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  1. Can't enter setting menu in garage or game. When in game there is nothing in terms of in game info - no hud / gunsight, no list of allies / enemies, no minimap, no damage log or panel.....etc Game ok with no mods installed. Files attached. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  2. Hi Aslain, Since the early stages of version 9.16 I have been having some issues whereby some mods, most notably the session stats, would simply not work in game and I always have a message in the notification centre as attached 'capture.jpg'. I tried changing the session stats mod which worked initially but soon suffered the same failure, whereby it shows as installed and then never starts working. Note that the game itself plays fine. So, my plan was to await 9.17 and then do a fresh install. I have done that, having removed the old WoT folder and the wargaming.net folder in appdata\roaming. When I reran your installer I was surprised to see it still knows what settings I have checked, so I am not sure where it is getting that information from and also once in game, I still have the same issues as you can see from attached screenshot. I also think things are steadily worsening - with the new 9.17.00 modpak installed, I was getting the wrong sixth sense sound playing, despite not having a sound selected in the modpack and having a different one selected in the in game menu (variant 1)......but perhaps that's a 9.17.00 modpack issue?.....yet to try a game using 9.17.01 modpack. I have tried to reset the games settings, clean up the cache and remove the contents of the DLC cache with your installer, but no luck. I am stumped as to why I cannot reset everything, so thought I would seek your advice. Thanks for your help & continued efforts. B. python.log _Aslain_logs.zip
  3. Badgeroonie

    Zoom out mod not working?

    Seem to have solved this now. I deleted my res_mods folder and reinstalled the mod pack. Seems ok now.
  4. Badgeroonie

    Zoom out mod not working?

    Aslain, OK, thanks - so is my next move to install clearing the cache(s)? B.
  5. Badgeroonie

    Zoom out mod not working?

    Just thought I would post again to say this is still a problem in 9.16.21 modpack. B _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  6. Badgeroonie

    Zoom out mod not working?

    Hi, Thought I would post as I am having issues with the zoom out mod ever since 9.16 came out. I have waited to see if the issue went away with successive updates but not joy. Oddly it works when in arty in 'Battle assistant mode' but does not work with normal tanks. I did have one game about three days ago where it worked and I thought it was fixed, but is not working again since Any idea? Many thanks for all your work. B. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  7. Badgeroonie

    Zoom out in Arty mod view (Battle Assistant).

    Right, I have tried the zoom mod by koshnaranek and that does the trick nicely, so perhaps you can have a look at that? Whilst I am here, the other mod I would like to see in your modpack, which I use a lot is Firefly's spotted extended mod (light version).....any chance of including it? Thanks again, B.
  8. Badgeroonie

    Zoom out in Arty mod view (Battle Assistant).

    I have a feeling from memory they use either the Pmod zoom mod or the one by koshnaranek.
  9. Badgeroonie

    Zoom out in Arty mod view (Battle Assistant).

    ok, yes I can do the same......I guess the other modpack uses a different zoom mod. I have tried to see what zoom mod it uses so I can try that over the top of your modpack, but can't find it out. Do you know? Is this something you think you'll be able to tackle within your modpack? B.
  10. Badgeroonie

    Zoom out in Arty mod view (Battle Assistant).

    OK, they are dated yesterday afternoon, which I guess is the last time I ran the installer? (attached). _Aslains_Installer.log _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf
  11. Badgeroonie

    Zoom out in Arty mod view (Battle Assistant).

    Hi, Sorry - I thought that was logs from the latest (.15) which I had installed....but I notice two things: The '_Aslain_logs.zip' file in the WoT directroy is dated 28th November, but I have installed various versions as you've updated it since then.....seems odd as I do not see any other files which might be an updated version? Secondly, thanks for posting the pics - in the second pic I do not get a zoom level that far out, I am much closer. If I was as your pic shows I'd be full on Mr Happy again. Any thoughts? Thanks. B
  12. Hi, My first post - keep up the good work :) Until recently I used another modpack :o (odem mortis, not to be mentioned again)....but I have now repented and switched to Aslain's. One thing is niggling me though which I'd love to solve. In the 'other' modpack, when I had the 300m zoom level selected, this level of 'zoom out' also worked when in the 'angled view' on Battle Assistant. However, when I use Aslain's this is no longer the case, so my view in Battle Assistant is much closer to the enemy tanks, too close for my liking....it makes a big difference. It does zoom right out in the overhead view, just not in the angled view. Any ideas on how to resolve? Many thanks. B. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log

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