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  1. Odinstaluj może na razie: Bardziej widoczne wyuczone perki kapitana Wydaje mi sie ze zapomnialem go zaktualizowac.
  2. Down Load to MAC

    I cannot give you better directions, because I don't have a Mac, and never owned it before too Maybe someone else could do it.
  3. v.7.4.0 #01 (25-04-2018): - dodano Ulepszony chat v1-v2 - dodano ikonki konturów: Aslain, Panzerschiffer, Hakabase - akt. panele boczne Hakabase, Badobest v1 - akt. Wygląd dowódców Merdmaid's Wrath (by Chobittsu) - akt. Zmiana stałego kamo okrętów USA (i niektórych Pan-Asia) na wersję z bety (Avalon)
  4. v.7.4.0 #01 (25-04-2018): - added Improved Chat v1-v2 - added contour icons: Aslain, Panzerschiffer, Hakabase - updated side panels Hakabase, Badobest v1 - updated Mermaid's Wrath commanders (by Chobittsu) - updated Functioning MS22 Camo Replacements (Avalon)
  5. v.7.4.0 #00 (25-04-2018): - kompatybilność z WoWs - tymczasowo usunięto: przesuń/zmniejsz odznaki bitewne, Większe oddalenie kamery w porcie, większość paczek UI, Romanizacja nazw okrętów, Ulepszony chat v1-v2, większość ikonek konturów, większość modów flag
  6. v.7.4.0 #00 (25-04-2018): - compatibility with WoWs - temporary removed: Move/shrinked ribbons mods, Port zoom out, most of UI packages, Ship Name Romanization, Improved Chat v1-v2, most of contour icons, most of flag mods - more updates later
  7. Mod won't work for me

    You already tried to reinstall it several times so I'm not sure if it can help it. Check your firewall/antivir, there might be a chance that it's blocking something in the XVM. Ultimately try with XVM only mods. I'll try to reproduce it tomorrow, I'm in bed already...
  8. Mod won't work for me

    Could you write more details on what's not working for you? You cannot start the game at all, or a battle. Attach a screenie too if possible. From what I saw you don't have errors in python, but a lot of errors in xvm.log
  9. XVM not showing stats(WN8)

    You would have to ask on the XVM devs site, maybe they can tell you why. https://koreanrandom.com/forum/forum/57-xvm-english-support-and-discussions/
  10. Mod

    Added to modpack #08
  11. v1.0.0.3 #08 (24-04-2018): - dodano celownik: Wolfhound - dodano Info Panel Izeberg - dodano kółko celownika: Domyślne z wyraźniejszym skupieniem arty, Biały v2 - dodano nowy mod: Timer celowania [w sekcji Informacje celowania] - dodano celownik arty: Demokles - akt. celownik: Demokles - akt. Pomalowane Rolki
  12. v1.0.0.3 #08 (24-04-2018): - added crosshair: Wolfhound - added Info Panel Izeberg - added aim circle: Default with more visible arty circle, White v2 - added new mod: Aiming timer [find it in the Aim Info branch] - added spg crosshair: Damocles - updated crosshair: Damocles - updated Painted Rollers
  13. XVM not showing stats(WN8)

    According to your logs you haven't activated XVM services on the XVM website.
  14. v.7.3.0 #12 (24-04-2018): - akt. Alternatywny wskaźnik liczby punktów życia nad kompasem [teraz ma menu i można go przenosić myszką]
  15. v.7.3.0 #12 (24-04-2018): - replaced Alternative Ship HP bar indicator above compass with new mod Advanced HP bar indicator - the new mod has own menu and can be dragged with a mouse