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  1. XVM team just updated, which looks like a fix to the fog of war bug. So Aslain will probably include it next time he updates
  2. Because the modpack is for, so wait till it's updated to 0.6.0 EU gets the update tonight.
  3. Funky... heh. That mod was updated recently, maybe something got broken then.
  4. And no logs attached...
  5. Wargaming wouldn't really need anyone else to tell them what mods people use. Every single mod that get loaded into the game, is, for example, printed into python.log - so unless the cheat makers found a way to hide their mod from python.log, that's one sure way to find it. And I'm sure Wargaming has other means to tell as well. Rumours are great, aren't they? LOL. People also blamed the "Top Tankers Event" mod, for example.
  6. Isn't it already in the modpack?....
  7. What happens if you tick "Show Panels" in your screen, you don't have it ticked.
  8. Please remember to attach logs See my signature for where they are (incase you don't have the zip, you should have some other files named Aslains, the most important one is Aslains Installer Options)
  9. Danish for WoT installer updated: WoT_da_translation_9.17_25.ini.zip
  10. You'll want to visit the folder; \World of Tanks\Aslains_Custom_mods\ The folder structure inside the zip file you create, should look like this, when you double click the zip: \res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res\SixthSense.png It'll overwrite any other option you selected, and be installed last.
  11. The modpack check failed it's version check, it timed out in the python log. So either your firewall / similar, blocked it.. or the version check place is temporarily having issues
  12. Always great when the thing that makes sense, turns out to be the right one, hehe. I'm guessing it shows yellow or some other color, if you or someone else with it gets spotted.
  13. No idea - but a guess could be: Currently not spotted? Though, yours are showing.. and I doubt you are spotted at that point in time? Could be "I have sixth sense perk / I do not have sixth sense perk"? If you have the perk, that might answer that one. And can confirm it, if you use a crew without sixth sense.
  14. Did you login with both accounts on http://modxvm.com/en/ Since that's the settings that control WG Rating being used by XVM. For example.
  15. From the FAQ thread, in the Downloads & Information section;