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  1. When will the historical naval ensigns be updated; it would resolve a lot of the angst regarding the flag issue. Please update b/c I truly prefer the historicl accurate flags flown by vessels. Thank You and Happy Holidays
  2. Nutaz

    Historical Naval Ensigns

    it was a historical flag mod that was a check box on the list in the flags section created by @vito74m. It is no longer on your list of items available.
  3. Nutaz

    Historical Naval Ensigns

    there was also another mod which was on your modpack as a check box, that did display the flags in setup but did show them in game.
  4. When will the historical naval ensigns as well as the compass (version #3) be updated? Thanks
  5. Nutaz

    Naval Ensign and Compass

    It doesn't appear, you get the generic compass from WoWS while in battle.
  6. The game will not load at all after I downloaded the latest modpack Thanks Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  7. Nutaz

    WoWs ModPack v6.1.0 #03

    Before this update today (10 February 2017) you were able to choose both No Manga for the Japanese APR skins and the Historical skins for Adm. Hipper/Prinz Eugen/Bismarck/Tirpitz, now you can only choose 1. Please allow the ability to choose more than one (possibly by putting 1 of theses mods in Group 1 and the other in Group 2) thanks
  8. Nutaz

    Problems with ModPack 5.10.1

    The Port Collection does not work on modpack for (NA)
  9. I can't get into the game at the battle setup, can here the battle in the background but the screen will not allow me to participate. _Aslain_logs.zip
  10. Nutaz

    Historic Flags

    There is a bug with using the historic flags, make the current May flag turn to IRN naval ensign, IJN naval ensign turn to Jolly Roger, RN
  11. which ship contours are you using, do not check ship contour and the game should work until Aslain or the author does an update
  12. When will the following mods be available: Base capture timer Over target torpedoes and gun marker Torpedoes reload counter over guns Thanks for the great work you have done.
  13. Nutaz

    RKI.exe command

    Is it possible to get the RKI.exe command which was in your modpacks; wish to invert position of Map and not have corpse on minimap
  14. Nutaz

    RKI.exe command

    it was created by Kvalme Thanks
  15. Nutaz Icon List Error

    at battle start screen none of the team members are listed.
  16. Nutaz

    Install error..help.

    after re-download it still says GunSoundVito74m_550.7z file is not found
  17. Nutaz

    Install error..help.

    After I re-download now it says GunSoundVito74m_550.7z is missing
  18. Nutaz

    Install error..help.

  19. Nutaz

    Install error..help.

    I get the same error the missing file is: No_Manga_531.7z By the by thanks for the great work.
  20. Nutaz

    Taiwan flag

    It is the correct flag, just no on the carousel.
  21. Nutaz

    Bug harbor

    uninstall the "zoom" mod, this corrected situation for me; I was using the Zeiss zoom mod.

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