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  1. Since we have Mermaid's Wrath Audio Files and Commander portraits, could you also add the other mods made by the team as well? https://www.mermaidswrath.com/ Historical Portraits - https://www.mermaidswrath.com/get.php?file=portraits_historical Historical Portraits (Dasha Only) - https://www.mermaidswrath.com/get.php?file=portraits_historical_dasha Crew Name Tool - https://www.mermaidswrath.com/get.php?file=crew_names_tool Crew Name File - https://www.mermaidswrath.com/get.php?file=crew_names_file Also, Mermaid's Wrath Voice Pack and Portraits updated to v2.2 on October 21. Can we get that update added to the pack?
  2. JonONeill

    Mods sharing hud_lib.swf file removed?

    Oh. A shame it wasn't left there with warning it didn't work in Arms Race like some mods were labeled [Outdated]. Hopefully they'll be updated soon.
  3. Wondering why these were removed between releases #03 and #05. I did not grab #04 but I checked your posts and you don't mention removing these mods. Mods include custom detection icons, target lock markers, compass elements, hit markers, torpedo warning icons and ribbons. They seemed to have worked fine before. Edit: At least the ones I used seemed to work. Really missing my Black Citadel v4 - Chain and Ribbons V3.
  4. JonONeill

    7.9.0 Startup bug

    I don't think this is a mod issue. I've crashed twice today before downloading the mod to this error. Both times, it was after loading into Operation Dynamo. the first was immediately after the patch and the second was after restarting my PC and then going back into the game.
  5. Back in the day, they were aimed via the Gun Fire Control System or GFCS. It cut out the human element in terms of manually aiming down a gun sight. Radar plus a computer would calculate a firing solution comprised of wind velocity, pitch and roll, gun caliber and rate of change of range from target. Then the gun battery commander would fire. And observer would then relay the result of the salvo; far/short/ahead/behind and corrections would be made before firing again.
  6. They're from when I was having the issue. I created them after enabling the mod and failing to reach the login screen.
  7. Spent a bit of time this morning trying to figure out which of the mods I installed this morning kept me from reaching the login screen. After some trial and error, I have narrowed it down to the More Visible Trained Commander Perks mod. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  8. JonONeill

    control Division

    It is one of the mods that changes your Port UI in some way. I'm not sure which but I disabled Golden Premium Ship Icons, Golden Premium Consumables, Extended Tech Tree and the Better Ship Icons On Compact Carousel mod and it fixed the issue.
  9. JonONeill

    Darkness HUD (Variants)

    Two new versions. At the request of someone on the WoWS subreddit, I have made ribbon only version using Vanilla assets. No Vito Assets and no other custom icons. These are not replacements for the previous two I've posted. Darkness HUD Ribbons Only (Vanilla Assets) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B61psXtA3RSdcWVEMWdaTUdudXc/view?usp=sharing Darkness HUD Ribbons Only Semi-Transparent (Vanilla Assets) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B61psXtA3RSdQjNZRGdwT0ZETkE/view?usp=sharing Edit: Fixed incorrect icons.
  10. Why do you keep making this thread? This is like the third or fourth one in the last three weeks.
  11. JonONeill

    Darkness HUD (Variants)

    Cool. I hope folks like it.
  12. JonONeill

    need mod updated for version

    He'll probably have to. The training room breaks with every update until mod maker fixes it.
  13. JonONeill

    Darkness HUD (Variants)

    Darkness HUD is a hud project I'm working on in my free time. Eventually, I wish to replace most icons with a darker themed icon set. However, for the time being, I only have two variants to offer and both use assets from vito74m's HUD mod already in the Aislan pack. The first variant is simply a retexture of the achievement ribbons for things such as citadels, shooting a plane down, etc. Darkness HUD (With vito74m Assets) Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B61psXtA3RSdUWFmTjcwSGkzcGs/view?usp=sharing The second variant is identical to the first one except that the ribbons have a slight opacity to them so as not to completely hinder your view as they appear on screen. Darkness HUD Semi-Transparent (With vito74m Assets) Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B61psXtA3RSdSi02TGpYdmM1dWM/view?usp=sharing I will continue working on the completely custom version I am working on but I do not foresee a release anytime soon. If, for any reason, vito74m does not wish me to use any of his assets, I will remove these first two. I have attempted to get ahold of him for about a week now to no success and people on Reddit expressed an interest in these when I showed the WIP image so I chose to release them tot he public.
  14. Have you enabled the Alternate Battle Interface from the in game "Controls" options?
  15. JonONeill


    Do you mean the player panel mod using AutoSpy's ship icons? If so, try setting the icon scale when selecting which panel to use. I use 120% which isn't too large or too small on a 1920x1080 screen.

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