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  1. HerbertNimble

    Still crashing after leaving the game to garage

    I'ce been kicked to the login-screen after every match the last few days (haven't been playing a lot though) but I'll get back to you once I've tried playing without mods a few times.
  2. HerbertNimble

    Damage-panel HP eror

    I see, too bad, those are the only contour-icons I really like. Bugger... Drugs are bad, MKAY!
  3. HerbertNimble

    Damage-panel HP eror

    How does a set of contour-icons interfere with the HP-bar displayed? Doesn't it just show ?unkown? for the tanks that hasn't been updated?
  4. HerbertNimble

    Damage-panel HP eror

    The damage-panel is not showing current HP, see image. At first I thought it was the damage-panel with angles that was messed up so I downloaded the latest installer and deselected that mod but it's still doing the same thing. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  5. If you just click "no" and continue installing, the modpack works just fine.
  6. HerbertNimble

    Arty farty

    Yeah, I mean the whole concept of that line of argument is quite frankly mind-numbingly stupid.
  7. HerbertNimble

    Arty farty

    In fact, I can link you to a post where some guy claims that arty actually gets more and more annoying the better you get at the game because apparantly, it prevents yo from using your skill... http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/621015-update-918-public-test-spg-changes/page__st__460__pid__14110923#entry14110923
  8. HerbertNimble

    Tank you very much Aslain

    Don't talk about my nuts please!
  9. HerbertNimble

    Tank you very much Aslain

    Nah, I'll just ask for peanuts that still have their shell.. Point is, a peanut by any other name still smells like a rose..
  10. HerbertNimble

    Tank you very much Aslain

    Technically, it's an Arachis hypogaea, also known as peanut.. Monkey Nut is just a nickname for peanut. http://www.kgbanswers.co.uk/why-are-monkey-nuts-called-monkey-nuts/18035677 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peanut https://www.google.rs/search?q=Arachis+hypogaea&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiE2p_e8pvTAhWDQBQKHaZjCNUQ_AUICCgB&biw=1366&bih=638
  11. HerbertNimble

    Tank you very much Aslain

    So... ...you're saying that Aslain is really..... ...a peanut-eating chipmunk..!!?? Thanks anyway, Aslain, keep up the good work!
  12. HerbertNimble

    Arty farty

    Well, that's obviously not going to happen..
  13. HerbertNimble

    Arty farty

    So, I've been reading and posting on the WG-forums and I thought I'd post it here as well to see what you guys think. Someone mentioned that arty could get siege- and travel-modes so I thought about that for a while.. Travel-mode mechanics are already in the game as of the introduction of the Swedish TD-line so it should just be a matter of deciding what stats should be tweaked by it if introduced into the artillery-category. In my opinion, using siege-mode mechanics on artillery would mitigate some issues that has been brought up. Suggested changes between siege-mode and travel-modes: * Lock gun elevation and turret rotation while in travel-mode. This would essentially be a nerf to their ability to defend themselves and might seem contradictory at first, seeing as how the complaint is that they are now essentially defenseless in close quarter situations. But in conjunction with the other suggestions below I think it balances out in the end. * Increase penetration while in travel-mode and remove the stun effect. Basically, increasing the penetration while preventing them from actually aiming properly will ensure that they are somewhat capable of defending themselves if the enemy is dumb enough to drive straight into their firing arc (basically right in front of them). * Increase/decrease hull traverse and/or speed Increase the hull traverse while in siege-mode and drastically decreasing the movement-speed would make sure that once in siege-mode, you're basically a sitting duck, forcing you to switch into travel-mode if you want to stand any chance of defending yourself in close quarters.
  14. HerbertNimble

    Arty farty

    I honestly don't look much at the expected winrate. I've had enough games that were a predicted wr of less than 30% that we've won to not create about that. I don't really play any different in a game that has a low wr predicted than I do in a high wr game. I selected the games I posted (except the 2nd) because of the crappy matchmaking in regards to (mainly) the classes. The only time I really use xvm is whenever I'm up against a really good player. If I'm alone I might play slightly more careful than I would vs a tomato. The only reason I brought xvm and winratio up is because Central brought it up earlier.
  15. HerbertNimble

    Arty farty

    Below are a few examples of stupid matchmaking.. First one: 2 vs 3 HT 2 vs 6 MT 3 vs 2 LT 7 vs 3 TD 1 v 1 SPG The defending team has a clear advantage in mobility when it comes to the HT/MT. Centurion, Cromwell and the Strv 42-57 are all decently mobile. The light tanks are clearly more mobile and agile on the defending team. Out of the 7 TDs in my team, 5 does not have a turret. While both the AT-15A and the M56 Scorpion has quite wide turret-traverse, neither are very suited to take on mobile, turreted opponents. The defending team are all turreted and quite mobile ones. I see these kind of matchups quite frequently. I'm not saying it's impossible to play these teams but the team with a majority of TDs tend to resort to camping and, in this case, on an assault-map, that's just not going to be very helpful. This game was lost. Second one: 2 vs 4 HT 4 vs 1 MT 4 vs 4 LT 3 vs 4 TD 2 vs 2 SPG The class-distribution in this match is more equal but it was a devastating loss at 1-15! Mostly due to the opposing team being a lot more experienced players. Third one: 2 vs 8 HT 5 vs 4 MT 1 vs 1 LT 7 vs 2 TD Again a very boring and unbalanced matchmaking when it comes to TDs. The first half of the game was mostly spent in the north-east corner camping for most of the team. Only myself (in the M56 Scorpion) and two others went down to the coastal town and guess what we met up with? Yep, most of their heavy line. Sure, I could've gone to the camp-site in the corner as well but I find that to be rather boring and uninteresting if I'm in a rather mobile TD. I think we managed to win that last one somehow but yeah, not a very fun matchmaking anyway. Fourth one: 3 vs 3 HT 2 vs 4 MT 1 vs 1 LT 6 vs 3 TD 3 vs 4 SPG This last one was, not surprisingly, a clear victory for the defenders with only two of their SPGs and one TD left when the time ran out.

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