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  1. Amazingly fast resolution. I was lucky Aslain was online. Regards.
  2. Hi all, in the screenshot are visible aslain modpack version and all other needed info of the problem. I believe it is temporal. Also there is a newer version for matchmaking monitor supporting 8th ranked season. Regards.
  3. the_observer

    Add export function and smart marker mod

    I see. So if i uninstall the modpack inorder to install it again with my last settings what have i to do? Regards.
  4. Hi Aslain, i am not sure if this already exists in your modpack. If not i would like to request that you add an option to export the settings of your modpack. There are many occurencies where someone would like to uninstall your modpack (e.g. to try a mod and avoid conflicts) but then when try to reininstall your mod has to start all over again to pick from the various mods of your modpack. Except from the obvious problem he might not remember exactly all his previous decisions. I do not know if this can be done though. Also i would like to ask if you could add the smart markers mod and haka third person view mod . Thank you for your time reading this. Regards.
  5. the_observer

    [SOLVED]Matchmaking Monitor Problem

    Ok now it seems to work ok .
  6. Hi all, i know that this is an external app and probably has nothing to do with Aslain modpack but i will ask anyway in case someone knows something. Latest matchmaking monitor ver. shows all ships with blue color.I then installed manually the previous version which working ok but it still shows all ships in blue color. Does anyone else has the same problem or know something? Thank you for your time reading this. Regards.
  7. the_observer

    Side Panels by BadoBest question

    Oh yes, you are right ! Thank you for your help. Regards.
  8. the_observer

    Side Panels by BadoBest question

    Hi all, i would like to use the mod of the title but since the mod's creator homepage is in russian i cannot understand how i can configure the mod. I tried to translate but in vain. Does anyone know how i can start the configurator of this mod which i see in the image preview? Thank you for your time reading this. Regards.
  9. the_observer

    Statistics not showing

    It works like a charm now. Keep up the good work. Regards.
  10. the_observer

    Statistics not showing

    Version v.6.2.0_03 Stats not showing. Regards. _Aslain_logs.zip
  11. the_observer

    Last versions of 0.5.16 mod pack

    Aslain's WoWs ModPack v5.16.0 #05 Map : Archipelago Freezing in loading screen of battle happened on this map. I do not know if it is rellevant but previous version i had no freeze problems. Regards. _Aslain_logs.zip
  12. the_observer

    Statistics not showing

    Kusy to report that statistics are working again with ver. Aslain's WoWs ModPack v5.16.0 #05 (russian language not english) with the same setup as previous version. Regards.
  13. the_observer

    Statistics not showing

    As the title describes... there is no button to see stats at all. Regards. _Aslain_logs.zip
  14. I have this problem too but i am not sure it has to do with asain modpack. Also the link to the mod site for the new mod "Display consumables" from within the alsain installer is redirecting me to aslain site which is probably wrong except if i have understood wrong. Regards.

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