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  1. kanapeczka123

    WoT GUI Popup window

    Hi! I am working on a mod that will gather Match Maker statistics and I have one question , maybe someone knows. How to create a popup window with functional buttons like that: I tried to uncompile this mod but it's impossible :/ I will be so grateful for any help.
  2. kanapeczka123

    I can't play with latest mod pack.

    I've reinstalled mod, i can see reticle, but i can't rotate turret.... I disabled team HP , and crosshairs. _Aslain_logs.zippython.log
  3. kanapeczka123

    I can't play with latest mod pack.

    I downloaded 9.14.01 version of your mod. I don't know you understood it correct :) I meant this dotted green line that shows RNG, it is really important when playing SPG. I installed it again without crosshairs , but nothing happend. It apperead when i changed mod folder name to 0.9.13 and created new empty folder named 0.9.14.
  4. kanapeczka123

    I can't play with latest mod pack.

    Ok, i changed my post. What now ?
  5. Aslains mod pack does not work woth 1440x900 resolution !

  6. This is edited version , i downloaded 9.14.01 Now the only problem is that reticle is not displaying in SPG's and normal tanks. I attached needed logs, and screenshot with non displaying reticle. Is there a chance to make reticle visible. If not i will uninstall this mod, because i cant play. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log

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