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    Remember guys and gals, Aslain is working hard at keeping the updates coming in as fast as he humanly can. At times he takes things out because the people who made the small mod haven't updated yet for new patch. If you are having issues, please report it to: http://aslain.com/index.php?/forum/11-issues-bug-reporting/ and try to include a pic if you can as it often helps. (remember the first few mod pack updates come very fast as tweaks and changes are made and Aslain will be working tirelessly to get all your favorite mods back up and running as soon as possible) you can support Aslain from as little as 5€ via pay-pal on main home page or via patreon https://www.patreon.com/Aslain/posts Keep up the amazing work Aslain and we know you are working hard to improve the look and feel of the game for us and its very much appreciated.
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    You should be able to just get contours, and select the non-XVM option in the same section. Then you'll have contour icons (instead of the boring grey ones) and whatever else you select, without XVM, if you don't want that
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    v6.1.1 #04 (19-02-2017): - added Malaysian installer translation by Pray_For_MH370 - added Shrinked ribbons - added Sea Shepherd flags - moved Ribbons to center to the ribbons branch - optimized installation method
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    I wanted but encountered some problems. Will try again.
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    Aslain.com is powered by ...support us today and get a professional Quality game server from BlackBoxServers.net Downloads for World of Tanks Aslain's WoT ModPack v9.17.1 #04 (~105 MB) - eu mirror #1 [direct] - eu mirror #2 [direct] - usa mirror #1 [direct] - usa mirror #2 [direct] - torrent [direct] (mirror regions doesn't matter, all links leads to the same modpack) SHA256: aa0edff9cbbcc7ebd820ef7d3348be1bb0c77ea1d89e84476f0d71ef7a9de33f XVM config by Aslain v9.17.1 #00 (my contour icons + my XVM config, 11 MB) Required fonts (in case you need them separately) => download You may use following tools to support modpack developement and efforts, posted them as requested by users: or donate: Changelog Conan Exiles Hosting
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    This is PMOD bug, I will correct it, like I said on chatbox, thought they fixed it already....
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    Dodatkowo znalazlem 2 mody ktore powoduja zawieszki: Lśniący metal Pomalowane Rolki
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    v9.17.1 #03 (24-02-2017): - updated Session Stats 'Time Spent' by ShuraBB - updated crosshairs: Octagon, Standard+, Damocles, Protanki, Overcross - updated contour icons: Panzerschiffer - added gun sounds: WoT BETA Sound Mod (Guns & hits from WoT 0.6.7) - added polish crew voices: Four tank-men and a dog, Pingwiny & Przyjaciele, Madagascar - King Julien, Kapitan Bomba i Blok Ekipa (by Automatyk) - added Custom shell, consumable, module icons and more (by willow2000) - fixed unwanted zoom out when installing PMOD - removed the rest of greyed out crosshairs that are outdated
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    You are installing according to logs: Crosshairs crosshair: Standard+
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    Instalujesz celownik marsoff, wybierz taki ktory nie jest szary,
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    When a battle starts, everything is still fine during the countdown. After the count down the fps drop and the lag increases dramatically. After 1 minute the game has become unplayable. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
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    Jest nowa paczka #02, polecam tam sprawdzic.
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    Jest nowa paczka #02, polecam tam sprawdzic.
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    samething, crosshair is at the top left corner Edit: changed crosshair to different one, default one were a jimbos
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    Mods in 9.17.1 can be in "mods" or "res_mods" folder - depends on how they're packed by the mod authors. Mods in 9.17.0.x was only in "res_mods" folder. Hope that helps?
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    Define last version? 9.17.0.x? 9.17.1 is the version where "mods" folder was introduced.
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    With the modpack installer, there's nothing to worry about. If you're doing things manually, you can see from the zip files folder structure where things should be.
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    The "mods" folder is a new mod location that Wargaming is introducing. The "res_mods" folder is still used as well. And I bet there will be mod conflicts, if you have the same in both folders. Hehe.
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    I nie będą działać, gdyż z loga wynika: YasenKrasen Session Statistics (http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/583433-) A wersja wota to A czyściłeś cache modów, które są w katalogu ASLAIN_DLC_CACHE ???? Do tego pełno errorów masz... Więc nie dziw się, że nie działa. Jednemu będzie działać innemu nie. Więc masz 2 wyjscia: 1. grać bez modów 2. czekać około 1tyg. na wypuszczenie przez autorów zmodyfikowanych wersji, dostosowanych do najnowszej wersji wot-a.
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    Aslain knows about the issue, and is working on fixing that, and other things Not sure what you can do for now.. try going into the APPDATA folder it shows - and delete the modsettings.dat file, if it's already present, and then hit Retry.
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    YasenKrasen is not updated yet.
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    Victory %(arenaName)s %(fortBuilding)s %(vehicleNames)s Experience received:%(xp)s %(xpEx)s Credits earned %(credits)s %(creditsEx)s%(club)s%(fortResource)s%(achieves)s%(lock)s%(quests)s Repairs: -5 746 Ammunition: -17 475 Consumables: -3 000 Total: 50 036 WN8: 2 296 (79) and all croshairs crash the settings, not usable
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    session stats: YasenKrasen
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    update: skins dont' seem to be installed in the resmods but in wrong folder. Update: seems that skins aren't in the 9.17.1 folder but in another folder in resmods is this correct?? after setting to WG crosshairs i played for about 5 minutes then crashed. restarting the game and it crashes.. can't get back into the game can't even try log in. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
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    Potwierdzam mam to samo co Kolega
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    zaraz namnoży się tematów o tym samym poczekajmy na Aslaina. ma posty. ma logi. ma magiczne ręce
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    narazie to Ty wstawiasz kolejne tematy BEZ LOGÓW. BEZ SCREENÓW. tylko płacz i narzekanie. naucz się kolego zgłaszać problemy .. naucz się czytać. bo problemem jesteś TY. wystarczy uninstall Modpacka i gra działa bez problemów. 2gi temat od Ciebie. drugi bez jakichkolwiek informacji poza Twoim płaczem.
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    v9.17.1 #00 (23-02-2017): - compatibility with WoT 9.17.1 - updated XVM to 6.5.5 - updated contour icons: Aslain, Grandorf, Qualan, Corehorn, corecroft27, Riskynet's (by colt87), GolKosh, Tomsa, Webium, Wizards (by yaya070) - updated Aslain's Gold Premium Tanks & Colored Tech-Tree and Vehicle list icons - updated Battle Observer #07 - updated PMOD #24-4 - updated WoT Tweaker Plus - updated crosshair: Strike, Hardscope, Deegie (spg), Destroyer - updated crosshairs script - updated Multi Hit Log - InBattle WN8, EFF, Damage - updated Aslain's XVM config to reflect recent changes in XVM - updated No Fog + Max Far Plane by AtotIK - updated anti-mirror files for contour icons - updated Compact horizontal tech-tree - updated Johny_Bafak's Vertical Techtree - updated 15m circle mod - updated Direction indicator to closest enemy - updated Vehicle Exp Extended - updated hitzones by KoreanRandom - updated Advanced tips for skills [PL] - updated Change client messages to Polish language - updated AutoAim Indication+ (legit version) - updated White Dead Skins and White Dead Tracks - updated Account Manager - updated Crew Skill Informer - updated SpotMessanger - updated session stats: Tomonik - removed Personal Missions Helper - removed hitzones by goharu, by Aesthete - removed minimap images from WoT 9.17.1 CT - removed Custom shell, consumable, module icons and more by willow2000, ArasGrandpa - removed IGR Tech ("BatCave") - removed Camo Selector - removed Tank Lights - removed Skins & remodels package from Milkym4n - removed utannouncer - removed Replays Manager - removed Radial Menu - removed Colored chat messages - removed Camouflage colored icons (by steaxch) - removed Icons with better contrast on Tech-Tree (by steaxch) - removed Class colored icons (by Ghostman101278) - removed vBAddict's ATS and BRR mods - removed Hangar Armor Inspector - removed gun sounds mods and crew sounds - removed GTO's Hitmarker - removed Hitlog Announcer - removed AntiToxicity (chat filter etc.) - note: the Remove old mods will now clean up mods folder as well - note: greyed out mods are outdated - note: removed mods might be back when their authors update them - note: expect more updates in short time, this is just first of them
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    Hi, All mods in modpack are legal, also Fair Play rules are global, doesn't matter EU, NA etc. You can install Zoom out from the modpack and leave the rest.
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    We have 9.17.1 now, do you have icons updated to it? edit: nevermind, I see you have 9.17.1 folder there, so you probably talking about it, I will update your topic to latest version, remember about it
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    Jak w trybie bezpiecznym masz to samo, to sugeruje ze masz uszkodzonego klienta gry. Sprawdzanie integralnosci w WoT (w przeciwienstwie do WoWs) nie potrafi naprawic wszystkiego, dlatego po za reinstalacja gry pozostaje jeszcze jeden trick - zmien jezyk klienta na angielski, odpal gre i zobacz jak tam masz, potem znow wyjdz z gry i zmien na polski.
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    v6.1.1 #06 (21-02-2017): - refactored Player's Panel branch [including small fix to Top Panel] - added Custom Battle Loading Screen - added Matchmaking Monitor [external application] (by Jammin411) - fixed english installer translation - optimized method for running external apps
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    v9.17.0.3 #21 (20-02-2017): - fixed installation of custom spg crosshair Deegie - added option: OTM Player's position on the list [with 2 sub-options]
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    Currenty it works like that in my modpack: When you are installing badobest v2 you are getting original badobest v2 When you are installing badobest v2 + any contour icons, you are getting badobest v2 + hakabase edit of team_structure.xml (Haka gave it to me) What was 5 months ago is ancient times, this is WoWs where mods changing very often.
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    Updated Italian WoWS translation for #05 WoWs_it_translation_v6.1.1_05.ini
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    Unfortunately I don't update clan icons manualy, I download them in huge batch of thousands icons. Maybe one day I will update them all again, currently there is a problem with icons downloading script.
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    Does your friend use triple monitor setup? He selected: Dreifach Bildschirm UI Tweak [lese Mod Beschreibung!] Which moves a lot of things off screen, if you're running one monitor. Since it adjusts for the following resolution: 5670x1080
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    o/ Finish it, enjoy your modpack Malaysian and Indonesian players. Hoping it can help a bit. WoWs_my_translation.ini readme_WOWS_my.rtf
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    \World_of_Tanks\res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain\battleLabelsTemplates.xc szukasz "totalEfficiency" polecam dać takie wartości: "updateEvent": "PY(ON_TOTAL_EFFICIENCY), ON_PANEL_MODE_CHANGED", "x": "{{pp.mode=0?110|{{py:math.sum({{pp.widthLeft}},130)}}}}", "y": "{{pp.mode=0?65|40}}", "screenVAlign": "top", będzie się dostosowywało samo do szerokości panelu z graczami ewentualnie jak chcesz poprzesuwać jeszcze to zmieniasz w x to 130 w y to 40 jak nie chcesz dostosowywania to np "x": "130", "y": "40", "screenVAlign": "top", Mam nadzieję że pomogłem
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    Italian WoWS translation for #03 WoWs_it_translation_v6.1.1_03.ini
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    Updated German WoW translation WoWs_de_translation_v6.1.1_03.zip
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    It will be back when I find it working again, this is the case of all removed mods actualy
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    Remember in WoWarcraft you could 1, make your chat area smaller & 2, also move/adjust some things on the screen (curse mod). That would b cool.
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    v3.7.11 (23-07-2014): - dodano odgłosy załogi - Król Julian (z bajki Madagaskar) (Język polski) do DLC - dodano odgłosy załogi - Julie Voice Pack do DLC - naprawiono błąd w którym instalator zacinał się jeśli ruszało się jego oknem przed wyborem komponentów