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  1. Error XVM

    Good afternoon, after today's actualization of your XVM mods, a blue window had appeared on my monitor while installing, so I klicked everything as I always do and started WoT. In battle, I had differently coloured sides of the map, although I did not want to, so I uninstalled the mods and installed again. No blue window has appeared this time, but I could not start WoT, even after restarting my PC. What could be the reason? I have never had any problems with your XVM mods before. Thanks, __BLESK__
  2. Error XVM

    Thanks for the information. I always did everything through the Control Panels.
  3. Error XVM

    No, I only uninstalled the mods through the Control Panels, and then installed it again. Anyways, the problem was caused because of the blue monitor, which did not appear again.
  4. Error XVM

    WoT is working, reinstalling it was the solution.
  5. Error XVM

    For the first time since I have your xvm, I have stopped here (see screen) and started thinking what to do next. I clicked then Clean install - FULL (first time I have done it this way), and while it was being installed, my monitor turned blue. You already know the rest. I think that somewhere in the WoT forum there is something written about this, but I can not find it right now. These are all the details.
  6. Error XVM

    With no effect at all.
  7. Error XVM

  8. Error XVM

    Unfortunately, that blue window appeared only the first time, when I firstly noticed the problem. Since then, I have not seen it.
  9. Error XVM

    Yesterday I had unninstalled your XVM mods (only to try if without them would WoT work, and it did not). I installed them today again, and tried one more time to start WoT, nothing happened. Here are the logs. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  10. Error XVM

    Where can I find the logs?