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  1. v1.23 released added missing Icon (P:Victoria)
  2. v1.22 released updated to version (Micropatch)
  3. v1.21 released new Icon added: Pudel (Polish Tier VI Premium Tank) (in v1.20 only updated the version folder)
  4. v1.19 released updated to version added new Tanks (in v1.17 and 1.18 only updated the version folder)
  5. Go into your WoT settings. There is an option called "Show vehicle tier" on the right side of the general section. Just uncheck it an the normal numerals should be gone
  6. You have to run the "Aslains_WoT_Logs_Archiver.exe" and click on "Archive logs". After that wait a moment until it is finished. Then click on "Finish" and a new window should open where one file with the name "" is. That's the file that Aslain needs.
  7. Updated German WoT translation
  8. Added the three lines to german language. They are in the following lines: 614, 676, 682
  9. Updated German WoW translation
  10. Updated German WoT translation
  11. v1.16 released updated to version added new Tanks
  12. Updated German WoW translation
  13. Updated German WoT translation
  14. There is no more option to enable/disable simple technical information. They removed this option in 9.17.1, so you only have one information type and that is the simple one. The extended one does not exist anymore.
  15. v1.15 released updated to version added new Light Tanks updated Vehicle Tiers for existing Light Tanks (which were shifted in 9.18)