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  1. Ferretz

    Mod to find female crew

    Brilliant - found them all Not sure i knew i had 4 swedes in a light tank ( hehe) Cheers
  2. Ferretz

    Mod to find female crew

    wow - now that is what i call service will test asap Thanks!
  3. Ferretz

    Mod to find female crew

    Well - a nice purple tint would stand out - if that could be done it would be much appreciated :-) Cheers
  4. Ferretz

    Mod to find female crew

    Is there any mod (or another easy way) to find female crew in a large barracks ? ( I think i have lost a few ) Cheers
  5. Ferretz

    Arty Aiming

    for me it is an issue when using the newer arty view (press G). Gun doesn't seem to point in direction that model is showing Maybe game bug??
  6. +1 from me, all looking good at the moment, no issues to report :-)
  7. +1 to confrm - unselected whole xvm branch and is now working.... prior was crashing on load.
  8. Ferretz

    garage empty

    +1 yep - no issues after turning off pw saving box Thanks!
  9. Ferretz

    garage empty

    And +1 for me -
  10. Ferretz

    Blank purchase/cancel buttons

    +1 for me, after the micro patch... on SEA too
  11. Ferretz

    Crashes to Desktop Mid-battle

    Hi all, I am having a very similar experience. No crashes with Vanilla. Crashes with the following options active about 1 in 10 games - but it seems to duration dependent - memory issues perhaps? Using Battle Assistant for SPG Spotted Extended "Firefly" by spoter I have turned them off following a clean reinstall of WoT and no crashes so far ~ 10 games - will continue testing..
  12. Ferretz

    Cannot buy equipment from the store tab.

    same issue here, only this aslain mod pack installed

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