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  1. my first battle since update , was with gw panther , I am so impressed with the stun mechanics , I managed 2500 dmg and my wn8 was over 2k , I have noticed some thing though , only the big artys seem to have reduced load time , I took out the lef and the fv304 theres is not much reload time change , the aim time is better but the splash range is really smaller than a big arty ,. I found that the team play better together , I noticed that on enemy team , I had stunned a guy , and his teammates 2 or 3 came out of no where and basically defended the stunned tank . and killed the guy in my team , but then I managed to stund the 4 of them, but we eneded up losing .
  2. i agree wg totally have messed up on the battle assistant part, its a disgrace they cant get something simple so wrong, whereas 1 guy can make the mod perfect
  3. still waiting on eu for update, I play arty mostly , so cant wait
  4. have u tried adjusting graphic settings in game options?
  5. ther is one way they cud stop arty 1 shotting tanks , I love doing it , I had an su 100 come str8 at me with 1200 hp I had gold shell loaded as he came over hill I turned and shot his ammo rack funny as hell, but to try stop 1 shot kills u cud make mm lower the tier of arty allowed in a match example say its tier 8 battle artys r only allowed to be tier 6 . one thing though is tier 9 and tier x wud have to have no artys , as tier x wud be tier 8 arty , theres nothing worse than being a tier 8 ie is3 1500 ish hp and a tier x hits u and 1 shots u , that's one thing I hate
  6. we all know what causes these random crashes, its this guy and his pals
  7. if u r worried about download speed of redownloading the pack, u can always put the bigger mod files into the custom mod file . for instance it takes 5-6 mins for me to download the mudpack, if I added hitskins it takes a lot longer so , I downloaded the hitskins from the mudpack and shoved them in the custom mod folder , , I only need to redownload that mod if it has an update .
  8. i see u actually have a bit of a sense of humour , that's not like the usual French
  9. C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\mods\configs\PYmods\RadialMenu | radialmenu.json if u follow that path in yer folders u can change the button u want to use to bring up the commands. u can still use the normal button that brings up the original menu which has been replaced by the mod u wll need notepad++ to open the config file
  10. nothing to do with a last word , fact is u were calling me a liar , I knew excactly when I posted and when I commented on the shout box . nothing to do with keyboard warrior !!! maybe go learn about humour /banter . end of day I knew what I did and didn't do , but the problem was u post in a forum basically calling me a liar when I knew the facts
  11. lol go check the times , I made the post first before commenting on the shout box!!! or r u calling me a liar?? think I should no I been on this forum a lot longer than u have my friend. id like to add , that when u said I shud post in appropriate area, please tell me wat my response was back then. ill tell u I replied saying id already posted in the issues and bugs section please don't try make a fool out of me !!! or ill send my friendly gremlin spike over to u lol
  12. funny thaat , u said same thing to me , obviously u don't read the forum much as I had already made a post about the issue , 5 mins later I said something in shout box and got told don't use shoutbox for posting issues lol ever heard the saying don't teach yer dad how to make kids? lol oh and this post is in wrong section , it should be in GENEREAL
  13. wat i want to know is , is there any other person got the kolobonavs medal in arty
  14. the last kill was funny though seeing the tracer and killing him with 1 sec left on base capture
  15. cant believe I did this so funny , worth a watch http://wotreplays.com/site/3448406#mountain_pass-bubs79-g_w_panther