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  1. v1.0.2.2 #07 (15-07-2018): - akt. XVM-7.6.8: * naprawiono kompatybilność z MacOS * naprawiono kompatybilność z Windows XP * naprawiono kompatybilność z Wargaming Error Monitor * usprawniono crashfixa #2
  2. v1.0.2.2 #07 (15-07-2018): - updated XVM-7.6.8: * fixed compatibility with MacOS * fixed compatibility with Windows XP * fixed compatibility with Wargaming Error Monitor * improved crashfix #2
  3. Aslain

    XVM colors changed

    I changed it to what you see in current config because it wasn't working properly.
  4. Have you setup camo on your tanks again? It's required step. I'm pretty sure that Customization Manager works properly.
  5. Aslain

    Z-39 DD

    Yes, that mod has to be updated.
  6. v.7.6.0 #09 (15-07-2018): - dodano Romanizacja nazw okrętów z kobiecymi nazwami kapitanów - akt. ikonek klanowych
  7. v.7.6.0 #09 (15-07-2018): - added Ship Name Romanization with lady commander name (continued by Aslain) - updated clan icons
  8. Aslain

    Games hangs on launching battle

    Try to play without XVM.
  9. Aslain

    Ship Name Romanization

    Try this, and consider supporting my hard work with paypal or patreon
  10. It's computer specifications/gfx drivers. Got that info from WG.
  11. Aslain

    Melty SPG mod

    I was talking about it with the mod author, and he said he decided it to be red, and said that if someone want to change it, can use flash debugger to perform changes. He didn't say any more details about it.
  12. v1.0.2.2 #06 (14-07-2018): - dodano celownik: Pulse - dodano Rozszerzona czarna lista (na spodzie listy modów garażowych) - akt. Marker przyjaciół - akt. holenderskiego języka instalatora (by theo)
  13. v1.0.2.2 #06 (14-07-2018): - added crosshair: Pulse - added Extended blacklist (find it in the bottom of hangar mods) - updated Friends Marker - updated installer languages: NL (by theo)
  14. Aslain

    Camo Auto-Equip

    I don't know what modpack version you are using but it was replaced with more stable version recently, check changelog: v1.0.2.2 #04 (09-07-2018): - added XVM debugPanel (3 options) (in the other XVM section) (by Ress) - updated gun sounds Zorgane - updated installer languages: CZ, DA - updated koreanrandom hitzone skins - updated clan icons for XVM - fixed typo in YK beta polish version - replaced Auxilium: Enable auto-mounting of camouflage (not working properly in certain cases) with Customization Manager (by lgfrbcsgo) - you'll have to setup camo on your tanks again...
  15. Huh, with latest modpack you have this problem? With customization manager?

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