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  1. aye that's it , I knew it was something like that but wasn't too sure lol
  2. the green is the difference been health totals of both teams , green has total health of 8340 , red has total of 7640 . so green has 700 more health than red , and that will change when damage is done. so if a red team tank takes a hit of 400 , that green number will go to 1100. my understanding the yellow numbers at the right side of red health bar is for the amount of damage needed to do to get to ace tanker 3 , u go past that number u will get number 2 badge , even more number 1 badge , even more master badge
  3. windows defender says it all , windows defender is the problem
  4. my game would crash f I was typing and when I used the n button my garage wud flicker , then when I go into game it freeze and I wud have to restart laptop, but since I removed the toggle for server cross ive not had a freeze since or crash
  5. I removed servercross enable/disable option and never had ctd since
  6. I removed the toggle on/off option for server crosshair and no more ctds
  7. superman aslain, gets notified of problem , instantly is fixed by him , there is no other like him
  8. don't u dare remove ut announcer lol
  9. i rolled back to modpack 26 and works fine again
  10. my wn8 eff diff is broken too
  11. yup something defo went wrong in their update only solution isee u can do for now is instead of manually moving it , put it in place using config file nope even that doesn't fix the issue
  12. i have the same issue heres my screen shot _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  13. ive not been having issues with engine sound until today , I got game freeze at start of battle , only way out was to restart pc , then next battle engine sounds had gone , but the next battle the sounds were back
  14. thats right me and darth platooned, and he asked me the same , but yes if u don't have sixth sense in crew then u get a line through the bulb