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  1. Old versions of the mod pack.

    There's not a real reason to be using an older mod pack version. You might encounter bad things - and you won't be getting any support if you post about an issue. Ah, you're on ASIA. I only read the "Server: EU" part under your name, so.. Your server's version is still on the download page: Download for World of Tanks (ASIA)
  2. Error code: 2F173/O

    Aslain Today 21:17 Download links hidden for now, must perform new update
  3. Borders missing

    Yeah, that would be the one Did it fix your issue?
  4. Borders missing

    Ok. Ill get back to you in 1-2 hours
  5. Borders missing

    Hope you found it
  6. Borders missing

    I cant recall off the top of my head where the setting is, Ill post about it when Im at the computer again. I think its the right side, at the very bottom, on first general settings page
  7. Borders missing

    New WoT setting, should have been highlighted in your settings menu
  8. Mods issue

    Please attach log files. See my signature. Also, moved to correct section.
  9. Minimap X mod. Missing?

    It's the mod that Aslain said. Minimap with ship names Edit: Don't even need the target direction lines
  10. You clearly haven't understood the problem at hand. Oh well. Maybe someone else can make you understand the problem. (The two clicks is refering to the two times you need to click a "Purchase" button, which your mod bypasses...) Also - lol.
  11. Yeah - I know that - but you don't see the problem in YOUR mod causing camouflage to be bought, WITHOUT USER ACTIONS, because the one set is already in battle? You should code in a prevention of that... don't just keep saying "It's not my mod" - when - clearly - it is your mod causing that behavior. Without your mod - it takes TWO clicks to buy camo. With your mod - it takes ZERO clicks to suddenly buy camo. "Blah blah client buys it" - only because your mod FORCES the client to do so
  12. I saw that you switched between tanks - that is not the problem - you haven't understood the problem I think. Try mounting camouflage on one of the tanks - make sure that tank is then stuck in battle - and select another one The problem arrises when the tank with the camouflage is in battle - thus making the camouflage unavailable on the next tank. (If the tank is not in battle - the mod can obviously move the camouflage fine)
  13. Mm - Aslain removed his mods for now, since it's kinda dumb that it's causing those issues.. Blaming the client, is kinda silly - because it's the mod causing the issue
  14. LOL... probably because lal the Russians that use it already has plenty of camo And I saw that video he made - totally avoiding the actual issue... 12 minutes of pointless video
  15. Damage received and Cause issue

    Hold down Control, and drag/drop the lists to where you want.