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  1. Update Problems

    I found it to be both the "Fog Remover" and "Clear Vision" mods, even in the lasted release of 03.
  2. Bugs w/ 0.5.7

    I just tested and in v., the "Fog Remover" and "Clear Vision" still break the buttons, so for now, don't use those 2 mods.
  3. Bugs w/ 0.5.7

    I was having the same issue yesterday, I ended up disabling two mods and everything seemed to work again. The two mods were "Fog Remover" and "Clear Vision". I know in 03, Aslain has updated the Fog Remover, but I am not 100% sure its back working.
  4. Alternate Running Lights colors

    Thanks, and I agree. That is why I changed it. I did this a month+ ago, and figured others would like it. I went with Purple to make it different from anything you would possibly associate with another movement. That is why I got rid of Yellow, since most places Yellow means caution or slow.
  5. Alternate Running Lights colors

    Some of you may be like me and my guys that use the running lights mod, but found the colors to be a bit confusing. By default, the colors are as follows: FORWARD STOP REVERSE To help us, I changed the colors a bit. I am sure that some of you may don't know much about hex color codes, so I just made the edits to the one file and put it out there. The new running lights color selection is as follows: FORWARD STOP REVERSE To use the alt colors is simple, just install Aslains mod pack and make sure running lights are being installed. Once installed, you will need to open up: C:\Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods\0.5.x.x\gui\ In there you will see a file called "running_lights.xml". Delete it and open up the .rar file you got from here and replace the file from the rar into the same location. Do not overwrite, just delete the original that is there and replace. I hope this helps others. Note: This will need to be done every time you update Aslains mod pack. Another Note: I am taking 0 credit for the mod. I did not develop it, all I did was a very simple change to the color code inside the original XML. Download the attachment here: alt_running_lights.rar
  6. Ditto, but honestly, I don't like his icons, so what I did was I grabbed the images I wanted to use and just replaced hakabase's images. I wrote how I did it on my site in my forums: HERE
  7. After Battle Screen not working

    Contour icons by Panzerleiter are also not working.
  8. Update. reinstalled it with just with the "Player's Panel with HP bars (by Monstrofil)" and nothing else, and nothing. It just does not want to seem to work for me or my friend.
  9. :unsure: What i guess I will try doing is remove all the mods and start with that one and see if it works, then add them all in back one by one. A friend of mine from WoT also reported that it was not working for him. I will see if I can find the conflict.
  10. I have noticed since Aslains_WoWs_ModPack_Installer_v. and even with the latest one from today, Aslains_WoWs_ModPack_Installer_v., the Player's Panel with HP bars by Monstrofil are no longer showing up. I have pretty much been using the same exact things from when it was working and now they are not working. Any thoughts. _Aslain_logs.zip