_aura_high.dds ---------> Trail_Aura_Bubble.dds trail_aura_high_en.dds ---------> Trail_Aura_Bubble_en.dds trail_aura_low.dds ---------> Trail_Aura_DPS.dds trail_aura_low_en.dds ---------> Trail_Aura_DPS_en.dds Trail_Aura_Medium.dds ---------> Trail_Aura_NonPrior_DPS.dds trail_aura_medium_en.dds ---------> Trail_Aura_NonPrior_DPS_en.dds Then add copies and rename of Trail_Aura_Bubble.dds ---------> Trail_Aura_NonPrior_Bubble.dds Trail_Aura_Bubble_en.dds ---------> Trail_Aura_NonPrior_Bubble_en.dds Trail_Aura_DPS.dds ---------> Trail_Aura_Prior_Bubble Trail_Aura_DPS_en.dds ---------> Trail_Aura_Prior_Bubble_en Trail_Aura_NonPrior_DPS.dds ---------> Trail_Aura_Prior_DPS Trail_Aura_NonPrior_DPS_en.dds ---------> Trail_Aura_Prior_DPS_en.dds Now it may not be perfect but works out ok for me so try that till it gets updated properly I have added my fix for the green contrails which is what i use i hope that helps you out green_contrails_fix.zip
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    v.8.0.0 #00 (30-01-2019): - compatibility with WoWs - updated Helpme - updated mxstat - updated Gun calibers in inches - updated Regen Assistant - updated Info Panel - updated Secondary Armament Status - updated Functioning MS22 Camo Replacements (Avalon) - updated Compressed textures - updated semi-transparent minimap by AutoSpy - updated clan icons - updated Region Changer - updated Extended Tech Tree - updated Side Panels by AutoSpy - updated Improved Chat v3 - updated Advanced HP bar indicator - updated Movable ship parameters panel - updated Custom Battle Loading Screen - updated Pan-Asian flag replaced with Taiwan flag - updated Historical Proportions flags - updated contour icons: pold77 - updated Sea simulation - updated Over Target Markers by BADoBEST - updated Chilled Special Camos - updated Zeiss camera (+ removed outdated options) - updated Full Packages: ARP by Hakabase, Pravda Team, Garfield, Azur Lane Enchant - updated Ship Name Romanization with lady commander name - removed: flags and contour icons by MajorRenegade, Casters Mod, Battle GUI customization, Session Stats, all crosshairs, Arpeggio of Blue Steel UI Inferface by Sea Group, YAZOM, Return commander to his ship, Better compact carousel, Side Panels Hakabase - known issues: ship win rate in black colors (barley visible)
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    Visit this website: https://wows.mv-smirnov.org/en/icons/ Click on Authorize, select your region and authorize your login then upload your icon. In case of problems you can post your clan icon in this topic using following info: 1. Clan tag (in example [WG]) 2. Clan region 3. Attach image (24x24 png)
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    Aslain.com is powered by ...support us today and get a professional Quality game server from BlackBoxServers.net Downloads for World of Warships Aslain's WoWs ModPack v8.0.2 #02 (~115 MB) download link #1 [direct] download link #2 [direct] download link #3 [direct] SHA256: cd3af2e13eca7ddb27c4b432a162044d86b6bdcd67040a19ac3b4e629ad0d58b Installation: - select folder where is your WoWS installed - pick your mods and options, click next to finish - when you want to select different mods, launch the installer again Uninstalling: - use uninstalling feature from windows system - if you still cannot start your game, perform this action http://tinyurl.com/z23lxng You may use following tools to support me, posted them as requested by users:or donate: Changelog:
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    @Aslain First off, I LOVE your modpack and have donated, which is not something I do until I am sure of the value I'm getting. Your ModPack is fantastic. However, you have to pardon me as this is the first time using a ModPack at the time of a major update. I see you dropped a lot of mods in the release. Is this because those mods aren't supported in this version and you are waiting for the authors to update their mods? Will these come back at some point? Or is this a permanent change. I ask because there were Cross Hair mods I really liked Curious Minds...
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    Still no news. I will update Radiolocation in todays modpack. edit: I updated them, but they doesn't seem to work. I suspect that WG locked this swf somehow and loading this image from some unknown place.
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    Your progress in the game? Yes of course. All of your progress in World of Warships, is saved on their servers. There's no "save game" on your computer.
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    There is chance that port zoom work fine, but not if you install it together with YAZOM. Try with one of them only. As for the Side panels they are fine.
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    Thanks for the follow-up. Installed in 0.8.0, and good to go. Most appreciated!
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    Their author's hasn't update them yet, but I think it's matter of time, day or two prolly.
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    I'm sure it'll get a remover like the siege mode indicator and so on, when they are actually released and not limited to test server.
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    I just checked that one, there isn't any instructions like the others. Perhaps Aslain or MajorRenegade can answer your question. Usually you see something like this in the mod installer:
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    Yes, and? (Don't forget to attach logs.)
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    Get new modpack, it was fixed yesterday. You may have to uncheck the mod too, it's Requesting fire marker.
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    In the mod download section i get an error 404 whilst trying to download the Rudy > T-34-85E Remodel (Mirukii) files during install. Hope you have enough information Edit: This is in the 16b version of the installer.
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    Zaraz sprawdze, moze dzisiejszy mikropatch cos popsul, ale watpie.
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    v1.3.0.1 #15 (15-01-2019): - updated contour icons: Aslain, Wizard, Witblitz, Qualan, J1mbo, Kryspin_CZ, Grandorf, XSerzHX, corehorn, Contrabass, Darker (added Nameless and Edelweiss tanks) - updated Premium tanks colored by gold with HDR (by Aslain) - updated HDR icons on Tech-Tree (by Aslain) - updated HDR icons on tank carousel (by Aslain) - added skins: Centurion Mk. 3 > Sho't Kal Dalet remodel (Mirukii), VK3001P > Laupen 16t Remodel (Mirukii), Leopard PT A > Prototyp B1 Remodel (Mirukii), M48A5 Patton > M60A1 (Mirukii)
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    0.7.12 Re-activated Halloween ports 2016 2017 2018 0.8.0 Sky Dream updated
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    Hi, our team decided to change our emblem, please replace the old emblem with the new one that I send you. 1. Clan GRON 2. EU Server 3. Thank you
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    Re-Activated Halloween Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4z1369615l07moc/UnReal_Halloween.zip/file
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    1. [VPM] 2. [EU] Im second. Kommandeur the main Kommander is afk for the next months :(

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