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  1. Blocked Intrusion

    I believe that it is potentially very dangerous. The ads are controlled remotely via a known malvertising address (The IP is connected via several domains), which could install additional adware on the local machines. This is not regular ads, this is more agressive. Personally I will not install the modpack before Ekspoint mods are removed because the risk is too big currently.
  2. Blocked Intrusion

    So the website is attached to the browser process. And by displaying the ads on the website we get targeted with malvertising. I think all Ekspoint mods need to be removed til' this is fixed.
  3. Blocked Intrusion

    Thanks for keeping us updated, Aslain. We all appriciate your work and we all know that this isn't your fault. I hope that this is resolved as soon as possible.
  4. Blocked Intrusion

    The Ekspoint mods isn't broken in the game - But the website is. So, anytime the modpack tries to connect to the website or anything like that - You automatically visit a malicious page which will try to attack you. That's the problem. I urge Aslain to remove the Ekspoint mods until this is fixed. I think the website is either hacked or is running malvertising on purpose. I visited the website on a secure virtual machine 10 minutes ago and it's still infected.
  5. Blocked Intrusion

    Just analyzed the website - it contains malicious code. DONT visit it and DONT run the modpack as long as Ekspoint is there.
  6. Blocked Intrusion

    It's not a conclusive tool. We have evidence that something, very likely the Ekspoint mod, edits the CEF BROWSER exe-file to connect to a known malvertising address (Which does appear to be the website of Ekspoint mod). My theory is that there is a malicious ad on the website, which means that all connections that try to access Ekspoint website will be blocked by their AV's.
  7. Blocked Intrusion

    Removed the modpack and checked the integrity of original WoT installation - And the attack stopped. Something included in the modpack attempts to activate malicious code. At least it seems so.
  8. Blocked Intrusion

    The AV is Norton. Something in the modpack edits the browser .exe..
  9. Blocked Intrusion

    Happened to me only after installing Aslains modpack. Anyone got any info?
  10. Blocked Intrusion

    Pls keep us updates about this
  11. Hello, I'm having trouble with the side-bar during battles. This is how it looks now: Attempt: #1: Attempt: #2: How it looked before the update and how I want it to look: How do I get this color, font and style back? It doesn't seem to matter which options I choose. Thanks in advance
  12. Issue with the side-bar

    I've received a couple of PM's in WoT about this (People who read this topic). When I upgraded from version 8 to 13 it changed from XVM to Aslain regarding pannel. So I'm gonna show how I have it set up and how it's possible to make it look like this picture, as it looked before it changed from XVM: This is the settings which I'm currently using:
  13. Issue with the side-bar

    @pigz: Choose OTM by Aslain and panels by XVM. Then you can edit the "Players pannel" as you want.
  14. Issue with the side-bar

    @Aslain You were right - Somehow during the installation I mixed the XVM panel up, like you said. Thanks for the help!