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  1. Quaksen

    Min-Map Issue

    Because of your selection: Minimap images HD minimap ShuraBB (note: will disable XVM minimap)
  2. Quaksen

    Tree trunks are missing

    I saw someone mention that Radeon is causing that issue I cannot find where it was mentioned though.. sorry.
  3. Quaksen

    Tree trunks are missing

    Radeon graphicscard?
  4. Quaksen

    Camo Auto-Equip

    Here's a tip since you said you don't care about 'optics', I'm guessing the looks of the tank? And you just want the bonus: Are you aware that you get the camo bonus if the camo is only mounted to the hull of the tank? Meaning the '6 of type 1' could fit 6 tanks.. if you manage to have 6 tanks in battle, you might wanna reconsider yolo-rushing
  5. Quaksen

    Panels Statisstics is not showing WN8

    Weird - did you try activating XVM again on the website, while your game is closed, and logging in again?
  6. Quaksen

    Enough of freezed game

    You're welcome. You're the one not posting logs if you want help. And simply saying "Game is freezing" isn't much to go by.
  7. Quaksen

    Panels Statisstics is not showing WN8

    https://modxvm.com/ Login -> Settings -> Change it
  8. Quaksen

    Enough of freezed game

    Best bug report ever. "Freezing my game" - and no info beyond that. No logs. No help. Thousands upon thouands of others are having no issues at all. Could even be your computer, if we're just going to throw guesses at a game freezing.
  9. Quaksen

    Mini Map grid letters and figures

    Wargaming had the intelligent idea of adding the minimap stuff into the same graphics file that contour icons are in - meaning it's a LOT of extra work to make things work and what not... But if you ask nicely - and tell Aslain which contour icons option you're using - he might make it custom for you. (But it'll partially break whenever they add new tanks I guess)
  10. Quaksen

    File missing see image

    Is "display team lineups" on in the settings menu ingame? (Settings, Controls)
  11. Danish for WoT installer updated: WoT_da_translation_1.0.2.2_04.ini.7z
  12. Danish for WoT installer updated: WoT_da_translation_1.0.2.2_03.ini.7z
  13. Danish for WoT installer updated: WoT_da_translation_1.0.1.1_19.ini.7z
  14. Quaksen

    WGmods says issue reported

    Probably WG's site being shit If you log in, the button shows correct as "Report a problem" and is clickable.
  15. Quaksen

    installer error

    You don't have to clear every time you install (unless you don't have that much DLC that needs downloading, then you could just clear it every time) Otherwise if you have large DLC selected, you could keep an eye on changelog, and if you see something related to your selections, you could clean when they are updated Just in case

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