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  1. low fps and load in times

    Damn, I was looking forward to more of your hard work, so that I might sponge a solution.
  2. Thanks or 'tanks'. Having problems with wot - figured out the Polish language change on the forum. Had not seen the 'mirror' choices in the past. My computer security system goes bezerk now when I try to update.

    1. Overdile_Spittle


      Why bezerk?  Are you running windows 10?  If so I can likely help with that.

  3. suggestion for modpack installer

    the changelog is unmanageable to keep up with
  4. suggestion for modpack installer

    I would love to see an option at the bottom of the selection menu, that I could check off to hide all mods I did not select. Upon the next release version, I would only see mods that I had previously selected or new mods that have made it to the installer. Thanks for you time.
  5. ZJ Mod asking for money

    Doesn't 'client' infer that you are a paying customer?
  6. Battle details go missing

    I suppose I might have to. It is very odd I think that I had it working for a couple of hours and then it stopped the next day.
  7. Battle details go missing

    That is not the case for me unfortunately. I can play several games but the details are never available in the notification area. Oh well. It is not a case of exiting a battle early or restarting the client and expecting the details to still be there.
  8. Battle details go missing

    _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  9. Battle details go missing

    I reinstalled and will see how it goes before I need to post logs
  10. Battle details go missing

    After a battle I see the three summary pages just fine. If I then close them, they are no longer available in the notification area on the right. I can scroll up and see other things, but no battle details any longer. What might you need from me to help me resolve this?
  11. CDS Colored Damage Stickers

    The Paintball mod was far superior to the current Stickers.
  12. Vibrant Map edge

    We had a nice option to have a bright map border previously. Please bring it back. Us colorblind folk cannot see the default very well.
  13. Enemy outline stuck as blue

    See my post here, it might help you.. http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/618-enemy-have-red-outline-despite-colour-blind-chosen/?p=3674
  14. Crashing too often

    I uninstalled the TeamSpeak Overlay plug in and the issue is resolved.
  15. Guns Keep Firing As Soon As They Load A Shell

    Are you playing on a laptop and have your thumb on the track pad? Sounds silly but I was doing this as well for a time. After I figured this out, my head feels much better.