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    modsettings file backup doesn't work

    Thank you for quickly taking an action, unfortunately now installer v.9.19.1_08 doesn't work, because a folder with the same name as "modsettings.dat" is created during installation which causes an error when trying to copy back a file with the same name. If I delete that folder manually and press "Try again" - installator will continue, but settings from before installation are not restored.
  2. Hi, C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\Wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks\modsettings.dat file is not being backed up when (re)installing Aslain WoT modpack in spite of having option "Backup garage menu button settings" selected. Unselecting this option doesn't change anything. It looks like this file is autogenerated with default values every (re)install. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. eFse7en

    Different spotted bulbs.

    Hi, could you please add an option to hide bulbs for tanks that are spotted? As a light tank I only need to know which tanks haven't been spotted, everything else can be read on the minimap. I was trying to replace the texts.xc with my own configuration, but there seem to be a script that overrides my setting and it shows the bulb anyway for the tanks that are spotted. Just to show you how my old settings looked like: text.xc - spotted section: "spotted": { "neverSeen": "<FONT FACE='$FieldFont' SIZE='18' COLOR='#DDDDDD'>*</FONT>", "lost": " ", "revealed": " ", "dead": " ", "neverSeen_arty": "<FONT FACE='$FieldFont' SIZE='18' COLOR='#DDDDDD'>.</FONT>", "lost_arty": " ", "revealed_arty": " ", "dead_arty": " " } I would be fine with any other setting, as long as only the lightbulb is shown for NOT spotted tanks, and preferably if the icon for artillery would be smaller - as they tend not to get spotted for the majority of the fight.

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