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  1. voiceover.bnk

    thanks for taking time to look at it , at least we know the sound error isn't critical and isn't causing crashes etc . good to know the autoaim extended issue isn't ust me lol both mods use same folder or something that only enables 1 to work , but ust have to wait and see if it needs updated at all
  2. voiceover.bnk

    i noticed in python log that voicover.bnk didn't load , I also noticed I didn't get the restart client option to load the bnks . its weird as it sounds like all my sounds r working . another thing aslain the autoaim extended isn't working when I install autoaim ++ thanks in advance if u find the issues Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. Sound only coming through 1 headphone

    the wg sound bug is back. go to yer sound settings select audio system put it onto 2.1 hit apply put it to 5.1 hit apply , then select wat option u want laptop audio system or headphones etc the sound shud be back to normal , its aknown wg bug
  4. Short question ;-)

    ive got that capture bar too , ill try to locate wat mod it is
  5. Ekspoint Mods

    not fussed I ignore his shite anyway and never click on it
  6. Blocking of shot

    go to the config file and disable the chat message simples follow this path open the xml document using notepad++ change the true on line 5 to false
  7. even more fun would be is take a screenshot of all the mods u use and then u can select the mods again
  8. strange thing ive not had this issue again, only thing ive done is ran Malwarebytes and cc cleaner , cleaned my laptop of anything unwanted and not had it happen again
  9. Show Team WN8 on the battle interface

    yes there is , if u follow this path C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain battlelabelstemplate .xc edit this with notepad++ look for "teamRating" and enter preferred x and y
  10. UI Scale Mod

    0.80 ?? looool nah don't , I just config it myself lol
  11. numbers and letters problem

    these counter icons work fine
  12. No Engine sounds with the Mod

    it second world war one (engines ) same author of the gun sounds
  13. numbers and letters problem

    update the errors haven't appeared again , I did have a lag spike during and a lot of mods did appear on the screen gin the battle , but seems fine now. ive not changed nothing to my set up but heres python log , nothing in there for me to worry about tbh python.log
  14. numbers and letters problem

    I noticed all those errors too , my cross hair works fine , armor calculator I use is from battle observer and it works ok/ although it may be because I been using arty . wat ill do is ill clear the python log play a game in normal tank and arty and see if the errors appear for both. I'm not too fussed about the fonts tbh , might try oher icon sets just to see if ts just the one I'm using
  15. ok I'm using the ui scale at 0.85 , which it looks like its causing this on the panels etc , is there a way to fix it or do I have to live with it or is there a way I can sort it out . every other font in the game is fine , its just the icon set fonts seem messed up. not sure logs will help though but ill post them Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip