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    Hello everyone, I will be translating from English to Croatian. I started today, at the moment i don't know how long it will take. I will keep you all updated, I think it shouldn't take long, as i have a lot of free time. Wish me luck. UPDATE: And here is the croatian language, done from the beginning i hope nothing is missing i checked it. hr_translation.4.2.56..rar
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    Hey everyone. Just got the voices completed and uploaded. Not sure which forum section to share these or where submit to Aslain for modpack, so I'll just put the download links here. Mod Information: World of Warships Arpeggio Voice Pack Fixed voices to be compatible with, 0.6.7.x and up Voices included: Ashigara, Captain Gunzou, Haguro, Haruna, Hiei, Iona, Kirishima (based on Kirishima Bear), Kongou, Myoko, Nachi, and Takao Download Links: - Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B0S2UsTOng0gZEt1Tjd1MVFSeFU?usp=sharing - MediaFire: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/160ssi01bdm9m/ARP_Voice_Pack I uploaded both .zip and .7z copies. The .7z is a smaller download, but you need the 7-zip (free) program to unzip it. The .zip version is a bigger download, but can be unzipped from Windows or Mac directly.
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    I got #13 to download. In middle of download got the Micosoft warning, let download to finish and used task manager to escape. These errors are caused from Micosoft's page filter. These are caused from websites trying to access computers. Just letting you know. I have never caught a virus from dealing with your process for two years. That is why I keep using and donating to your website. thanks
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    usually you get the default logo if your logo name is not the same as the clan name, but since it worked before your saying it still maybe something to check
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    Hello guys Here is the PT file. WoT_pt_translation_9.19.0.2_07.ini Cheers, LRD
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    v9.19.0.2 #12 (25-06-2017): - updated XVM to nightly 7682 - updated OTM config by Aslain
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    I too have an issue with the damage of each ship not appearing, only total damage.
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    v9.19.0.2 #11 (24-06-2017): - updated XVM to nightly 7680 - updated Painted Rollers - updated XVM's OTM with thick HP bars by Aslain - added player names option to thick OTM with HP bars by Aslain - added Star Wars Music Mod - replaced Two Steps From Hell music with my version [for 9.19]
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    Twórcy xvm nie zaimplementowali jeszcze do gry nowych wartości tabeli dla czołgów tj V30, Stąd nadal w grze są pokazywane wartości stare tj. V29. Pisaliśmy już w tej sprawie na Anglojęzycznej wersji forum XVM czyli tutaj https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/39457-my-wn8-does-not-update/ Niestety żaden z ruskich cymbałów od XVM nie ma ochoty udzielić informacji kiedy zostanie to zmienione. Można Jeszcze poprosić Aslaina , gdyż Jego osoba jest poważana racji Bycia Twórca największej paczki modów do wota i może Jemu zostaną udzielone informacje kiedy zostanie dodana nowa baza danych XVM do gry z nowym wartościami . Bo Ruskie małpy zwykłych graczy z Serwera EU jak widać w temacie podlinkowanym prze zemnie na forum mają w dupie . Wiec Kolego nie tylko tobie źle pokazują się wartości WN8 lecz wszystkim graczom.Czołgiem
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    Yes it does, but it doesn't cripple the game, the only change is in one script that is loading external .pyc from res_mods. This is this script: copy_reg.pyc When you feels like to get original scripts.zip, you simply launch integrity check via game launcher and it will download you that file (around 30MB). However mentioned mods will stop to work.
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    The installer works perfectly for most. I think it may be your anti virus. Have you tried installing with the anti virus disabled? Even though the AV never interfered before, something could have changed in its definitions to cause it to block something in the installation process. Just an idea.
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    I need to hear Nachi's voice in my seafarer carreer, but I don't have ARP Nachi in my dock, and the old mod that I have doesn't work anymore. Someone please redo the mod so I can be a happy sailor. Thanks for reading