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  1. I understand that WG has asked that these be updated to not reflect the Swastika in (flag and paint scheme) as well as the Rising Sun Naval Ensign (still in use by the Japanese Defense Forces). Is there any further information. How is WG able to determine their use if these are only visible to me on my computer and no where else (I get that some one probably posted a picture on either one of the social media channels or carelessly in a report sent to WG. Just curious about any further information if available. Also if I choose for the time being not to update those will the rest of the mod pack function?
  2. Thanks for the thoughts. I recently went to the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. My Dad had told me of things he remembered in 1946 when he went to Europe to server a second time (first time was in the Pacific retaking Islands from the Japanese). Needless to say it was horrific. However I feel that has an amature student of History that part of the markings of weapons used by the German Military was the Swastika. However where WG oversteps is telling me what I can look at on my computer. It can ban me for submitting content or reports if material is offensive in nature. The duality here is that hey also ban the Sunburst Japanese flag (which remains in place to this day as part of the JMSDF). What is missing in JMSDF ships is Golden Chrysanthemum emblem which is carried on IJN warships and is on the Japanese ships in the game....but the flag is the national flag and not the naval flag.
  3. 502 Bad Gateway

    I am having the same issue. Never had it before...so it isn't my antivirus (at least on my machine).
  4. Aslain to Hospital

    Saw your message - hope all goes well and a speedy recovery- GET WELL SOON!
  5. Triple Monitor Mod

    Did the Triple Monitor Mod get dropped from the Modpac?
  6. Triple Monitor Mod

    Which section? I am not seeing it....not a surprise by any stretch...lol
  7. I am getting a hang on CountiurIcons_MajorRenegade_v2_641.7z with a File not found error code 404
  8. I included the picture....how do I access this to customize it?
  9. I am also seeing the same issue with the Minimap....it is a slight inconvenience, but nothing more.
  10. Game with mods arbitrarily drops me out of game into "Connect" screen. This happens in port or in game and only when using modpack. Did a DNS flush and reset cache and no change. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  11. First off where does the video go from a game? Second I am running a three monitor setup, the monitors are different and would like to know more about how to set this feature. Thanks for the great work! Happy New Year!
  12. A couple of questions...

    Yup it is there...thanks! I see the files but was wondering what was used to play them back with?
  13. A couple of questions...

    Yes I checked it off when I install/update and double check every time. I just never thought to look for it till the other day and did not know what or where to look for. I do have my game installed on my "D" drive if that is an issue.
  14. A couple of questions...

    BTW I do not see a folder labeled "replays"
  15. So this happened. Uninstalling the mod restores game to normal. Never had any issues with mod installation prior to this. All drivers current. Disabling Anti Virus made no difference. _Aslain_logs.zip
  16. Display and Game crash

    Understood and thanks for looking into it. I will say that not using the Ziess portion fixed it. Really enjoy the mods and appreciate the work as well. Thanks!
  17. Display and Game crash

    Thanks guys it was Ziess!
  18. Eye of Sauron

    I have tried to get Hooterz Eye of Sauron to work since you added after the last major update and subsequent updates. My cursors are set to static and in game it goes back to the normal version. I am able to use Dolphin (all versions). Thanks for the great work on the mods.....look forward to the reload counters to be added....
  19. No mods show up at all

    I tried to rename the folder and it was messed up....