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  1. just don't click on link simples lol
  2. ExtraAimInfo problem

    i use a lot of eskpoints mods only thing I get is smartscreen before I install modpack which is normal . I use avira and its never picked anything up
  3. bad gateway

    installer not downloading anything getting this message all the time any ideas?
  4. Channel Clan

    the channel chat and other chats are a wg bug , there s a temp fix run yer cmd in administrative mode type in ipconfig/flushdns chat shud be back to ormal but after a while like 50+ battles chat will be messed up again just repeat the flushdns , its a problem with wg chat servers
  5. YasenKrasen Beta add ons not working

    the beta add on didn't work for me for a while , it went from working from when I first installed the mudpack it worked , if I closed game down and restarted the add ons wud be gone the wn8 on battle results and the info about the tank wud be gone , just lately its working perfect , problem a gremlin as usual aslains best friend
  6. ExtraAimInfo problem

    hope u got big doors in your house lol
  7. tank symbole top/middle are hidden

    do u have this menu atbottom right of corner ?? if so check it on yours and see wat is selected for the keypad to turn on and off , mine is numberpad0. make sure its ticked in the box . this is a brilliant way of configging battle observer outside aslains installer
  8. i was getting this excact problem , I found it to be the wgl skins , they conflict with sound mods like zorganes guns and the engine sounds . possibly be to other skin mods too . when I removed wgl skins ive never had the problem again
  9. ExtraAimInfo problem

    i noticed this but have lived with it ,used sever crosshair to determine aim time instead
  10. Display damage

    i had it working , so damage dealt by players showed up on the panels, for some reason battle observer config files open up inside the game itself and u can manually turn on stuff etc , I even decreased the size of the league hp bar so I cud fit other stuff up at the top .
  11. WGL skins

    i tried using wgl skins and I did 1 batlle , when I tried to enter 2nd battle game wud hang on the map loading screen, I think the wgl skins conflict with gun sounds etc
  12. extra aim info

    played in sand maps , much much better much thanks
  13. I got all my chats working again after doing a dns flush I did this 1. Open the command prompt as administrator.2. In the window type ipconfig /flushdns and press enter
  14. hmm hope hasn't abondened the mod , and hope its only the forum hes left , typical brainless trolls, he shud actually report them as that is classed as bullying
  15. clan chat

    typical . had a browse through forums and found a temp fix is the dns flush . ill try that see if it works for me