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    Description A set of contour icons with differential layout one for the “Side Panel”, another, a little smaller and less intrusive for the “Over Target Marker” and the last, very simple without text for the “Gui” Interface. Attention!! This pack contains only icons… All the OTM configuration displayed in the images are form the Aslain’s WoT ModPack. Installation Guide Download from: https://wgmods.net/2150/ or WoT_1.2.0.2_LegionLost_ContourIcons_v4.2.7.zip Unpack the compressed file on your “World_Of_Tanks” directory maintaining the directory structure inside the pack. The folder “res_mods” MUST be copied over the “res_mods” folder inside your “World_Of_Tanks” install directory.
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    something in the mods I've been using is crashing my entire computer when I play artillery I could join a match and after that I may be able to fire a shot before it crashes I may be able to play half the match but it crashes my computer I only play the M44 and M40/43 and I contacted Nigel Smith who helped me troubleshoot and discovered that mod less it's fine so he directed me to post my errors here and to clarify World of Tanks was freshly installed less than 2 week ago after I upgraded my computers CPU my computers Ram and added a new SSD to my computer Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
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    Fixed... Sorry, I have made some stupid mistake with the file versioning... in the meantime waiting for a new version of Aslain Pack you can download the mod from this link
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    weird, i'm going to fix it...
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    It's a first version. I can bet that in future more options will appear, like making it more visible.
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    Hello There! I am the creator of the Crook's World Modpack, and I wished to create this thread for anyone who has issues with my modpack, if you find skins which appear broken or missing, please let me know so I can fix it! My modpack contains over 300 ships skins which I have created, and it can be difficult sometimes for me to notice when things go awry for ships or specific parts of ships, so this would help me greatly. Note that I cannot garantee the latest ships added to the game will be skinned, I work everyday on skinning and I can sometimes barely manage to keep up with WG's production speed. Especially when new battleships and aircraft carriers are added, those take especially long time to skin for my level of quality. I will update/edit this thread every patch to list the ships that are not skinned, and their priority order that they are getting skinned. As to make it clear to you which ships simply don't have a skin yet. (versus ships that may be bugged on their missing skins) As for the version of my modpack (compatible with the ships not skinned yet, and the order they are getting skinned are: -Lazo -Jutland -Daring -Jean Bart -Dreadnought -Vangaurd -Bourgogne -Alaska -Wichita -Irian* Irian does not currently have her own skin, she is using Mikhail Kutuzov's skin and model. I expect WG to update this when the ship is closer to being ready for release)
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    Z dzisiejszej paczki ktora pojawi sie niedlugo: - akt. Licznik WN8/EFF w bitwie [ProTanki] (naprawiono lagi) - dodano nowy mod: Statystyki w bitwie (od RaJCeL'a) [w Hitlogi nieoparte na XVM]
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    Posted it in the chat, will repeat here as well: Two days without lags after i did two things: Removed "Inbattle WN8 calculator" Cleaned Nvidia shaders cache by disabling and re-enabling this feature via Nvidia control panel. Also the second action possibly eliminated the issue with transparent terrrain that i periodically had.
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    Hey there... been gone out of town, family health problems, all is OK... Final report is that after deleting all mods and adding back some of my most favorite, this problem has not came back... have added a couple at a time and all is well... an unrelated issue I have always had is the I can not get any of the angled line sights to work... there are several that I have tried, but none has ever displayed correctly, I even thought it might be the game setting of sights, so I have switched to both types and still nothing displays like I would like. there is one that is called "spider" that i would like to use, but so far nothing... I will keep trying... again, thank you so much for all your help... another donation is in order.... best regards...
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    They will unlikely come back, I dont know if protanki still creating own mod, but pavel3333 version (trial and full paid version) contains adware and I will not add it for sure.

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