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  1. Duke Nukem Crew Voices

    Ah that explains it. I was getting the mods from the wgmods site. I didn't know they were diff. Thanks, I'll get them from your site!
  2. Duke Nukem Crew Voices

    Is this one gonna come back? Need the Duke Nukem voices!
  3. Low FPS with 9.17 modpacks

    yeah, it took awhile but it did come back. Doesn't seem as bad though.
  4. Low FPS with 9.17 modpacks

    I just installed 08 and I'm not seeing the fps issue anymore
  5. Torrent Link

    The "Direct" torrent link goes directly to the executable rather than a torrent file
  6. 9.14 patch

    I know the sound mods are a WIP, any chance the duke nukem voice will be coming back anytime soon? Please!