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  1. Which section? I am not seeing it....not a surprise by any
  2. Did the Triple Monitor Mod get dropped from the Modpac?
  3. I am getting a hang on CountiurIcons_MajorRenegade_v2_641.7z with a File not found error code 404
  4. I included the do I access this to customize it?
  5. I am also seeing the same issue with the is a slight inconvenience, but nothing more.
  6. Game with mods arbitrarily drops me out of game into "Connect" screen. This happens in port or in game and only when using modpack. Did a DNS flush and reset cache and no change.
  7. Yup it is there...thanks! I see the files but was wondering what was used to play them back with?
  8. Yes I checked it off when I install/update and double check every time. I just never thought to look for it till the other day and did not know what or where to look for. I do have my game installed on my "D" drive if that is an issue.
  9. BTW I do not see a folder labeled "replays"
  10. First off where does the video go from a game? Second I am running a three monitor setup, the monitors are different and would like to know more about how to set this feature. Thanks for the great work! Happy New Year!
  11. Understood and thanks for looking into it. I will say that not using the Ziess portion fixed it. Really enjoy the mods and appreciate the work as well. Thanks!
  12. Thanks guys it was Ziess!
  13. So this happened. Uninstalling the mod restores game to normal. Never had any issues with mod installation prior to this. All drivers current. Disabling Anti Virus made no difference.