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  1. Your logs are incomplete, probably because installation was not finished. It's some local problem. So look in your pc, antivir or similar software this is where I would start.
  2. tv.protanki.sights error

    I need logs to check this.
  3. Torpedobeats/Eurobeats

    Yes. When modders find out how to do it
  4. v.6.13.1 #07 (21-11-2017): - updated clan icons - updated port: Storm on The Ocean, Yokosuka, Black Sea Anniversary (GoldPile) - updated HelpMe - added port: New York Independence Day (GoldPile) - added Port interface in navy blue color - fixed compass element shapes v3,v4,v5 - fixed Cyclone tier in the Extented Tech-Tree mod
  5. v.6.13.1 #07 (21-11-2017): - akt. ikonek klanowych - akt. portu: Sztorm na oceanie, Yokosuka, Black Sea Anniversary - akt. HelpMe - dodano Interfejs portu w kolorze niebieskim - dodano port: Nowy Jork Dzień Niepodległości (GoldPile) - naprawiono Wygląd kompasu v3,v4,v5 - naprawiono tier Cyclone w Rozszerzonym Drzewku Badań
  6. Blocked Intrusion

    So I've got good and bad news. The good is that ekspoint mods I updated today aren't trying to access his ad website and stealthy download bunch of unwanted stuff (ads and their scripts) while you are in a hangar. The bad news is that he's not intending to stop adding that ad stuff to his mods, so his upcoming updates will be most likely packed up with hidden connections to ad website.
  7. v9.20.1.3 #05 (20-11-2017): - akt. Hangman v2.20 - akt. celownika J1mbo (by Grabaah) - akt. Ikonki klanowe dla XVM - akt. modów ekspointa - akt. Obrazy minimapki z WoT 9.15 (stare) - dodano Obrazy minimapki w HD - dodano nowy mod: Czas lotu pocisku arty - zamieniono Safe Shot Extended na wersję od innego autora
  8. v9.20.1.3 #05 (20-11-2017): - updated Hangman v2.20 - updated crosshair J1mbo (by Grabaah) - updated XVM's clan icons addon - updated all ekspoint mods - updated minimap images from WoT 9.15 (the old ones) - added HD minimap images - added new mod Easy Fly Time (for arty only) - replaces Safe Shot Extended to different author version
  9. Fonts from Webium

    Are you talking about contour icons? My icons already have some strong shadow. Webium version is too drastic to me, but is also available in the modpack (1 style).
  10. Played 2 battles with same mods like you without any problems. Try to reinstall the modpack.
  11. ExtraAimInfo problem

    He said he will check it.
  12. U mnie w modpacku jest na to opcja w dziale od XVM.
  13. Add clan icon

    I can't, I need clan tag.
  14. I wasn't able reproduce it using same mods. Maybe it depends on tank you play. Try to play without sound mod you selected.