Attention: from 24th July to 10th August I will be in a very weak internet zone. It's unlikely that I'll release any updates in that time, I probably cannot provide any support either. Unless I find a strong signal on some mountain top. / Uwaga: od 24 Sierpnia do 10 lipca będę w strefie gdzie jest zbyt słaby internet żeby wypuszczać aktualizacje paczek. W tym czasie wsparcie z mojej strony będzie ograniczone. Przy odrobinie szczęścia może uda mi się znaleźć mocny sygnał, wtedy jest szansa na coś, ale nie obiecuję.


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  1. And what is causing this? XVM 'feature' ?
  2. Delete file named '_Aslains_Installer_Options.inf' located in WoT installation directory.
  3. Same here. Tried "Direct link" and when this failed downloaded thru torrent. Same error. Seems like installer is broken.
  4. Any progress with this? Yasenkrasen is still broken in 9.14.09. :(
  5. I can confirm that problem still exists in .03. No reload timer and crosshair is out of position. Logs attached. python.log