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  1. Quaksen

    Crash to desktop with

    "ekspoint" admitted to causing all that trouble - but it shouldn't be happning with 07 modpack, since his mods were removed in 05. (ekspoint is probably butthurt over Aslain and others exposing ekspoint's attempts at abusing Wargaming's embedded browser for background ads and such) As for getting him blacklisted for modding, is probably impossible, unless Wargaming adds a system where only approved mods are run by the game. (One step is the wgmods.net website.. next step would be some sort of required watermark or something, a digital signature of some sort.. would also help combat cheat mods) Please attach log files, if you still have them from the installation that you had the issue - otherwise attach them should you for some mysterious reason experience it with the latest modpack.
  2. Quaksen

    not loading game

    It should be fixed in the next modpack being released
  3. Quaksen

    Crash to desktop with

    Noticed afterwards that you were using the test file for 05 modpack.. the final 05 modpack doesn't have ekspoint mods. Update to the latest modpack
  4. Quaksen

    Crash to desktop with

    Are you manually installing a mod from ekspoint?... Your logs are from #03 modpack, and #06 is the latest one, please update and see if the issue is gone. (Ekspoint mods were removed in #05)
  5. Quaksen

    Crash to desktop with

    Expecting one man to magically make modpack work for EVERYONE's exact computer setup and what not - just a little bit wild to expect that... isn't it? Some people are getting crashes simply because of Windows Update. Others are crashing on vanilla clients. Far from everyone is getting crashes. "This guy" being who? Ekspoint? None of Ekspoint's mods using his 'core' file, are in the latest modpack..
  6. Quaksen

    Crash to desktop with

    Extra Aim Info has an alternative already - an addon to XVM called "Sight" - it's up in the XVM section in the installer Found that one while looking for an alternative to ekspoint's stuff myself - and Aslain liked the idea and added it with some different selection options
  7. Quaksen

    Crash to desktop with

    Were you using any ekspoint mods prior to #05 modpack? #05 modpack removed all ekspoint mods - so sounds like his mods were the cause. Trolling attempt probably.
  8. Quaksen

    pmod armour indicator

    What tie02 said.. please attach log files - there's a guide in my signature if you need a hand on how to
  9. Quaksen

    GUI elements Mod issue

    They are lit up when you select them. And reload timers should be shown at the bottom of your screen. No idea if it's possible to make them light up all the time regardless of selection. (And I said it wasn't a mod issue - since you made the post called mod issue, and specifically shown one - hence why I said it was unrelated to mods)
  10. Quaksen

    GUI elements Mod issue

    I already did. It's the behavior as it is in vanilla Warships. The selected weapon group lights up. Not both of them. The mod you are showing in your screenshot - works as it should - it's moving the GUI Elements. It doesn't change the behavior of the highlighting.
  11. Quaksen

    Crosshair is an empty line

    Thought the mod author had fixed that long ago - but I guess not. Not much to do about it, except for trying to avoid tabbing out..
  12. Quaksen

    Crosshair is an empty line

    Have you been alt-tabbing out of the game between battles? As far as I'm aware, Nomogram has, for some reason, always had an issue with tabbing out of the game, causing that blank line issue until game restart (in my own experiences)
  13. Quaksen

    GUI elements Mod issue

    This isn't a mod issue, as you make it out to be? It's a request, unrelated to the mod in question. It has nothing to do with the mod. Only the selected weapon is highlighted. (as it is in vanilla Warships too)
  14. Quaksen

    Space Battle 'Camo' remover

    Talking about on other ships? If so - you can easily switch the Space camo off in your port - but that also means you can't use your own Space camo if you own any. As for a camo 'remover' that isn't the port option - I don't know about that, sorry.
  15. I don't know what could be causing it then... if permissions are proper for the folders, and you even tried disabling anti-virus while installing - hmm. The way things work is that installer puts in the 'default' setup, and then small patch files are applied to the config files, to adjust them based on your selections. (at least that's how I've understood it) - and even more puzzling that the archiver doesn't create the zip file - I guess that could point towards the lack of permissions for some reason - are you not on an "admin account" for the computer? Yeah I know he said it - was more meant as a general reply that one line. (about being broken)

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