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  1. Hi, Anyone knows how the new dynamic crosshair works? It even scales based on the current range you're aiming at. I've tried to find the original post to maybe find some explanation, but I cant find it.
  2. Custom Dynamic Crosshair

    Hei, I used Kvalme's mod until 0.5.5, and I use the ingame dynamic crosshair now. But I would love a custom crosshair with a bit more visable colors. I have no idea how to mod, but I tried, and failed... Got the crosshair to display in the preview in settings, but not in the battle itself So if anyone want to make some dynamic crosshairs, I'd be very happy (or tell me the obvious mistake I made in my try in modding)
  3. Ship Name in Chat

    Yes please...
  4. Hi, Cant get the Swordfish icons with HP bars to work in .01 or .02 Log from .02 included It works fine when I do an install without the icons with .02, and then manually add the icon files from .00 So I guess something happened with the update in .01 _Aslain_logs02.zip