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  1. Yeah, the inlcuded Radial Menu mod is rather annoying to be honest and editing it is a pain as well. The old system was much easier.
  2. I have the same issue as of today.
  3. Previously it was possible to have the damage panels angle indicator by SkepticalFox without the repair panel on L.CTRL but now it's not. Any chance of getting the option to have the angle indicators without the repair panel popping up in the middle of the screen again?
  4. Well, it was removed again..
  5. So I checked the box to install the radial menu mod in the latest update ( v9.17.1 #14) and I went on to try to find the files for it so that I could replace it with my own, custom radial menu setup. I just cannot find the files now. They used to be in the folder "res_mods \ version \ scripts \ client \ gui \ Scaleform \" but that folder doesn't exist. So my question is: Where is it? Did Aslain change the location? Edit: Never mind, I saw now that Radial Menu Mod was removed again further down..
  6. What contour icons have you selected? Some contour-icons are actually not silhouettes but, as you describe, boxes coloured by tank type plus some additional info inside.
  7. No, I'm currently not editing DDS-files. I've converted the above maps from the dds-format to be able to open them in Photoshop. The only app that I have currently which is able to open dds-files is paint.net but I don't really like that program too much.
  8. Perhaps something with an outline?
  9. Ok, so what always annoyed me about those maps earlier was the colour-scheme as well as them not being in the new style of maps. So here's an example of how I'd make them myself, any ideas and opinions are appreciated. I'm trying to keep the colours somewhat in-line with the new maps as I don't want it to stick out too much. Only problem is that I'd have to find a decent colour that fits all maps which doesn't look good.. The lakeville-map above has a brown tone whereas the karelia-map below has a reddish tone. to make it stick out from the otherwise rather brownish tones on the map itself.
  10. I'm talking about the "new" style of minimaps that they started to add with the 9.15 update last year. See the attachment. I would like to find them in as large a resolution as possible but it's hard to find online since most mods use the old style and websites like wotbase use them only as preview images. When you click the high-res links it shows the old style maps.
  11. Thank you, the new design of the minimaps, do you know where they are available perhaps?
  12. Does anybody know how reliable those terrain resistance-maps are? Where does the data come from that they are based on? Who made them and so on.. EDIT: Also, anyone know where I can find the new minimaps in a nice clean format?
  13. Ok, so this isn't as much a request to Aslain as it is a request to the regulars here. A while ago I had a mod that changed the minimaps to minimaps that showed the ground resistances (I realize now that it might not be called ground resistance but something else) on the different maps. I just can't seem to find it anymore. Anyone know this mod and where to find it? I would like to actually make my own minimap images based on them. Just for fun to see how it turns out. Never mind, I actually found them myself. http://wotbase.net/en/maps/ /Herb
  14. So I just had the no engine-sound bug. I haven't installed any mods whatsoever regarding sounds as far as I know. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  15. I second that, looks like a neat little mod.