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  1. hi mate,


    only information, your win 8 dont work in update 6a. and yes, full clean installation, clear tmp and appdata before.


  2. yes, same mods or similar. and more mods. there are tons of mods in omc who work. not all but many. lock like aslain in 9.14 / 9.15.

    but i miss soundmod from DJ_DveiPL. the wot original sound is like donald duck, a nightmare.

  3. gamecrash also if using soundmods. gunsound 9.13 and so on. i swap to omc-modpack. all work fine.
  4. hi mate,


    modpack v. work fine, 04+05+06 hard crash to desktop

  5. Rommel


    hi, i get gamecrash in battle, without comment. sometimes by load start sceeen battle, sometimesaftr 2-3 min in game in battle. without aslain game run fine. any idea? logs in attachment _Aslain_logs.zip python.log

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