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  1. Gold ammo visibility mod Bug

    Reinstall the modpack with option to clean DL cache.
  2. v1.0.1.1 #07 (20-05-2018): - akt. ikonek konturów: man1aq - akt. aplikacji LoadInf v2.7.1 (by BegiN) - akt. Auxilium - dodano kilka opcji konfigów do Licznik WN8/EFF w bitwie
  3. v1.0.1.1 #07 (20-05-2018): - updated contour icons: man1aq - updated application LoadInf v2.7.1 (by BegiN) - updated Auxilium - added few configs to the InBattle WN8/EFF Calculator
  4. Załącz logi tak zeby zawieraly pliki niedlugo po tym problemie.
  5. Gold damage log not in the list?

    Gold log was a part of the mods by ekspoint, they was removed, because was crashing the game, and is suspected for displaying Dr. Evil gif.
  6. I reported it to ShuraBB and he gave me supposely fixed version, could you try it? mod_Auxilium.pyc
  7. Epic Music mod

    The author only poivided the count and album names only: 320 tracks from albums: Audiomachine, Battle X Music, Colossal Trailer Music, Epic North Ninja Tracks.
  8. Unable to shoot

    Logs are from modpack #04, please try #06.
  9. World of War Plains

    Maybe I will do it, how often do they update WoWp?
  10. Crash to desktop with

    Attach logs too, info in my signature.
  11. Crash to desktop with

    From what I know people are crashing without any mods too, as always, so it's really hard to tell. Attach me your logs right after you crash, who knows, maybe I can find something.
  12. Nie zalaczyles logow ktore sa wymagane, wiec ciezko mi powiedziec cos wiecej. Jesli chcesz to info w moim podpisie jak to zrobic.
  13. Mini Map Ship colors

    I was doing it for a few hours yesterday, almost did it, but encountered some issues, for example ship names, they are still red :/ You can check it out, it's unfinished tho: minimap.swf Copy it to c:\Games\World_of_Warships_EU\res_mods\\gui\flash\minimap.swf
  14. Strangeness in v1.0.1.1 #06

    Hmmm must be some issue with contour icons I updated in #06 "Best Icons Ever" by Grandorf Aslain's edit Fixed it, reinstall the modpack with option to clean DLC cache folder.