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  1. I'm not sure how to fix it yet. Remove that mod I mentioned and leave the rest then try to play a bit.
  2. It's caused by Custom Battle Loading Screen.
  3. Aslain

    Audio not muted in windowed mode

    I'd have to see what files are being installed with this mod, but since proship is dead, I won't be able to.
  4. v1.2.0.1 #14 (13-11-2018): - akt. XVM 7.7.7-dev [8688] (dla dzisiejszego mikropatcha) - akt. pliki do usuwania lustrzanego odbicia ikonek (dla dzisiejszego mikropatcha) - akt. Zmiana języka klienta gry (dla dzisiejszego mikropatcha) [dodano też j.ang.] - akt. statystyki sesji YasenKrasen (dla dzisiejszego mikropatcha) - akt. Battle Assistant v2.1.0 - akt. celownik: Wolfhound, Deegie, Kellerman Blue - dodano skórkę Type 59 Złoty (atacms) - naprwiono mały błąd instalacji ikonek konturów Aslaina: minimalne z małą czcionką
  5. v1.2.0.1 #14 (13-11-2018): - updated XVM 7.7.7-dev [8688] (for today's micropatch) - updated anti-mirror files (for today's micropatch) - updated Change client language (for today's micropatch) [also added english] - updated session stats YasenKrasen (for today's micropatch) - updated Battle Assistant v2.1.0 - updated crosshair: Wolfhound, Deegie, Kellerman Blue - added Type 59 Gold skin (atacms) - fixed small bug for installing contour icons by Aslain: simple with small font
  6. W logach XVM miales bledy, mozliwe ze trzeba by to zglosic do tworcow xvm na koreanrandom.com/forum/forum/57-xvm-english-support-and-discussions/
  7. Aslain

    1080 Ti oc mod/xvm conflict

    Hey, You may want to repost it on XVM support forum: http://koreanrandom.com/forum/forum/57-xvm-english-support-and-discussions/ I'm creating xvm configs, but not the code. Maybe someone on KR can do something about it.
  8. Aslain

    Deegies’s sight

    Are you using latest modpack? Deegie was also updated and I will add it to today's modpack update. Otherwise I would have to see a screenshots with examples how it was, and how it is now.
  9. Jeszcze jedno, jakie masz ustawienia grafiki? Czytalem ze mozna sprobowac zmienic ustawienia teksturek na Wysokie zamiast Najwyzsze.
  10. W innym temacie angielskim, ktos mial podobny problem, i naprawil to jak usunal ATAC! oraz Elkano's Received Damage Announcer.
  11. Found this JSONxLoaderException: File not found: res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain\minimap.xc That's what I said before, a local issue, from what I remember this is caused by lack of priviledges to that (and other mods) file.
  12. Aslain

    Female UT announcer text missing

    There was something like this in UT announcer indeed, this version of mod is based on two dependecy mods from polarfox, that two mods are infected with adware, that's why I don't include them, maybe this is the reason.
  13. v.7.10.2 #00 (12-11-2018): - kompatybilność z WoWs
  14. v.7.10.2 #00 (12-11-2018): - compatibility with WoWs
  15. This sounds like a local issue to me, which means it's not a bug in a mod. Start with attaching logs, info in my signature.

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