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  1. Thorsvald

    v9.13.** crashes to desktop

    It's the same error that happens to me and I don't use OTM reload... I agree with the man above about 10-12 your mod become unstable... The same issues in different PC's... No more support till a properly answer...
  2. Thorsvald

    Welcome thread

    Hi, Thors from Spain, Thx for the mod.
  3. Thorsvald

    v9.13.** crashes to desktop

    Hi mates, Since i've installed the 9.13 i have been having issues that i have never had with Aslain's mod pack. The issue is that game crashes and i can still hearing the sound of the game but image get freezed and when i push the windows key to get back to desktop and close the game i can't and i have to launch the task manager with ctrk+alt+del... the problem is that as the screen is freezed and i can do anything so i have to rebooth my pc and launch the game again. This issue happens loading the battle and even when i'm playing the battle too... I know it is something about camera or something like that but I feel lost... I'm not able to play even 3 games in a row and i thinks is because PMOD (i have always played with kroshna and never have any problem). My laptop is a MSIGS60 ghost with 16GB RAM, a GTX960M, I7 core and 256GB SSD + 1TB sata HDD.. The log: Last mod version and again: Thanks

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