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  1. No problems here. I'll investigate if you're not the only person out of the thousands that is having issues.
  2. Alright, good to know. All settings were back to when you didn't have the issues and you still have the issues. So the tweaks were probably a coincidence with a different issue. I'm leeching at a capped 250KB/s connection over tor and I can get a stable connection for over 45 minutes now. I'm amazed that you've not run into these issues on other servers outside the US.
  3. Torrent is not HTTP, so it uses a completely different protocol to transfer data. Are you still having timeout issues?
  4. No, crossing the Atlantic ocean and seeing an increase of around 100ms is normal. Especially when the traffic needs to be delivered to people's homes (they usually get cheaper/slower routes). The problem is related to my server cutting off his connection because he's not responding in time, this time value being 60 seconds with the current configuration.
  5. Tweaked settings back to normal. hitzone_skins_by_GoHaru_HD_917.7z 22%[==============> ] 122.67M 20.0KB/s eta 6h 7m 122MB at a capped 20KB/s speed running for nearly two hours, not a single timeout. I can't help you/your connection any more than this.
  6. I tuned down the keepalive timeout because of the recent spike in traffic. A few people might fall between the boat because of this. Dealing with slow connections keeps the server busy for longer than a fast connection would. I will tune these values further in the coming days. Either 10k people get their download finished within a reasonable time, or everyone will be punished for those few people (so far only you) with slower connections.
  7. Please provide more information. What "Contour Icon" are you talking about.
  8. Here you go. This is hosted on another server from me. It should not have connection closed problems.
  9. It's a torrent file, use a torrent client to download it. Or browser addons: firefox: chrome: Make sure you only select the files you want to download, the torrent itself is 9,26GB and contains all DLC content.
  10. *Link removed* Use the backup torrent and grab the files you need through there.
  11. I can replicate the error very easily now so the fix should not be very far away.