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    I understand that WG has asked that these be updated to not reflect the Swastika in (flag and paint scheme) as well as the Rising Sun Naval Ensign (still in use by the Japanese Defense Forces). Is there any further information. How is WG able to determine their use if these are only visible to me on my computer and no where else (I get that some one probably posted a picture on either one of the social media channels or carelessly in a report sent to WG. Just curious about any further information if available. Also if I choose for the time being not to update those will the rest of the mod pack function?
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    Steam keys free to anyone. (Green available / red given away) PM me. Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX) HIVESWAP: Act 1 Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend Nex Machina Passpartout: The Starving Artist Rivals of Aether The Sexy Brutale STRAFE: Millennium Edition Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy Maize Plague Inc: Evolved Shoppe Keep Stellaris SUPERHOT Tiny Echo GoNNER - Press Jump To Die Edition Metrico+ Super Rude Bear Resurrection This is the Police The Turing Test Undertale Event[0] Tumblestone Flat Heroes Morphblade Uurnog Uurnlimited Husk Kimmy Neon Chrome Minion Masters Pirate Pop Plus Action Henk Fidel - Dungeon Rescue THOTH Town of Salem Planet of the Eyes Poi (Steam) Random Access Murder Starward Rogue Copoka
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    As Aslain indicated the error you are getting is not related to the modpack or wot. It is related to windows itself. Checking Microsoft, they are saying it is either corruption with the user account or a system file is corrupt. Below is a link from Microsoft. Even thought they are talking about Windows 7, it would apply to other versions of Windows https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-networking/shellexecuteex-failed/dca547f1-070d-4793-8a75-8a22d63daaae
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    It doesn't just look unfinished, it is. It's hard to implement it in an installer, since I update it pretty much daily. Solo did it by making a seperate installer for it. ETA when it's finished, is probably one year or so. Who knows. And if I don't have an answer for that, who should?
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    Hello, in older Versions there was a combined Japanese / German Flag Mod. Now there is only the Japanese Navy Flag Mod I there a chance to get back the German Navy Flag Mod ? Thanks ! Best Regards T_L_A_B
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    230217VERYCOLDSHIP - personal mission for 10 ESCL flags 230817GUNSFORANYSHIP - personal mission for 10 Flesh Wound flags 160217GOTOUSSRSHIP - personal mission for 10 Papa Papa flags 050117BETWEENERSHIP - personal mission for 10 Papa Papa flags (again) 040117BETWEENSHIP - personal mission for 10 Zulu flags 150715NOTHSFSHIP - personal mission for 10 ESCL flags (again) 020316SUCHABUZZSHIP - personal mission for 10 Flesh Wound flags (again) 301116REVOLUSHIP - personal mission for 10 Cmd-XP flags 210815SUCHABIGSHIP - personal mission for 10 Zulu flags (again) 120218OUESTLESHIP - personal mission for 10 Cmd-XP flags (again) This is what they give, copied from a reddit thread.
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    I recently made a contribution to Aslain's site, payment went out but is there a way ensure that it made it here? Not looking for any fanfare just want to make sure it got here. The mods are greatly appreciated and an awsome job has been done to make these easily understood (most of them), even for a gentleman of my age and lack of computer knowledge.
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    I finally did it... I've gotten my recent WN8 above 3,000. I intend to keep it climbing, but for now - I'm going to jot down a few key things which I have learned that really stand out. Maintain a healthy situational awareness: Don't let yourself tunnel vision... no matter what you do, no matter how you're fighting or who you're fighting, you always want to watch your surroundings. Not only will you be able to detect enemy vehicles trying to flank you before they get the opportunity, but you will also be more likely do dodge artillery, and avoid finding yourself in a crossfire. I've seen too many allies and enemies focus upon one vehicle in the battle, only for their enemy to take advantage of this and absolutely wreck them. Don't be afraid to pull back from a flank: If your gun is desperately needed in a flank, put it in there and use it. However, there are times when it becomes increasingly obvious that the flank you are at will be quickly overrun, or flanked and destroyed from behind. If your flank is disintegrating, don't be afraid to turn your tank around and put on your "Nope" shoes. However, if you feel as though you need to pull back, don't hesitate. The more time you spend at a failing flank, the more likely you are to be shot up during your grand escape. When I feel as though it's time to begin pulling back, if I don't begin moving immediately, all too often I'll be destroyed while I'm trying to escape. If you find that you have hesitated for too long and escape is now impossible, just stick with your allies and try to do as much as you possibly can... the enemies which overrun you are the same enemies that the rest of your allies will be fighting, so at least try to cripple them. If your gun is not shooting your tracks should be rolling: If you are not contributing to the battle, your allies are effectively down a tank. There are very few times when you should be cowering behind a corner while your allies are fighting... usually this is only the case for non-scout autoloading tanks. However, unless you have an empty autoloader or a very long reload, you should be in the battle. Yes, you should wait for the right opportunity to make your moves, but don't hesitate for extended periods of time. The longer you're not doing anything, the more likely your allies are to lose. XVM Win Chance is not to be used to judge a battle before it starts. Remember - it's a chance (i.e. prediction of the likelihood of a victory or loss). If your chance to win is low (let's say 33%), you will still win 1 out of every 3 battles with similar predictions - however, if you give up and don't even try in the battle, you are only reducing your chance to win; and often times significantly. Also, keep in mind that recent posts on the Forums and FTR including data from thousands of battles has indicated that in general, XVM Win Chance gives an inaccurate prediction - If you were to average the XVM Predictions for 1,000 battles (let's say you end up with the number 55%), you would find that (assuming you don't give up) will win anywhere from 1%-5% more battles than it predicts (the greater the gap between your recent WN8 and overall, the greater the percentage of additional victories). Even though 1%-5% doesn't seem like much, keep in mind that is 10-50 more victories than XVM predicted... if you give up when you see a low Win Chance, you are more than likely to turn some of those would-be victories into losses. Don't let XVM Win Chance ruin your mood - it's a prediction of probability, and an inaccurate one at that. Every battle always has a chance to be won. Giving up or getting upset about the prediction only reduces the likelihood that you will win. If the entire team lemming trains... follow the train: Sadly, there are times when the entire team goes off in one direction, or rather simply sits at base. If your team does this, don't go off on your own to a doomed flank. The only result will be that you get yourself killed to no avail. When your team lemmings, follow the lemming train and make it a success. Once you've won your lemming flank, either push to the enemy base, or fall back to your own... just work with what you have and make the lemming train work. Never trust allies: As much as I hate to say it, you just can't trust your allies. Unless you got confirmation from an ally that they will do exactly what you have told them to do, don't expect an ally to do anything, no matter how simple or easy it is. Sadly, most players in pub battles are a lot worse than you would hope. Do not do anything that relies heavily on your team. Always leave yourself an escape route and a Plan B. Also, communicate. Talk with your allies... if you want them to move up, or support you, let them know. Saying "Attack!" or "Help!" won't work... type out a text message and try to get confirmation from your allies that they will follow it... and if you get no response, assume they're doing their own thing. If you're going to say something, make it positive: If you're going to type in the chat, keep it positive. Negative text only reduces your team's chance to win by taking the focus of your allies away from the game, as well as breaking their mood and focus. If you want an ally to do something, be specific: Earlier today, there was a JagTiger 8,8cm. facing a Chaffee who's behind a rock. The JgTig8,8cm can one-shot the Chaffee, and the two tanks are 300m away from eachother. The Chaffee isn't even directly behind the rock... he's a distance aways from it. I told my JgTig to move his tank and kill the Chaffee... sadly, he drove straight up to the rock and let the Chaffee circle him... all what the JgTig needed to do was turn his tank to the left, and move about 30m or so to the left... driving up to the rock was not only unnecessary, but suicidal. Obviously, that was my fault. I presumed that the JgTig would figure out that he simply needed to change his line of sight.. instead, he charged the Chaffee (plunging his tank into shallow water, thus reducing his speed). The way my comment came out was unproductive, and had very negative consequences. I needed to specify to the JgTig that he needs to move 30m to the left so he'll have shots at the enemy Chaffee. Have fun: If you lose, or if you have a bad battle, bad RNG or something of the sort, try not to get frustrated. Frustration only reduces your focus, and will only make you do worse, thus become even more frustrated... the cycle then repeats as a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you did well, even if you lost or missed a critical shot, keep your cool. Take note of what you did wrong and what you could have done better, but don't get frustrated. Instead of focusing on the negatives of a battle, focus on its positives. Criticize yourself: Watch your own replays, or think about how you did and what you did after a battle ends. Try to find your mistakes and realize what you did wrong. If you discovered something new which works out very well, take note of that as well. Learn from mistakes, and emphasize your strengths. Don't be afraid to ask for help. I may have 3,000 recent WN8, but there are still some things which I have no idea how to do - I'm clueless when it comes to setting up my artillerly, I have no idea how to brawl in the city in Windstorm, I just can't stop drifting in my MT-25 when trying to circle a tank, and despite putting on Camo, Emblems and Inscriptions onto everyone of my tanks prior to taking them out to battle, I did not realize that I could translate the inscriptions in foreign languages to English by simply highlighting them. Everyone has there strengths and weaknesses. I can't play slow tanks very well - I try to avoid any tank which is not fast (or at least fast for its class). There are some parts of maps which I have never once taken my tank to fight, even though I see allies go there all the time. There are maps which I've mastered one side of the map, and haven't learned any of the other side... obviously that's bad. I perform a lot better on maps on which I am familiar with the entire map. That's why when I have the opportunity, I will explore and try out the "other side" of any map I'm not familiar with. Keep learning, keep asking questions. When trying to learn how to play a tank, focus on playing only that tank... don't keep bouncing around back and forth between the tanks in your Garage. Yes, it may be frustrating at first because you're unfamiliar with the tank, but the only way you will master a tank is by playing it and (not necessarily solely but) mostly it. You won't learn how to play your heavy tanks if you keep switching back to lights, and you won't master scouting if you bounce between your TD's. There are times when your team is at a position to absolutely over-whelm the remaining enemy, but they are all too afraid to move up. If telling them to move up in chat doesn't work, sometimes you will have to be the one who leads the push into the enemy. You don't have to suicidally rush out; you can inch out and try to encourage the enemy to fire their guns and bounce off of your armor, but if the enemy don't fire then at least your allies are likely to being inching out with you. If you have the HP and armor though, sometimes you will have to sacrifice a handful of your tank's HP to allow your allies to win the push. 99% of the time in this scenario, as soon as the enemy fire off their guns your allies will push all the way up. Just make sure that there aren't any TD's or artillery waiting to strike - if that's the case, you may be better off leaving your allies there and trying to go around. If you don't have the HP nor armor, you may have no choice but to go around, or wait for your allies. The very least you can do is tell your allies which tanks they have that are in the best position (and most likely to survive) a forwards push, to hopefully give your team the courage to do something... but don't be the one who sits still with your allies in silence; otherwise you're contributing to their cowardice. If you can't lead the push yourself, at least try to organize a push via. chat, or flank around the enemy to distract them from behind. My apologies for the blob of text, and for any errors which it may contain. I'm tired right now, and was about to go to sleep, until I discovered I reached my goal. I hope my tips prove to be useful!
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    Aslain.com is powered by ...support us today and get a professional Quality game server from BlackBoxServers.net Downloads for World of Tanks Aslain's WoT ModPack v9.22.0.1 #11 (~125 MB) download link #1 [direct] download link #2 [direct] download link #3 [direct] download link #4 [direct] download torrent link #5 [direct] SHA256: f3c57939cf1a9a98735a537bccd19f5517a8c26ab3b38f8acf855d1341618e6e Aslain's XVM ONLY v. #00 download link [direct] Aslain's Minipack for 9.23 CT #00 (zip version) download link [direct] You may use following tools to support modpack developement and efforts, posted them as requested by users: or donate: Changelog Conan Exiles Hosting
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    First if this is mentioned elsewhere apologies. Also Aslain I know you're not responsible for what's in other folks mods that you include in your pack. And I'm not suggesting you are, just passing along some info. And thanks for all you do on your site. Link to TAP's article, https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2018/02/20/wot-potential-security-breach/ Just ran into this myself - at least it seems. Couldn't update WoT and got the couldn't connect to update service. Soon after my AV blocked a suspicious connection to a similar IP listed in the article. May have been the same IP I know the first handful of numbers were. But I didn't write it down nor have I checked my AV history. Deleted my appdata for WoT and was able to update the game. Did this based on some comments in the TAP article even though I didn't see anything in there that looked suspicious. Also before I deleted the appdata folder I was getting partial pages on WoT forum that appeared to be from packet loss. Also couldn't connect to a few other sites. ISP speeds were fine, but to clarify I only checked speeds not packet loss, etc.. After I deleted the appdata everything seems fine - at least for now.
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    I saw this article. You must know that I check every mod before adding it to the modpack, and also checking it with network analyzer. If something will try to download a coin miner, I will probably know about it. Let me know if you find something suspicious and I will double-check it.
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    v9.22.0.1 #05 (18-02-2018): - akt. ikonek konturów: Ghostman101278 - akt. ikonek drzewka badań: Ghostman101278 - akt. Ikonki klanowe dla XVM - akt. dźwięków: The Second World War. Day after day - akt. PYmodsCore - dodano Zmieniacz kamuflażu (losowe kamo na wszystkich czołgach) [wersja beta] - dodano skórkę: FV4202 (RazerTeck) - przywrócono opcje do galęzi Elkano's Received Damage Announcer
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    That's the price of using custom contour icons on Players Panel. Don't use them and you are good. Or play with PP gear options, maybe it will fixes itself after few clicks.
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    Depends, if you're using full clan icon packs or just top clan icons from XVM.
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    v9.22.0.1 #03 (15-02-2018): - updated contour icons: Aslain, Grandorf, Corehorn, Witblitz, Qualan, XSerzHX, J1mbo [special update for ASIA client] - updated Premium tanks colored by gold (by Aslain) [special update for ASIA client] - updated Class colored icons (by Aslain) [special update for ASIA client] - updated Arty Log - added skins: Tiger II field modified (deh0mbre), Maus (deh0mbre), Löwe field modified (deh0mbre)
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    Try without Arty Log mod.
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    Haruna Line, the author of the current ARP skinpack, is no longer into modding, and said skinpack results in some texture glitches (i.e. white/missing textures) due to being out of date. It still works, but it's an eyesore to see those bleach white torpedo tubes and turrets (especially on Kongo). Seeing as the current skinpack is no longer updated properly, it'd be nice if someone were to make a new one, perhaps using some assets from the current one to create a more up-to-date pack.
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    Pomyślę o tym.
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    Oh, I will update it today.
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    Hi, How can I tell during chat that my shot is blocking by one of my alies? Thanks for reply.
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    It's been gone for like one day, relax, and let people update their mods first
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    Witam, jak to jest z tym "gównem", zazwyczaj gram ciężkimi i mam problem. Stoję sobie elegancko schowany za wzniesieniem w krzakach, aż tu z nikąd pojawia mi się żarówka że zostałem wykryty... no k***a!! mija 0.00000001 sec i każda artyleria jaka tylko jest trafia z 100% skutecznością NO JAKIM CUDEM ?! Dodam że po wykryciu ja nikogo nie widzę :/ jest to bardzo ale to bardzo denerwujące. Druga sytuacja.. Pozostaje 2x TD i jakaś schowana arta, napieram na wroga a tutaj ni żarówy ani żadnego ostrzeżenia a nagle jeb jeb jeb hity od TD lecą, no skoro mnie wykrył i strzela to czemu ja go ku**a nie widzę ? ta sama odległość on jest aktywny !!! i tak mnie zjedzie z 100% hp do zera. Wytłumaczy mi ktoś jak grać żeby nie znajdować się w tego typu sytuacjach w których wkurw sięga apogeum ?!
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    Dokładnie żeby później nie było że instalowałem tylko mody Aslain i dostałem bana - a mod ten i pochodne ZJ nie występują w paczce Aslain. Jak widać Aslain dokładnie wskazał na to iż ten mod jest całkowicie niedozwolony i nawet grając choć 1 grę teraz z tym modem w przyszłości może zostać nałożony ban na konto.
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    v9.22.0 #00 (07-02-2018): - compatibility with WoT 9.22.0 - updated XVM 7.4.0 - updated contour icons: Aslain, Grandorf, Corehorn, Witblitz, Qualan, XSerzHX, J1mbo [the rest of countour icons is outdated] - updated Premium tanks colored by gold (by Aslain) - updated Class colored icons (by Aslain) - updated Icons with better contrast (by TPblHbl4_78) - updated Camouflage colored icons (by TPblHbl4_78) - updated Compact horizontal tech-tree - updated PMOD 0.9.22 #31-0 - updated Battle Hits Viewer v1.2.0 - updated Radio WG.FM v3.2.6 - updated Replays Manager v3.2.6 - updated Battle Observer v1.12.1 - updated hitzones: KoreanRandom - updated SafeShot - updated Tank gun directions on minimap - updated Gun Constraints (gun traverse angle markers) - updated vxSettingsApi and modslistapi [used in various mod] - updated PYmodsCore used in few mods - updated sights script - updated white dead skins - updated Battle Stats - statistics of players in battle without XVM - updated WoT Tweaker Plus - updated anti-mirror files - updated crosshairs: Melty - updated Marks of Excellence Extended - updated language packs: RU, UA - updated Hangar Manager 'HangMan' v2.21.3 - updated session stats: TimeSpent - updated All Battle Results window mods (except for Ragnarocek which was removed for now) - added Auxilium: Enable auto-mounting of camouflage [! ATTENTION ! the mod will dismount camouflage, emblems and inscriptions from all tanks on first usage, then it learn user choices and will automaticaly equip them!] - removed mods: Johny_Bafak's Vertical Techtree, DEbranded's equipment & skill icons, YasenKrasen Text extension, Obj. 430 skins, all gun and engine sounds, Painted Rollers, region changer, Advanced tips for skills - more updates and fixes (if required) later today, keep tuned up
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    Seriously? A simulation of WWII ships, and they want to ban actual WWII flags?? Get real WG...
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    Be careful with this application, WG is banning for it in WoWs, I wouldn't be supriced if they do the same in WoT.
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    Patience, it's a weekend. Played 4 battles with the same mods like you have installed, on HT's and TD's, and cannot reproduce this problem. In logs you have big spam of errors, but I'm not sure why. Are you installing any extra mods from outside of the modpack? On which tanks, battle types and maps this problem occurs? Keep in mind you're installing Autoaim indication+ which is triggered by RMB, might be related.
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    W logach widnieje to: servicesActive=false xmqp=false statBattle=false Oznacza ze statystyki dla aktualnego uzytkownika konta gry nie zostaly aktywowane na stronie XVM.
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    You could "Manage exclusions" for the url. Or temporarily use the direct links instead.
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    v9.21.0.3 #09 (28-01-2018): - updated Marks of Excellence Extended v3.07 [few important fixes] - updated clan icons (for xvm) - added skin: S-51 with CamoNets (TheFalkonett)
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    Thank you so much Aslain. I had to move this mod down so it did not overlap the dmg/asst/spot panel above it. I first tried the alternate location for the dmg/asst/spot panel above the damage panel, but it interferes with the hitlogs. Please see attachments for preferred location. Thanks again!
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    Use http://www.patreon.com/Aslain or PayPal and donate as much as you can, the more the merrier
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    v9.21.0.3 #08 (24-01-2018): - added UI Scale option: 0.85 - added 6th sense icon and sound for XVM: Porg from Star Wars - added new skin: Caernarvon Mk. 2 'Bullpup' (Avalon) - added new mod: Pink Female Crewmans - added new mod: WWIIHWA Gun sounds - added Change default voices to male [by Elkano) - added crew voices Darkest Dungeon - updated session stats Tomonik [install it once without backup session stats cache file] - updated skin: Type 59 Gold (Avalon)
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    Musisz zrezygnowac z niektorych modow pewnie, np. tych co maja "ekspoint" w nazwie obok, czesto troche ucinaja fpsy. XVM tez troche zabiera. Ciezko doradzic, bo to wszystko indywidualna sprawa, badz czasem tez blad w jakims modzie ktory zaczyna zjadac fpsy...
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    v9.21.0.3 #07 (21-01-2018): - updated YasenKrasen session stats config - updated Battle Stats - statistics of players in battle without XVM - updated Show Team WN8 on the battle interface - added UI Scale option: 0.75 - added hangar: Victory Day, Wargaming Base, 23rd Febuary, the US Independence Day, Tankfest, Quiet Beach, Training Base
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    This is a general problem... Mist. Besser so. Dies ist ein generelles Problem in dem Spiel seitdem WG das Soundsystem umgestellt hat. Darum existieren auch nicht viele Soundradios als Mod. Sofern du diese Music unbedingt haben möchtest, würde ich empfehlen auf Aslain Two steps from Helll umzusteigen. Dort gibt es zwar, leider.... , keine Hangar Music dafür Spielt der rest aber einwandfrei. Ansonsten müsste man mal Versuchen den Mod Hersteller auf dieses Problem hinzuweisen. Falls dies Überhaupt möglich ist :-). Finde die Seite von Ihm leider gerade nicht, nur den Beitrag im Wot Forum
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    v9.21.0.3 #06 (19-01-2018): - updated Friendly arty aiming position - updated Marks of Excellence Extended v3.06 - updated Custom Damage Indicator: Extend the time of display to 14 secs - updated Extra Aim Info
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    New skins from Avalon are great. Thanks very much. I don't like clown or GF skins, so being able to replace them with normal paintwork looks great. (if I was being picky, I'd ask for normal camo skins for M4190 and Skorp G, but that would just be icing on the cake )
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    v9.21.0.3 #03 (13-01-2018): - added Login Screens 'Steel Beasts' (by Robert Kowalczyk) - updated Login Screens: LegendaryStoner, fr_Jagdmeister - updated SpotMessenger - updated crosshair: Melty - removed Hawg's Login Screens, AutoQuest
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    v9.21.0.3 #02 (12-01-2018): - critical fix for crashing with Milkym4n skins : T-90A, T-62A - updated Johny_Bafak's Vertical Techtree - updated all PL crew sounds by Automatyk
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    v9.21.0.2 #13 (08-01-2018): - removed tank skin: Gharros [stopped to work due to WG changes] - updated The Second World War. Day after day [both guns and engine sounds] - updated XVM OTM config: KAPb14 - updated installer tranlsations: HU, DE, CZ - added Painted Rollers - added external application: WoT Servers Pinger (WSPinger) - added Duke Sound crew voices [german]
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    v9.21.0.2 #12 (06-01-2018): - moved both Pz. I C skins to own branch - fixed Johny_Bafak's Vertical Techtree for polish client [thx goofy67 for fix] - added 3 tank skins by TheFalkonett
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    v.6.15.1 #00 (27-12-2017): - compatibility with WoWs 6.15.1 - updated Pan-Asian flag replaced with Taiwan flag - updated clan icons - updated mxstat v63 - updated camera mods - updated Matchmaking Monitor v1.1.0.3 - updated Side Panels by AutoSpy - updated contour icons: Aslain, Hakabase - added contour icons DeceasedDaisy - removed temporary Ship Name Romanization, added flag mods by MajorRenegade, Kancolle UI by garfield001, contour icons MajorRenegade
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    HI everyone. I just installed this pack but it says it cant find the exe. I do have the game installed with Steam. is that the problem? should i un-install it and install the game with out steam?
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    I'm a moron, huh?... You said you didn't select anything... which is why you are getting the reserved names. You need to select the proper option.. as Aslain also told you.. Did you post logs? Nope. Did you do as you were told? Nope. Did you attack those that help out in the forums? Yup. Trash like you needs to get banned.
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    v3.7.13 (29-07-2014): - fixed downloading & installing of lgfrbcsgo's Improved Lighting Mod v1.3 - fixed config not loading when trying to install hp bars on players panel with default icons selected - added missing fonts to the installer - updated Permanent Channels v1.3.0 by Pleiadi - updated Team HP Pool Bar v91b by Locastan
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    v3.7.12 (25-07-2014): - updated Gnome's gun sounds v1.9421 (DLC)
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    v3.7.11 (23-07-2014): - added King Julien (Madagascar) (Polish lang) crew voices to DLC - added Julie Voice Pack to DLC - fixed an issue where the installer would become unusable if moved before the components page