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  1. ThatSinkingFeeling

    Installer language for usa01 d/l

    I always download (English language) using the 3rd link from the usa01 server. But for the version 01 download, the installation prompts are appearing in Spanish (could be Portuguese, not sure). I don't see it being a huge problem, since I tend to just re-install the same mods, but once installed I'm wondering if the verbal prompts will be in Spanish as well. Only one way to find out.
  2. ThatSinkingFeeling

    ContourIcons_Panzerchiffer_6100 not found

    Same result here. Only mentioning it to support that it's not on the user's end. edit: I tried using the install instead and got the same error (I hadn't tried that version before now).
  3. ThatSinkingFeeling

    0.6.1 - Battle load-in screen scrambled

    In my zeal to report this I had meant to read the bug-reporting instructions but forgot to do so in the end. I've attached the log file; during the time I had the problem I wasn't even thinking that it might be a mod issue (I've been using them so long now I tend to forget they're even separate from the game) and dealt with WG support. in the end I did uninstall the mod pack and play a game, which ran just fine - then I reinstalled the mods with the current version and the problem is no longer there. So apologies for skipping a few rules, but apparently the problem has been resolved with subsequent mod updates and this is no longer an issue. _Aslain_logs.zip
  4. After installing the usual mods with on Feb 10th, I started to have a problem with the battle load-in screen (see attached file). I always default to the Team Members tab, so I expected that to come up, but instead I got the Mission screen and it wasn't laid out correctly (again, see attachment). In addition to that, I was unable to click on either the Team Members or Divisions tabs, so while I could see where I was spawning on the map, I had no idea of the composition of either team until the battle started, which leaves little or no time to come up with a plan. Anyway, I spoke with a friend who said he had had the same problem, but restarting the client had fixed it - this didn't work for me, and I spent the next 2 days going back and forth with WG support trying to figure it out. Then it dawned on me it might be a mod - so I uninstalled the 3 mods I had most recently added on the 10th and restarted the game - the screen was fine, but there was no sound. So I uninstalled the entire mod pack and the game was fine. Then I reinstalled the mods I want to use (including the ones that may have caused the problem, hoping to recreate it so I could remove one mod at a time to maybe find which one had been at the root of it all, but the game still works fine now. The difference is version 2 versus version 6 of 0.6.1, so it is apparently no longer a problem, but for the record, the 3 mods I removed to get the load-in screen back to normal were: Master Port Collection Torpedo Warning sound (Dancing Queen) Move Ribbons to Center
  5. ThatSinkingFeeling

    Eliminating ARP voices

    Thank you!
  6. ThatSinkingFeeling

    Eliminating ARP voices

    I've been told that there's a mod that will eliminate the (to me, at least) annoying high-pitched and frantic female voices on the ARP ships; I had assumed it was included in Aslain's mod pack, but I don't see anything in the list that might do that (unless I choose an alternate voiceover pack, which I don't want to do). Is there a mod here that does that, or would the mod I was told about be found somewhere else instead?
  7. ThatSinkingFeeling

    Ghost ship?

    I don't know if this is a game or a mod bug - but the other night I sank an Atlanta and instead of sinking and disappearing, it remained on the map as an unsunk ship with 0 hp. It was 'trapped' at the point right after a ship dies, I suppose, where it still appears, only greyed out, before its name and icon vanish and it begins to sink. Someone else on my team also verified that they saw the same thing, but I didn't ask if they used Aslain's or not (too busy trying to stay alive). I'm just checking here to see if anybody else has experienced anything like this with 5.11 (NA server). Last night I also got destroyed by fire, and even after my ship had sunk out of sight I still had the 'on fire' flames flickering around the edges of my screen. I just checked and the last Aslain's version I downloaded was 5.10.1 for the NA server - I would assume that means Aslain's isn't active for 5.11, but is it possible there's a residual effect from the previous version? Or does it do a check and just not load if the versions don't match? If Aslain's isn't loading then that would tell me, obviously, these are actual game bugs and nothing to do with mods - I just don't want to report a game bug unless I can first rule out the mods.
  8. ThatSinkingFeeling

    Stats in player panels not showing up after 2-3 matches.

    I was having this same problem, only I never saw any info on the Details screen other than which ships I had fired at. Today after I installed the newest patch I removed the Extended Tech Tree mod and now I am seeing the complete Details screen again.
  9. ThatSinkingFeeling

    After Battle Screen not working

    Getting the same thing - here are the mods I am using: NOTE: I WAS NOT GETTING ALL FOUR 0.5.6 TABS - ONLY THE ORIGINAL 3. (NOT the Credits and XP tab) Ship contour icons: Panzerleiter Tracers: colored tracers by 0BlackSkull0 Cruise Control: More visible cruise control Ship Previews: Gold Premium ship icons Sound mods: Warning voice Jaws theme 1 Achievements: Transparent unobtained achievements Various mods: Training Room ... Better icons on compact carousel ... more visible torps in water by pold77 Damage counter and in-battle clock Colored kill messages Enable replays Running lights Will also try without ship contours and compare results ========================== yep - got rid of contours and am getting final reports again.
  10. ThatSinkingFeeling

    Out of curiosity...

    NDAs aren't really unnecessary - if you need access to the code, that is proprietary information and is WG's means of earning a buck. I was a beta tester several years ago for a game whose owner let someone use the code for an expansion pack, but they ended up distributing the entire game PLUS the pack from their website without permission. The owner was in the US and the website was based in the Ukraine, I believe - so there was no legal recourse and as a result the guy who owned the game lost significant income as a result of the violation of the NDA. I guess that might indicate that an NDA doesn't always work - not across international boundaries, at least - but at the very least signing an NDA is a sign of good will and shouldn't be a problem in this case. I agree though - it would be great to have that mod especially incorporated into the game itself (I've become dependent on it) but I see plenty of Youtuber replays with no mods or even hp/ship name indicators above target ships, which tells me that there are plenty of people out there who prefer the apparent challenge of not knowing or caring who they're shooting at. Or they prefer an uncluttered screen and know the ships by profile (their eyesight is lots better than mine, then).
  11. ThatSinkingFeeling

    Out of curiosity...

    Same here - it's rather pathetic, but I find myself lost without that mod. I still look at the map whenever I think I see a blink of red on the horizon, to make sure I saw an enemy ship for a second. My eyes aren't that good and if I lose focus I might see a ship icon somewhere else on the screen, and it was easy to know if that was the case when I was using that mod. Hopefully someone else will create something similar now that it is gone.
  12. ThatSinkingFeeling

    Minor - misspelled ship name

    It's been that way for the past few updates so I'm not sure if he is aware of it. And thanks for moving this to the right forum. :-)
  13. ThatSinkingFeeling

    Minor - misspelled ship name

    major facepalm - I just blindly followed the link for reporting a bug. Should I repost it there or will it be moved?
  14. ThatSinkingFeeling

    Minor - misspelled ship name

    I use the Ship Contour Icons by Panzerleiter, and it has 'Langley' misspelled both in the in-game screen and the ship summary screen at beginning and end of match. The spelling in the mod is 'Lnagley'. (like I said, it's a minor issue). _Aslain_logs.zip
  15. ThatSinkingFeeling

    Operation of Modpack

    So is that the only way to change settings, then - run the installation program again? I haven't found any other way to do it, and after a couple battles I found that some of the mods I chose are very distracting.

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