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  1. unsuitable version?

    getting same error loading mod pack v9.19.0.1.#2 error same as above. didn't attach python files here as I didn't down load an older file version, so cancelled down load added 9 minutes later my bad had not updated world of tanks game update first.
  2. python error after loading

    ok will try on my own data was using hospitals wifi ok will try on my own data was using hospitals wifi ya that was it thanks all good.
  3. python error after loading

    after loading in get "Mod_modpackcheck.pyc" and check mod pack python error for more info. as well as Script loader pro v1.21: _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  4. Zoom stuck almost every game

    there was only the aslains python file no Aslains _log_zip file in WOT folder, will try activate xvm again but did activate it once already.
  5. Zoom stuck almost every game

    zoom in/out doesn't work python.log
  6. win chance

    ok thanks I was able to get into vxm site but it would kick me 3 or 4 times before I could do anything. I'm loading #23 update here sure it will be good thanks for the info.
  7. win chance

    % win chance not working. pythons supplied aslains logs were not available python.log
  8. shuts down when loading into battle

    ran 9.17.03 without white death and with out any dmg logs seems to work at the moment
  9. shuts down when loading into battle

    ya mine still did it with out the white dead or any hit logs will test 917.03
  10. shuts down when loading into battle

    installed update left out white death and all hit logs and GamitER logs but still just crashes as soon as I hit the battle button and keeps cycling back to my desk top back to log in screen, when I log back in it goes to the battle and then recycles back to desk top. removing all XVM, till this is resolved. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  11. shuts down when loading into battle

    Totally removed all doesn't load games just cycles from battle loading to desk top and back works when 9.17 removed
  12. after downloading 9.17 the game just shuts down and reloads then shuts down and reloads in a constant loop. but only when I load a battle. if in the garage its fine python.log _Aslain_logs.zip
  13. transfer from site

    okay got it had to use torrent load it to frost wire and executed from there
  14. transfer from site

    ya just got bell I was thinking there might be a setting I have that's stopping me but not sure what setting would do that ill try direct
  15. transfer from site

    I don't get to the adfly page skips right out to yahoo web page as soon as I press usa#1 mirror