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  1. I've had a similar issue with arty view freezing and sometimes crashing to login screen. What I removed was the HD minimaps and so far I haven't had any issues.
  2. I've had the same happen several times lately. Just did a fresh reinstall though so I don't have any logs left.
  3. No, I don't have a template, sorry. What kind of template are you thinking of, I might be able to make one.
  4. May I suggest adding the actual colour-ranges on the XVM rating scales so that players can actually compare what the differences in scales are? If needed, you can point me in the direction of the different scales and I could then make an image containing the different scales for you to use in the installer. Alternatively you could just paste in the different values and I'll do an image based on that.
  5. Ok, trying now..
  6. Error loading mod_pmod.pyc (see screenshot).. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  7. As of today I also get CTD whenever I run the game with your modpack installed. I will check without the suggested reload OTM. Edit: Yep, seems to be working without that one.
  8. Yes, I do play arty from time to time. But how does it increase the accuracy? The game shows you a cursor when ctrl+right-clicking. Does the mod somehow improve the accuracy of the cursor or what? I don't get it. Looks like just a preference of what kind of cursor you want. How does changing the crosshairs make it any more accurate? That's what I'm wondering. Does the cursors included change dynamically with your resolution to indicate how much area around the cursor you will actually see? If so, I can understand the usefulness of it, otherwise, I'm fine without it. Well, I used both for a while but found it rather redundant to be honest. I prefer to have a "clean" interface around the centre of my screen so the server-side crosshair was rather distracting in all the available versions. Aha, nice to know, I'll look into that and see what I decide to do. Currently I'm fine with not actually seeing the server crosshair but synching it to my turret instead (which quite frankly seems better in my opinion). No need to apologize, you've been very helpful.
  9. Yes, I do use that function. But as I said, I'm rather new to this game so I'm not able to tell the difference in all cases. As I said, I do use the preview but, just seeing a picture (as in the case of this particular mod) doesn't really tell me a lot about what it does. Sure, I saw the different crosshairs but if changing the crosshair is all it does, what difference does it make? How do you mean "more accurately" target a specific spot? I can't recall the default behaviour in this case but doesn't the game show you a cursor by default when ctrl-clicking the minimap? EDIT: Does that square depicted on the image represent the extent of your view when clicking or is it just "fluff"? Ah, right, so basically, it only re-skins the flat rail-cars (except the MAS269 one) into the ones shown? I'll try the MAS-one next time. Well, specifically, I don't like the available options for server-crosses (white/green/blue/fancy blue) and I would like to change that one specifically. I'm not sure I want a server-cross though, seeing as there's an option to synchronize server-cross to turret-cross. But in case I want to change only that aspect of the modpack, I'll still have to run the entire installer. I'm wondering how to change only that aspect of the modpack without having to run the installer every time because the installer does take you through quite a few redundant steps just to change that one thing. Thanks for the help.
  10. Ok, so I'm enjoying this modpack but there are some things that are kind of annoying me. First of all, being rather new to modding this game, I have no clue what some parts of the mod is actually doing in comparison to the original game functions. I've been using google to try to find the included mods separately but even then, some of them give rather unsatisfying descriptions. Particularly this one: Artillery sight on minimap What does it do/change compared to the default behaviour? Train Wagon Mods I understand what they do so far as changing the train-carts to become more visible but how does it differ from the default settings? I'm currently using the one by Webium Second issue I'm having is that I don't know if the installer remembers my previous settings or not. Third issue is that I can't seem to find a way to change only one aspect of the mod. If the installer rememebers my previous setting this is a moot point. Great mod however and I'm loving it. Thx a lot!