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  1. Please provide more information. What "Contour Icon" are you talking about.
  3. Here you go. This is hosted on another server from me. It should not have connection closed problems.
  4. It's a torrent file, use a torrent client to download it. Or browser addons: firefox: chrome: Make sure you only select the files you want to download, the torrent itself is 9,26GB and contains all DLC content.
  5. Use the backup torrent and grab the files you need through there.
  6. I can replicate the error very easily now so the fix should not be very far away.
  7. I can't help you fix that, try pinging any stable host ( while maximizing your download/upload speed and see if your ping increases. If it does then you have a problem which I cannot fix for you. try this aswell: Combining that problem with nginx having a hard time keeping a connection alive might be the reason why you have more problems than the rest.
  8. Seeing as your ping is increasing on other hosts as well during the download I can see that your router is not balancing the traffic correctly and giving too much priority to one of the two. Using the Aslain installer won't give you correct feedback, just use wget next time you want to test it. I still have no response from my ISP about the issue. From my current understand it's probably something related to the upstream keep-alive not working within nginx.
  9. One of the things that can break it as well yeah. In the end the problem is in the NGINX config of the web server which for a minimal amount of users is causing problems. I could resolve it within a couple hours but I need access to the ip of a person who has trouble downloading the files of the DLC server.
  10. I made some changes to the web server. Can you retry doing some downloads, or this test file:
  11. I reached 42% before the web seed dc'd me... Removing and adding the web seed again kickstarts it ~500KB/s * stops the torrent and starts it again ~15MB/s ....
  12. It's been sitting there for a while but I can't get stable performance out of it. Neither can I finish it 100% before it either disconnects or comes up with a hash error.
  13. If you have any issues with the DLC server please post them in this thread. Please provide as much information as you can. Ongoing bug: People with VERY slow download speeds might run into interrupted download errors. ongoing bug: dns does not resolve correctly. Waiting for ISP to fix. DNS bug bypassed. Installer can fetch correctly again. HTTP UNSTABLE: ONGOING fixed.
  14. Not when leeching from a web seed sadly. The repo has HTTPS support so you can always use that. I'm still actively working on the issue by trying to fix it through other means.