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  1. Overdile_Spittle

    PR vs. WN8 showing in all panels

    Found it, thanks for the reminder.
  2. Overdile_Spittle

    PR vs. WN8 showing in all panels

    As the title states, I am seeing everyone's PR and not WN8 in all the panels, ie Preview and in battle, as I wish. Am I missing something easy here?
  3. Overdile_Spittle

    low fps and load in times

    Damn, I was looking forward to more of your hard work, so that I might sponge a solution.
  4. Thanks or 'tanks'. Having problems with wot - figured out the Polish language change on the forum. Had not seen the 'mirror' choices in the past. My computer security system goes bezerk now when I try to update.

    1. Overdile_Spittle


      Why bezerk?  Are you running windows 10?  If so I can likely help with that.

  5. Overdile_Spittle

    suggestion for modpack installer

    the changelog is unmanageable to keep up with
  6. Overdile_Spittle

    suggestion for modpack installer

    I would love to see an option at the bottom of the selection menu, that I could check off to hide all mods I did not select. Upon the next release version, I would only see mods that I had previously selected or new mods that have made it to the installer. Thanks for you time.
  7. Overdile_Spittle

    ZJ Mod asking for money

    Doesn't 'client' infer that you are a paying customer?
  8. Overdile_Spittle

    Battle details go missing

    I suppose I might have to. It is very odd I think that I had it working for a couple of hours and then it stopped the next day.
  9. Overdile_Spittle

    Battle details go missing

    That is not the case for me unfortunately. I can play several games but the details are never available in the notification area. Oh well. It is not a case of exiting a battle early or restarting the client and expecting the details to still be there.
  10. Overdile_Spittle

    Battle details go missing

    _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  11. Overdile_Spittle

    Battle details go missing

    I reinstalled and will see how it goes before I need to post logs
  12. Overdile_Spittle

    Battle details go missing

    After a battle I see the three summary pages just fine. If I then close them, they are no longer available in the notification area on the right. I can scroll up and see other things, but no battle details any longer. What might you need from me to help me resolve this?
  13. Overdile_Spittle

    CDS Colored Damage Stickers

    The Paintball mod was far superior to the current Stickers.
  14. Overdile_Spittle

    Vibrant Map edge

    We had a nice option to have a bright map border previously. Please bring it back. Us colorblind folk cannot see the default very well.
  15. Overdile_Spittle

    Enemy outline stuck as blue

    See my post here, it might help you.. http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/618-enemy-have-red-outline-despite-colour-blind-chosen/?p=3674

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