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  1. Unfortunately had to disable hangar music for now, the rest should work fine. Please reinstall the modpack and check clean up DLC folder.
  2. OK, thanks. So I think I know what is going on now. I will update the files, and tell you when to re-install.
  3. At login screen do you have login video disabled or not? What hangar do you have premium, non-premium, event? Edit: I've made small change, reinstall all mods, and check to clean up DLC folder.
  4. That may explain why I cannot reproduce this problem. I have FHD and no scaling.
  5. I'm affraid I will have to remove this mod is unstable.
  6. According to the XVM devs their WN8 is more reliable, because is not spoiled by a "troll" values from latest wn8 expected values v30 (created by wotlabs). I think we must live with this until they create new rating called WN9. There is some problem in calculating meds and some lights in new expected values, they could not solve it properly and set crazy high values for a few tanks. XVM didn't agree with that change and is still using v29, with few little changes, and it's called v29.1 or something.
  7. It's not a bug, XVM is using own expected WN8 values since a few months now, the other websites are using another one. They (XVM devs) have not updated to latest values, because the new values according to them are not right, and they are boycotting them.
  8. v9.19.0.2 #12 (25-06-2017): - akt. XVM do nightly 7682 - akt. konfigu OTM Aslaina
  9. v9.19.0.2 #12 (25-06-2017): - updated XVM to nightly 7682 - updated OTM config by Aslain
  10. Po zalogowaniu sie do profilu na stronie XVM (tam gdzie aktywujesz staty) wybierasz jaki rating chcesz widziec. Pewnie jest ustawione WGR a ma byc WN8.
  11. What do you mean by any pack? Please name everything causing this issue if possible. However my moves are limited, I can simpy remove all skins causing it, I'm not their author.
  12. They may never be back again, I cannot download all icons properly, there is some problem caused by either WG api or icon downloading script. I cannot fix it myself so.... You can use the top 1000 clan icons only for now.
  13. I will fix it in next modpack, the reason for this is maybe because you've not activated the xvm services on their page.
  14. Yes, removed, because game files was changed and this mod requires update.
  15. v9.19.0.2 #11 (24-06-2017): - akt. XVM do nightly 7680 - akt. Pomalowane Rolki - akt. XVM OTM z grubymi paskami od Aslaina - dodano opcję nazwy graczy do OTM z grubymi paskami od Aslaina - dodano Star Wars Music Mod - zamieniono muzykę Two Steps From Hell na moją wersję [akt. dla 9.19]