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  1. Look for the mods that are marked as changing your language. (YasenKrasen text extension, for example...)
  2. That mod has a LOT of files, and it's quite well packaged. It takes a lot of time to unpack/extract, depending on your computer.
  3. YasenKrasen is, by default, setup to only include RANDOM BATTLES, and nothing else.
  4. I am fairly sure that a mod like that is now considered illegal. Artillery aren't supposed to have a "sniper" mode. Could be wrong though... it's just my two cents on the subject.
  5. WoTLabs 10 steps is something like this:
  6. Two different donation options on the main page http://aslain.com And the link marked (direct) bypasses the ad-page
  7. I don't think that's possible at all. From carousel.xc, these are the sorting orders, for example: // Order of nations. // Порядок наций. //"nations_order": ["ussr", "germany", "usa", "china", "france", "uk", "japan", "czech", "sweden"], "nations_order": [], // Order of types of vehicles. // Порядок классов техники. "types_order": ["lightTank", "mediumTank", "heavyTank", "AT-SPG", "SPG"], // Tank sorting criteria, available options: (minus = reverse order) // Критерии сортировки танков, доступные значения: (минус = в обратном порядке) // "nation", "type", "level", "-level", "maxBattleTier", "-maxBattleTier", "premium", "-premium", // "winRate", "-winRate", "markOfMastery", "-markOfMastery", "xtdb", "-xtdb", "xte", "-xte", // "damageRating", "-damageRating", "marksOnGun", "-marksOnGun" "sorting_criteria": ["nation", "type", "level"],
  8. Have you seen these two links? http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/7582-tank-skinning-faq-basic-preparation-of-skins-for-painting/ http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/13799-some-handy-texturing-tips-photoshop-and-gimp-friendly/
  9. There are direct links after all the adfly links, always have been For cases where people are having issues with the adfly links.
  10. If for whatever reason you have issues with that link - use the direct link, it's right next to it.
  11. I've seen similar pages being noisy and claiming various things. The only button that should ever be touched on the ad link, is the Skip one in the top right corner. Those pages will probably still appear in the future - since the ad company refuses to acknowledge the problem. Don't worry about the links - for some reason many seems to never notice the direct one, maybe they think it's a note about the first one..
  12. The fix is also a case of your side. Since you could be using adblock/internet security - or just use the direct link, which bypasses it, but doesn't support Aslain. Aslain already spoke to the guys handling the ad-redirection, but they keep saying everything is fine on their end. (Even though it's their site displaying stuff..)
  13. In the launcher, there's settings button top right, click that, and go to Support tab, it has a "Check and repair game integrity" button