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  1. Not surprised by that. Windows "Smart" Screen is known to be the culprit in many cases
  2. Should be fixed now, try again
  3. Hehe yeah... It freaks out because it's a brand new file, and Microsoft hasn't certified the file (probably costs money, and takes time to get that done..)
  4. The most common is actually that it's Windows' own stuff that screws up, and doesn't show anything, but prevents the file from running anyways
  5. Some antivirus software is most likely behaving badly, if you check Task Manager, you will probably see it with high CPU usage or something like that.
  6. Attach logs - or everything is pure guesswork. But a good guess is you're installing a big DLC, which is being extracted.
  7. Mods in 9.17.1 can be in "mods" or "res_mods" folder - depends on how they're packed by the mod authors. Mods in 9.17.0.x was only in "res_mods" folder. Hope that helps?
  8. Define last version? 9.17.0.x? 9.17.1 is the version where "mods" folder was introduced.
  9. With the modpack installer, there's nothing to worry about. If you're doing things manually, you can see from the zip files folder structure where things should be.
  10. The "mods" folder is a new mod location that Wargaming is introducing. The "res_mods" folder is still used as well. And I bet there will be mod conflicts, if you have the same in both folders. Hehe.
  11. As per the changelog, have some patience: v9.17.1 #00 (23-02-2017): - removed Replays Manager - note: greyed out mods are outdated - note: removed mods might be back when their authors update them - note: expect more updates in short time, this is just first of them
  12. #01 is released - please try that, and report back.
  13. Known issue, and fixed in next update.
  14. finpelti, YasenKrasen isn't updated yet, it snuck in anyways, so don't use it yet