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  1. im not sure about alphabetically , but in the tank carasoul u can set order of types of tank etc ive did this already ill find out wat file it is that u edit carousel.xc line 58 these r the order of tanks u can choose
  2. i think he mans when someone asks u to platoon and accepting platoon durinng the game , i used duke voice mod for a while , and noticed that the voices for anything to do with platoon was not English ,never bothered me really
  3. do not feed aslain after midnight
  4. thats the frst step of helping u . is get the latest mudpack as it cud have updated mods within it that may solve yer issue , if it continues after new mudpack then he will look into it further
  5. I have one of the worst internet speeds around , 200-300kbps download speed , my isp only provides me with a 2 meg line because I stay in a rural village, , but I can download quite easily but takes a bit longer , takes me 8- 10 mins to download aslains installer 120mb
  6. i recently added the beta driver from intel specific for battliefield and few other games , maybe a bug in the driver somewhere
  7. ive had this problem for a while , sometimes when in garage I press alt tab so I can look on forums , go back to the game and sometimes it freeze then when press alt tab to go back to desktop screen goes black , its like a graphics issue totally crashing the graphics drivers , but ive not had for a few days now , only thng ive removed was the toggle on/off for server crosshair
  8. its weird , ive had this bug sometimes , I do bttle in tank no engine sound , next battle engine sound is working , I got a feeling its something to do with lag cos everytime I get abit of lag that's when it happens
  9. aye that's it , I knew it was something like that but wasn't too sure lol
  10. the green is the difference been health totals of both teams , green has total health of 8340 , red has total of 7640 . so green has 700 more health than red , and that will change when damage is done. so if a red team tank takes a hit of 400 , that green number will go to 1100. my understanding the yellow numbers at the right side of red health bar is for the amount of damage needed to do to get to ace tanker 3 , u go past that number u will get number 2 badge , even more number 1 badge , even more master badge
  11. windows defender says it all , windows defender is the problem
  12. my game would crash f I was typing and when I used the n button my garage wud flicker , then when I go into game it freeze and I wud have to restart laptop, but since I removed the toggle for server cross ive not had a freeze since or crash
  13. I removed servercross enable/disable option and never had ctd since