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  1. Hehe maybe I think they wanted to be make sure the servers could handle it, and so on... even though they had a test server, probably a big update, and they didn't want to risk the bigger EU/RU servers, especially RU servers
  2. Hehe. It's because you guys on NA received the 9.18 version before the rest You were used as a test server it seems, hehe. EU gets the update tomorrow, RU probably too? Not sure about ASIA... but I bet ASIA will be the bottom option when it comes to that.
  3. Please read what you're downloading You downloaded the 9.17 modpack, which is the top option. Download the 9.18 modpack option below it
  4. "The mod" is a bit broad, since it's a modpack, and contains multiple mods, that you pick and choose from. You'll need to attach log files, if you want it checked, otherwise it's pure guesswork what combination you installed to get those issues. Personally, have no issues with fluctuating FPS, but again, my setup is probably different from yours, both computer and mods selected.
  5. That file is already being modified by one or more mods in the modpack, and I don't think there's anything remotely close to a cheat option in that file.
  6. They should all be working just fine. If you find one that isn't working, please report the specific one, so it can be checked And yeah, you have to select the crosshair in the World of Warships settings menu for crosshairs As Aslain mentioned, the one you need to select in the settings, should be in the preview/description of the mod
  7. Hehe, they're both equally impossible to read/understand. But don't you worry. This requests section is for people to request to have mods added to the modpack, and then Aslain will check them and what not. And everyone else already know they should be careful about downloading random things that random people link
  8. It's not a Russian website though, it's a Korean one. Aslain didn't actually add it, if you check his post above.
  9. Relax Reginald.. it's a request to have it added... it's for Aslain to deal with, and he just did.
  10. It's in the mod list, as I mentioned, further down. It's one of the mods that display a team HP pool, but also has other sub-options. There's no hot key. They display when you aim at enemy tanks. Probably shouldn't check both options, but rather just one. If PMOD isn't working for you, uncheck that, and check the Battle Observer one. See which one works - otherwise - we're back at the "Please attach log files" part
  11. Armor Pen Indicator, Indicator from PMOD, should automatically show if you have it selected. If you selected it, and it's not showing when you aim at someone, then please attach log files. Alternatively you could try the Armor Pen Indicator from Battle Observer, further down the mod list.
  12. Please attach required logs, see my signature, or the sticky thread in this forum section
  13. Glad you solved it Otherwise I would have mentioned Overwolf that you found out, or programs like Steam, or Fraps.
  14. If it's not updated, that's why it's missing. So all there is to do is wait and hope it gets updated
  15. There should be 1-2 options that does exactly that in the modpack - if you're having issues with using either one, I suggest you head over to the Issues & Bug Reporting forum, and make a proper post, including logs and what not