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  1. yeh when I first installed it was in English but for some reason its went to Russian , ill have a dig around to see if I can get it to English but if not ill remove it thanks anyway
  2. for some reason I just noticed that when in game it comes up in Russian I think it its when it use to be English any ideas y?
  3. u can adjust the size of the hp bar yerselff in the config file.
  4. yeh I used to use this mod was really good , but I think it has been made illegal as quaksen says aren't suppose to have sniper mode
  5. its never happened again so somewhere along the line its sorted , pesky gremlins again
  6. is there a way that u can disable it , and I cud just enable it myself through the config files?
  7. no no no not the lemming train lol
  8. @aslain that's it sorted thanks for help
  9. found the problem the team rating part wasn't on the my battlelabelstemplates.xc file this may have caused the rest not to work . only thing I had changed was the position of the efficiency bar so was quick to just swap it over . ill get back to u in 5 mins once ive re run it all
  10. I just reinstalled mudpack without any of my config files in custom mod folder and play the game all panels etc came up normal . so I just came to the same query as u I have to compare both those files and put my config intothe new file , as it looks like new file maybe .
  11. oh ok its a bug u had . I'm just in middle of comparing my custom mod files with the modpack files lol iil wait for ur fix thanks @Aslain
  12. to sum it up after installing mudpack I start game , it asked for me to restart client for sound bank. etc no problem , after I restarted it asked me to restart again , strange did this , went into game and I notice that my carasoul is standard , so I go into game , icons aren't mirrored correctly , my otm setup is missing and now has standard otm , player panel is not what I had selected . it looks like xvm problem . I notice the reerror under loading page Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  13. after about 10 battles after exiting battle this just happened . stuck on this for ages before I decided to close game through task manager logs attached . Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  14. ah that's good to know , hopefully when they fix whatever was wrong fixes my issue . just have to wait and see
  15. @aslain @quaksen little update , ive just played around 50 battles in safe mode and the game hasnt crashed , in safe mode my fps is much better . so I do believe that something ( mod) is causing my game to crash. which mod that is causing it I am not sure and it will take a hell of a long time to narrow it down . its defo something in the mudpack that is causing my graphics to have a memory leak that's all I can put it down to. I can still play with modpack no problem I just have to try and source what one is causing it . or just restart game every so many battles . I can leave the game running in the garage with no problem its just going into battles that causes it .