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  1. Zoom Mod

    Since this has gone nowhere I will assume this must be confined to my installation. So, I guess I will try a total re-install. Thanks anyway.
  2. Zoom Mod

    Thanks for the mods.
  3. Zoom Mod

    Ok. The screenshots are in order of 1. Zoomed out Ziess 25 FOV 2. On start 3. In torpedo UI 4. Upon exiting Torpedo UI And logs Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  4. Zoom Mod

    Noticing a problem with the Ziess camera/zoom mod. 1. The game won't start zoomed out. 2. When zoomed out and then transferring out of torpedo UI the zoom changes into a close zoom on the deck of the ship. Anyone else?
  5. ContourIcons_Panzerchiffer_6100 not found

    Thanks Aslain.
  6. 404 file not found ContourIcons_PanzerSchiffer_6100.7z
  7. loss of signal flags

    Yeah I see the damage log not working either. Guess I will wait.
  8. Ok so I started vanilla and had no problems. I renamed the to and everything was fine and working except the signal flags. Enclosed the logs. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  9. Auto Equipment

    Problem solved...Auto Telescope working.
  10. Auto Equipment

    The last install before I gave up, I turned off AV, ran exe as administrator using Clean install, Remove contents of DLC cache and Reset the game settings and clean up the cache. I run the game from a separate SSD from the OS SSD but find that shouldn't be the problem since the file is to be written to C:\ users\*?*\AppData\Wargaming.net\ by default and that's still the correct location. I would attach the logs if I could figure out how.
  11. Auto Equipment

    Yes it's simply not writing the file.
  12. Auto Equipment

    I am having a problem with Auto Equipment not writing the AutoEquip.xml file. I have installed using Clean install, Remove contents of DLC cache and Reset the game settings and clean up the cache. Several times reinstalling and still no sign of the AutoEquip.xml file. Using Aslains_XVM_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v.9.14.01