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  1. defraggler (loading times)

    i also did a full pc defrag , ive not defragged this laptop since I got it 2 years ago , oh wow it feels like new again wat a difference
  2. was doing some research into y loading times were taking so long lately I was getting in 20 secs after battle started longest time was 40 seconds , which was ruining my game especially playing scouts , I read that because of files/folders r all over yer hdd that it takes time for compter to process and with wgs new mechanics its taking that process of processing sounds much longer although due to a bug somewhere too. now I read that defragging the wg folder and appdata folder helps out , so looked around for a suitable defrag progam which I found defraggler had great reviews and is also made from same company who made ccleaner , knowing ccleaner is a good program it be a good chance this defraggler wud be good to . so installed defraggler dselected only wg folder to defrag , once finish I started game , loading game was a bit quicker than normal , my 1st battle I got into battle with 5 secs left of timer , better than it was , but also read 1st battle loading is longer as its creating caches , started 2nd battle and wow I was first into battle took 3 -5 secs sitting on waiting on other players , played numerous battles and I'm loaded in with 28 -30 secs on clock every time. this also with all my mods in use bear in mind my system is low end scale , hp pavilion laptop with 8 gig ram i3 with integrated intel graphics, I'm getting between 35-50 fps so I'm happy with this now, if the defragging worked for my system it shud work for everyone else that has better systems than me
  3. Getting Kicked...

    only one thing fixed my loading times into battle and that was using wot tuner or the tweaker in the mudpack selecting reduce sound quality , since I did that ive had no problems loading into games
  4. i had that error before and it was caused by the camo net mod
  5. Stuck in Battle loading window

    download wot tuner , do a clean up then set sounds to lower quality , fixed my loading into battle times
  6. Getting Kicked...

    74D8E-0128A-8B01A-F29B5 heres the pro version number for driver booster
  7. windowed mode

    hey aslain I'm no sur if this is wg problem or mod problem , game starts in window mode even when I get to garage , I set it back to fullscreen save it play few games, close the game , I then reopen and its back to window mode , something seems to be resetting this setting , everyother setting has stayed the same . any ideas logs attached as usual Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  8. i found that the long loading time into battle is with certain xhairs and aim circles
  9. Reloadtime Info Arty shot from ekspoint

    as aslain says , another note about the info , when u get hit by an arty itl say arty hit me and is on reload for 40 seconds , that time Is from the point of it hitting u , say the fly time is 3 seconds , the fly time isn't counted so tbh the actul time wud be 37 seconds , this time isn't including brothers of arms or any equipment boost
  10. when I was playing on test server loading into battle took ages , was hoping it would be fixed for rollout but the long loading screen remains , been playing all day and at fist I was getting into battle right away with 28 secs on clock and even a times was awaiting players , n h ast 10-15 battles loading has took ages , its more to do with wg than mods
  11. friendly arty sight on minimap

    was looking for this mod too, guys who do this through their mods should have their mods put on forbidden list
  12. Why are the text so small ?

    r u using the ui scale mod?
  13. yeh I agree with that , arty is hard one to choose skills etc , as u said main one is camo repairs fire ext r basically useless .
  14. I found that same message in my garage it was caused by the visual camo mod .
  15. nce video , id like to say that snap shot skill is only really useful on artys with rotating turrets example the bc 155 . I don't think its much use on arty that need the whole tank to turn