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    Hard core street roller skating (quads), creative portrait photography, kicken the snot out of darkness.
  1. prophet

    no gun sights

  2. prophet

    no gun sights

    I have also lost my crosshairs, will try with out any mod crosshairs. The crosshairs are the main reason I use this mod. now i lost all sound!
  3. prophet

    Aslain to Hospital

    hope all is well with u. HEAL!!!!
  4. prophet

    Aslain to Hospital

    many do not believe, but I am a man of faith. May u be healed bro! Best wishes to you in the hospital.
  5. prophet

    test server

    yea, I did not consider that. Thanks
  6. prophet

    test server

    can aslains be used on the test server?
  7. prophet

    Aim Assist

    I'm new at wot, ( 5 months or so), and I do not want aim assist, but I would like some better sights. My eyes are not what they use to be, and I find myself looking for sights, Any sugestions?

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