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  1. Add clan icon

  2. all ok what you say. but not everyone will maybe use it only in the way that you intended. just saying...
  3. guys, let me say something about the usage of that nazi symbol (Hakenkreuz) on the decks of the ships. it is surely forbidden to use this symbols in any context in Germany by law (even if you only want to provide the ships in a game with their respective historical look). Dont know about other countries, but i guess in some it would be pretty similar. i know that only the user of the mod would see it on screen and not wargame or any other ingame user. But nevertheless you might want to rethink, if you can drop this symbol out of the mod. just my 5 cents on that matter.
  4. ctds with 4.4.21 modpack

    getting ctds every 3rd match or so. after quick relaunch to get back into running battle the textbox and the minimap ping doesnt work. anymore. so after the match i need another relaunch. So that sucks hard. tried to switch of all spoter mods. didnt help. Python log says last row: ERROR: [ERROR] (scripts/client/account_helpers/CustomFilesCache.py, 210): Client couldn't read file. (EOFError(), 'NB2HI4B2F4XWGZJOO5XXE3DEN5THIYLONNZS4ZLVF5SGG33OOQXWG3DBNZZS6ZLNMJWGK3LTF42TAMBQGUYTMOBRF5SW2YTMMVWV6NRUPA3DIX3UMFXGWLTQNZTQ====') any idea which mod causes this? complete pythn.log attached python.log _Aslain_logs.zip