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  1. jwstoker

    Stuck Turret Bug

    thnx; working like a charm again!
  2. jwstoker

    Stuck Turret Bug

    same problem here; doing a fresh install to see if that helps. Forgot to retrieve the logs.
  3. jwstoker

    v9.13.** crashes to desktop

    solved in a mysterious way. Reinstalled modpack, piece by piece, waiting for that one mod that caused the crash. None found; all reinstalled and WoT running fine. Let's just shout a big hallelujah ok? ;)
  4. jwstoker

    v9.13.** crashes to desktop

    already tries twice :/ Maybe grapics card drivers.
  5. jwstoker

    v9.13.** crashes to desktop

    9.13.13 and 14 makes wot return to desktop after launching. Ideas?

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