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    Quack noise

    The WOWS player Yuro, famous for his torpedobeats, manages to change the sound of torpedo and citadel hits into quack noises. Would it be possible to create a mod which replicates this?
  2. troppo


    Dear Aslain, Any chance of including into the mod pack the awesomeness of the Torpedo-beats mod? Thanks again, Troppo
  3. Hello, I am on the SEA server. Has anyone else encountered the same issue with the SEA server? It does look like there is a bug that hasn't been ironed out. The camera mods worked fine and then several months ago there was a patch and it never got fixed (at least in terms of my WOW). I have tried playing on the NTA server too with the camera mods and had the same issue. (Even when I downloaded the NTA client) Is this something the camera modders will look into? Troppo.
  4. Hi all, Question: When will the camera mods be fixed? They've been broken for months now. They should probably be removed from the pack until they're working again. The camera mods either do not produce any more zoom than the default camera OR they screw up the ship graphics in port and the game won't load for a random battle. It's really frustrating to play without the camera mods because you have almost no situational awareness and crashing into islands happens so frequently. This is especially so when the ship is angled back towards the screen and you cannot see what it ahead of you (unless you pan the camera, which isn't always possible when you're busy evading enemy fire and making your own shots). Thanks for your help, Troppo

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