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    Ok, no nic, zrobienie takiego moda muzycznego to calkiem duze wyzwanie, takze powodzenia
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    USSExpressionsLoader.xml looks fine. So I suppose that file can be ruled out as being the culprit. I would look into the whole "taking ownership"-deal, that's not supposed to be happening, from my own experience. Once Aslain wakes up, maybe he can see something else in your log files, that might help out as well.
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    It may happen when you try the other modpacks, many of them are forcing XVM fonts installation and you end up with conflicts.
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    One post is enough Your other one is just 3 above this one.
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    I may re-add this mod again, when the author clean up the mod out of bugs and obsolete paths.
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    I got a response on Reddit... By selecting "Reset Skills" for gold, you can see how many skills you can reset; it will be one less than their current skill-set... just be very careful to not confirm the reset (unless you're ready to do so).
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    The DLC server is down, probably for 2-3h