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    I am helpful and answer questions all day long including the same questions over and over again. In fact.. the problem you encountered was already reported and answered. I was only condescending to you when you put your snide comment of: And: You can look at my community rating and your community rating to figure out who is more helpful in these forums. I try to answer questions without expecting someone to be a computer wizard because I don't know their knowledge level. If you feel demeaned, sorry about that. You came to a community site, dropped a one liner description of a problem, then didn't share your fix until prompted. That is not how community supported software development works.
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    Mods using hud_lib are marked in the installer, also the full packages section is marked that may cause conflicts. This is not my fault that WoWs modding is like this, blame WG and modders why they did make their mods like this.
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    So given the new fixes "Nerfs" to Arty in the game. What do people want to see them do to fix this issue. Me personally id like them to stop messing with Arty and just limit it to 2 per random and unless its t10 make say tr 8 arty always be in tr 7 to 9 games and so on. Personally i'm not an arty player. I cant stand playing arty. But I also love to see them in games but do get pissed when you have 3 or 4 in 1 game and you get focused. Its a bitch but then again so is life and its just a game. I actually go out of my way to pm arty players if they have a good game. I miss enemy chat as I loved saying nice kill streak to them or bloody nice shot well played (I don't ever rage at my own team or enemy I don't see the point) So views and onions under here V Glad I wasnt in that tank V V V V V V V V V