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    Hello, in older Versions there was a combined Japanese / German Flag Mod. Now there is only the Japanese Navy Flag Mod I there a chance to get back the German Navy Flag Mod ? Thanks ! Best Regards T_L_A_B
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    v9.22.0.1 #05 (18-02-2018): - akt. ikonek konturów: Ghostman101278 - akt. ikonek drzewka badań: Ghostman101278 - akt. Ikonki klanowe dla XVM - akt. dźwięków: The Second World War. Day after day - akt. PYmodsCore - dodano Zmieniacz kamuflażu (losowe kamo na wszystkich czołgach) [wersja beta] - dodano skórkę: FV4202 (RazerTeck) - przywrócono opcje do galęzi Elkano's Received Damage Announcer
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    It doesn't just look unfinished, it is. It's hard to implement it in an installer, since I update it pretty much daily. Solo did it by making a seperate installer for it. ETA when it's finished, is probably one year or so. Who knows. And if I don't have an answer for that, who should?
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    v9.22.0.1 #04 (16-02-2018): - updated contour icons: Contrabass - updated More visible minimap coordinates - updated InBattle WN8/EFF Calculator [ProTanki] - updated PYmodsCore - tuned elements position for Aslain's OTM 2nd line over HP bar + Player's position on the list: default
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    That's the price of using custom contour icons on Players Panel. Don't use them and you are good. Or play with PP gear options, maybe it will fixes itself after few clicks.
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    Depends, if you're using full clan icon packs or just top clan icons from XVM.
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    v9.22.0.1 #03 (15-02-2018): - updated contour icons: Aslain, Grandorf, Corehorn, Witblitz, Qualan, XSerzHX, J1mbo [special update for ASIA client] - updated Premium tanks colored by gold (by Aslain) [special update for ASIA client] - updated Class colored icons (by Aslain) [special update for ASIA client] - updated Arty Log - added skins: Tiger II field modified (deh0mbre), Maus (deh0mbre), Löwe field modified (deh0mbre)
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    by any chance are you using the numpad0 key for sniper mode? if so reassign it to numpad9 thats what i have to do or it keeps going away and coming back when ever i switch views
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    Still curious if there is any chance a separate version of the mod-pack which includes the removed content could be published as long as it is exclusive to this website. Don't see why WG would have a problem with it as long as the existence of such a mod-pack were not linked to or advertised on WG hosted sites.