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  1. Aslain

    Aslains Mod issue

    Select this not this:
  2. Przegladalem logi ale nie widze bledow ani nic dziwnego.
  3. Aslain

    Constant crashes

    You posted in wrong topic and forum section, I had to split it up and create new topic for you. See my signature and attach logs.
  4. v1.1.0.1 #01 (23-09-2018): - akt. Logi rotacji mapek - akt. statystyki sesji YasenKrasen - akt. dźwięków przeładowania - akt. Damage Panel Shtys - akt. celowników: Harpoon i Harpoon Mini - akt. Vehicle Exp Extended - dodano YasenKrasen Rozszerzenie tekstowe - zmieniono francuskie tłumaczenie instalatora na wersję od VroumVroum71 - przebudowano sekcję SpotMessanger [dodano wersję od OldSkool]
  5. v1.1.0.1 #01 (23-09-2018): - updated Map-Rotation Log - updated session stats YasenKrasen - updated reload sounds - updated Damage Panel Shtys - updated french translation of the installer by VroumVroum71 - updated Vehicle Exp Extended - updated crosshair: Harpoon regular and mini - added YasenKrasen Text extension - reworked SpotMessanger section [re-added OldSkool version]
  6. Aslain

    Game crash when returning to garage.

    You have lots of XVM errors, you should seek help on XVM support forums.
  7. I need to see logs, but from your description it sounds like you are installing GTO's Illuminati animated 6th sense icon from AimDrol. It's not in XVM 6th sense icons section. It's right above gfx enhancers.
  8. Dobre i to. Mam wrazenie ze to niewpuszczanie to jakis blad od wg.
  9. Two possibilities: 1) You are not installing with clean install, why? It's leaving old mods installed and create problems only 2) Remove hitzones, on certain computers (bad?) they may cause loading problems. Good luck
  10. Aslain

    Game start freeze

    Was it on Studzianki map too?
  11. Aslain

    Can not get into Battle with T49

    Maybe get a replay from wotreplays.eu.
  12. Aslain

    Can not get into Battle with T49

    You can probably ask on XVM support forums, by showing them xvm.log and python.log https://koreanrandom.com/forum/forum/57-xvm-english-support-and-discussions/
  13. Aslain

    Can not get into Battle with T49

    And when you try to watch a replay with this tank, do you have the same? I watched a replay with this tank without any problems. You have a lot of XVM errors, which makes me think it might be pretty local.
  14. Aslain

    chat no workie

    Are you talking about WoT? Attach logs.

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