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  1. yeah me too but I'm using Firefox and getting the same thing.
  2. ryuuto

    Repair Panel Mod

    Well I guess I'm the only one who wants a mod like this!
  3. ryuuto

    Repair Panel Mod

    I would love to see a repair panel mod that put the damaged modules and crew up by your gun sight like a HUD on an aircraft. Exactly like this picture except they only appear when a module or crew member is damaged and you don't have to push the LCTRL key to see it. Is there anything out there like this that I've overlooked? I don't know how many times in a battle that I've had a critical module or crew member damaged and I don't notice till it's too late!
  4. ryuuto

    Map Rotation mod - how to reset?

    Thanks thanks
  5. ryuuto

    Crew member name mod??

    I'll try that. Thanks Aslain!
  6. ryuuto

    Crew member name mod??

    This is where I run into a wall. Windows wants to know what program to open .pkg and I have no idea. I'm guessing it's something only programmers know and it's out of my league, LOL.
  7. ryuuto

    Crew member name mod??

    Is there a mod or any advice on how to edit the names I can choose from under the personal info section? Also I'd love if someone could direct me to somewhere I could learn how to make my own crew pictures.
  8. ryuuto

    Minimalistic Hanger Mod red screen

    I have a graphics card I bought used a few years ago so it could be it. I run my graphics on maximum and never have any problems. I got a red screen again today after maybe 20 games and that was the first time since I posted this issue. I've had games that the graphics would go haywire with ATI graphics cards so maybe it's just one of those weird things.
  9. ryuuto

    Minimalistic Hanger Mod red screen

    The red screen comes back every so often but once I restart the game it's gone. I think I played about 10 games before it came back last time. It doesn't seem to cause any other problems so I'm not bothered by it.
  10. ryuuto

    Minimalistic Hanger Mod red screen

    It's looking like a one time issue. I played a few games and it was red until I restarted the game client and it's been fine since then. Thanks Aslain
  11. Hanger mod went all red after returning from a battle. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  12. ryuuto

    The US Troops in Poland :)

    That was really cool to watch! I have no idea what the reporter was saying but he sure could talk a lot LOL!
  13. Have the same problem. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  14. ryuuto

    Unwanted spotted markers

    Okay thanks just wanted to make sure he knew about it. Most of the mods I use are the hanger mods only a few very basic in game mods like crew skill info and his tank icons other than that in game is vanilla.

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