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    what an unpleasant person..... Aslain is trying his best, working hard all day round to solve this problem which wasn't caused by him and you just blame him? try being grateful for Aslains work..... ./blacklist chump25
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    Tha mod was updated to WoT, but by different author, and that new author has added a malware/adware code to it, so I cannot add it for now.
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    v1.0.2.1 #06 (17-06-2018): - added contour icons: PogS - updated XVM 7.6.4-dev [8444] - update Advanced Techtree - updated Marks of Excellence Extended v5.01 (has 3 styles now) - updated Hawg's Consumable, Shell & Equipment Informer - removed scriptloader pro
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    v1.0.2 #02 (13-06-2018): - updated XVM 7.6.4-dev [8431] - updated session stats: YasenKrasen, TimeSpent - updated Auxilium - added Change client language: PL - added contour icons: Jackhammer (Patejl352), Man1aq (wojtus11) - removed Crew Skill Informer, Account Manager

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