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  1. fixed thanks again
  2. have u tried deleting wot appdata ? and uninstall the modpack and delete any folder that r left over in the wot folder C:\Users\nameofuser\AppData\Roaming\Wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks if u follow that u can delete everything in that folder sometimes theres xvm leftovers there delete that also , note this puts all yer game settings to default . once all folders with xvm and aslains mudpack r delete redownload the mudpack and run the installer again. this fixed my crashing
  3. I'm using grandorfs icons aslains edit as u can see in screenshot somethings messed up Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. i have all 3 installed , I use them all , I haven't noticed any fps drop on my games . the navigator mod is ok it puts small circles on the minimap and map at battle loading screen, which is quite good , the pathfinder is good as u can switch it off or on during gameplay which helps if u experience fps drop , but the pathfinder , it has more routes and as u said u can record but only problem is if u press the record button by mistake , the lines r recorded even in another battle on that map which is quite annoying . but not one mod ha every route , every one has one that the others don't have , hence y I use the 3 so I know every route , I just toggle between them to see wat is wat during start of timer so I know wat one to use added 1 minute later
  5. zoraganes gnonefathers gunsounds . hes working on it just now as I had asked him the same thing , he said hed try and get those sounds in , I also loved the sound of an arty shell flying over u , I think there s some already in it
  6. yeh I seen that on another post , shame really as it was quite handy when pressing alt u cud quickly scan through the list , ill try knew method but I don't think I like it that much
  7. i have navigator and pathfinder installed , I noticed that path finder has lots more routes but some routes r missing that I found on navigaotor
  8. zorgane also has made a new update
  9. oh thanks good one
  10. zorgane has made a fix replace the file with this heres the path C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\\scripts\item_defs\vehicles\usa a31_m36_slagger.xml
  11. to enable pathfinder click the icon bottom right corner as in screen shot that says mod settings u shud see the one that has 3d or tornado esports, that's the pathfinder mod. as u can see I have backslash as my on /off button .
  12. its defo that I check where the file was from and it is zorganes mod , ive posted on his forum about it so hopefully itl be fixed soon
  13. sounds like gunsounds as I got a crash and I have this same line in my python log CRITICAL: [Exception] [Compound] Failed to load model vehicles/american/A31_M36_Slagger/normal/lod0/Gun_06.model! Compound building failed!
  14. yeh ive just noticed that myself , it use to do it before but for some reason its not doing it
  15. I use all of above ive just installed new mmodpack ill see if it affects me too