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  1. SEA region issue

    uh not that. i just want an update from the notice Aslain put up earlier on the changelog regarding the mods not working properly in ASIA servers due to our side of the 9.20.1 update. want to know if that's fixed with being here already. not that it matters for now since i'm still waiting for the zorgane audiopack to be updated. you feel this post needs to be moved, go ahead. i think it's an issue, therefore i post it here. was i wrong?
  2. SEA region issue

    would like to ask, is the issue with mods still there for the asian server? awaiting the day where i can hear sounds again
  3. No Ammo in SPGs

    well regardless since we seem to be in a consensus that Zongane's mod is the one that's causing the issue, we'll just have to wait for him to patch it out.
  4. No Ammo in SPGs

    okay so confirmed issue is from the Gnome sounds by Zorgane? TBH i still find that weird, how it can affect that. I'll keep it on since i don't play that much arty anyway
  5. No Ammo in SPGs

    welp guess it's no longer an isolated issue. can especially confirm this is from a mod since i ran it in safe mode and the ammos are now HE only
  6. No Ammo in SPGs

    Can confirm this issue is present. Apparently your arty will get its old loadout. Example, in my case with Pz Slf IVb, when modpack is active it retains the old HE-HEAT-AP ammo lineup. since that conflicts with the current lineup of HE only, it causes a contradiction that prevents loading any ammo and consumables. Basically speaking, it's an error, and I dunno which mod is causing that. It SHOULDN'T be Zorgane's since that only affects sound, and not the garage itself. here's the logs. love that Logs Archiver, aslain Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  7. Zorgane's sound pack bug...again

    it says version 20 allright. here's the file, if you wanna take a look. _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log
  8. Zorgane's sound pack bug...again

    wait what? but i'm using version 20 now. just installed it yesterday, before reporting! that's completely freaky, man. should i reinstall?
  9. Zorgane's sound pack bug...again

    logs uploaded. btw i do notice that not just swedish tanks, but also a lot of the other tanks have missing gun sounds too (most noticeably the derps) _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  10. not hearing any gun sound from any swedish tanks. i was playing strv m/42. was also spectating the strv 74 after i died in game and no gun sounds on that one too. tried it with the ikv 103, also no gun sounds
  11. sound mod issues

    next week. i got a flight to catch D=
  12. sound mod issues

    -the Wot Beta sounds (0.6.7) not working. tested on T-45, no gun sounds at all -Zorgane's: game lags out every time i get hit. suspected from loading hit sound? happens on all tanks, no exceptions. guess i'll switch over to stocks for now....
  13. Jimbo versions?

    heard rumours. just want to confirm. can't be too cautious with mods
  14. Zorgane's sounds not working

    updated the modpack. that seems to fix the Zorgane modpack.
  15. Zorgane's sounds not working

    huh. guess i'm not alone. also, apparently, the cwjian version has a problem. i got a 404 when trying to install it