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    Aslain.com is powered by ...support us today and get a professional Quality game server from BlackBoxServers.net Downloads for World of Tanks Aslain's WoT ModPack v9.19.1.2 #03 (~115 MB) - download link #1 [direct] - download link #2 [direct] - download link #3 [direct] - download link #4 (torrent) [direct] Important download guide: http://i.imgur.com/odkwHUc.png SHA256: 740b11955be4ee37174187f12789ffd0e672af1aa29e627ce6c7f58b1b36b6f7 XVM config by Aslain v9.19.1.2 #01 (.zip, my XVM config only 15 MB) You may use following tools to support modpack developement and efforts, posted them as requested by users: or donate: Changelog
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    v3.7.11 (23-07-2014): - added King Julien (Madagascar) (Polish lang) crew voices to DLC - added Julie Voice Pack to DLC - fixed an issue where the installer would become unusable if moved before the components page
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    v3.7.12 (25-07-2014): - updated Gnome's gun sounds v1.9421 (DLC)
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    v0.1.1 (02-05-2015): - updated Aslain's contour icons for - updated MajorRenegade's contour icons for - updated MLP Flags by MajorRenegade for - marked Hootorez's contour icons as old due the fact he stopped supporting his mods
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    ZGŁASZANIE BŁĘDÓW: Najwięcej problemów instalacji powodują antywirusy, upewnij się że go wyłączyłeś na czas instalowania modów, ew. dodaj modpack do białej listy. Aby zgłosić błąd lub problem należy utworzyć w tym dziale nowy temat: - w którym należy opisać swój problem jak najdokładniej - napisać jak często występuje, w jakich typach bitew, i na jakim czołgu i mapie - Uruchom specjalną aplikację: >> Aslains_WoT_Logs_Archiver.exe << (znajduje się we folderze z grą), utworzy ona plik z logami Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip, załącz ten plik do swojego tematu z problemem, jest to pozycja obowiązkowa !!! Nie potrzeba mi innych logów, tylko ten jeden konkretny plik zip ! Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip tworzony jest w katalogu z grą, pod nazwą Aslains_Modpack - w miare możliwości załączyć też obrazki z gry, przedstawiające problem Uwaga! Zgłoszenia ograniczające się do "Po zainstalowaniu modpacka gra nie działa", albo "XVM nie działa", albo "twój mod nie działa od czasu ostatniej aktualizacji" są niepoprawne i nie będa w brane pod uwage, gdyż nie zawierają wymaganych informacji. Bez załączonych plików logów nie będę w stanie sprawnie sprawdzić problemu, i szansa na uzyskanie pomocy obniży się ekspotencjonalnie. Jeśli problem został rozwiązany prosze o tym napisać, dodając info co pomogło należy założyć nowy temat, a nie klikać na guzik moderatora do zgłaszania niepoprawnych postów. Dziękuję z góry za poprawnie zgłoszone problemy.
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    You can delete everything to make sure it's not a problem, but keep in mind you will lose all WoT settings and keybindings. You may also want to uncheck "Backup garage menu button settings" in case they are corrupted, but deleting everything in appdata WG... will lead to the same effect.
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    In appdata you have these:
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    Selecting the clean installation at the end, deletes all mod files, and then installs what it has selected + the mods you have in custom mods folder + everything in DLC cache, if you didn't opt to delete DLC cache in the installer. You shouldn't need to manually delete things before doing a new setup
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    Best thing to do instead of a bunch of screenshots of the installer and it's options, is just complete the installation, and create a new set of logs, which will then have the new selections for much easier testing
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    Here is link for DL. (more than 200MB) https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0B_-4o1zJzRXKTXhKcEthZWtCdXc I have used just voice and BGM. not reload sound and ETC.. But, voice and BGM has abailable in Thank you for request my opinion and Thank you for adding sabaton's voice lastest mods.
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    Probably have some program on your computer blocking that script from connecting to the internet. Did you check the file it says? And missing logs to the post... please attach.
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    Why to uninstall whole modpack, try to reduce mods amount, start with those for garage/hangar.
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    v9.19.1.2 #03 (18-08-2017): - updated contour icons: DEbranded, corecroft27, Jackhammer/Tomsa - updated session stats TimeSpent - updated Gnomefather's Historical Realism Gun Sounds (by Zorgane) - updated Milkym4n skins: FV4202 Battle-Hardened Remodel - added Milkym4n skins: T34 Heavy - added Change default voices to Sabaton - added option to XVM OTM by Aslain: Position - Display in Clan Wars only
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    Golden_Legend,jeżeli pobrałeś i zainstalowałeś "WARGAMING NET GAME CENTER"-w nim tkwi problem.Miałem to samo-modpack nie widział pliku gry.Po odinstalowaniu i niestety ponownej instalce gry(wielkość ostatniego patcha+odbudowa logów),paczka zadziałała.WG informowało o blokowaniu modów,więc Game Center po to został stworzony,z info na stronie "niedługo" zastąpi on Lunchery z WoT-a,WoWs-a itp.
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    I still need to see logs, info in my signature. Looks like camo manager is bugged, I will check if there is updated version. As of that problem with missing elements in hangar, I think it was a WG bug, but still need logs to check it out.
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    Modders usually make new compatible mods when final version of game is released, so using old mods on the CT will usually end up with problems. That's why I don't create modpack for CT, it has no point with such drill.
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    You should be able to click activate services, and then login to World of Tanks on your laptop, and it should register that for XVM, and work fine from then on... Otherwise I am not sure what could block part of XVM... it seems weird. Just in case, please attach log files as described in the link in my signature
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    When you switch between computers, do you keep reactivating on the modxvm website? Since I'm pretty sure it's locked to the computer that last logs into World of Tanks afterwards.
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    Did you enable XMQP on the modxvm.com website? And when you activate it/renew it, it needs to be when your game is NOT running.
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    You're on ASIA servers. Download the modpack from the proper link. You downloaded the wrong one (You downloaded the one for Look on the download page here on the forum once more... read the lines, and then click "Reveal hidden contents", and get the one that is intended for
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    I will see about it. There was a reason I removed it, it over-complicates that field and it's already crowded there.
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    It may be possible that Aslain's modpack already includes a fix for this... doesn't he have a Res_Mods folder-renaming routine built in? I'll wait and see what happens next week, and fix it if necessary.
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    Alright, my isp made some changes, I made some changes, things have changed. Most of my isps are now getting a much more stable connection towards the DLC server. How is it looking over there?
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    Check your antivir or something like this, a lot of batch scripts failed durring the installation. Something on your PC blocked them, hence your issues.
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    Did you select proper option for mirroring in the modpack? Hard to tell without logs, as always required when posting a bug report. If it's a Ranked Battle-thingie, it's not fixed in XVM.
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    yup its why i loved the black screen. nowadays running a 9 series i dont mind too much. apart from crappy internet still managing ultra mode and massive fps.
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    i have problem with this : Error: ScriptLoader PRO v1.22: Error by executing script(s): mod_calculator_rankings_battle.pyc Check Python Logfile for detailed Informations [ D:/World_of_Tanks/Python.log ] how can i fix it? Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip