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  1. win 8 xvm

    XVM only updates like once every few weeks - or if you ask them to. Go to the website, and click "Update statistics". http://www.modxvm.com/en/ When you mouseover the button, it'll say when your stats were last updated.
  2. win 8 xvm

    Not too sure what you mean? Please try to describe the issue better, and also attach log files. (See my signature on how to)
  3. The Ingame WN8 calculator

    Unless WG releases the formula, I doubt you'll get an ingame calculator for WTR..
  4. The Ingame WN8 calculator

    The mod updates the WN8 values from the "Expected Tank Values" list - and it's from May. You'll have to deal with the weirdness in WN8 for tanks that are added after May.
  5. The Ingame WN8 calculator

    The latest "Expected Tank Values" numbers are from May. The WZ-111 5A isn't included since it's a brand new tank. So weird shit is to be expected.
  6. Include Bonds Earned in Session Stats

    Someone else mentioned bonds, and this is his reply, from 2. September: "I'm not able to implement anything that requires in-game testings to the script before I'm back to home (2-3 months)." http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/583433-09200-yasenkrasen-colored-messages-session-statistics-eng-05092017/page__st__580__pid__14726799#entry14726799
  7. Include Bonds Earned in Session Stats

    Aslain checks this forum, but I don't think the Dado_Ze checks this section.. which is why I linked the forum post.
  8. Include Bonds Earned in Session Stats

    The EU post is here: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/583433-09200-yasenkrasen-colored-messages-session-statistics-eng-05092017/ Not sure if he has an NA post.
  9. AMX M4 49 missing from carousel

    That's so bizarre if you just bought it, and it was placed as reserve But glad you found it anyways
  10. Clan tags / logos

    The one you uploaded, is 45x47:
  11. Unable to see X mod on mini-map

    Glad it's working for you Thanks for posting that!
  12. Clan tags / logos

    Can you resize it to 24x24? That'll cut down on Aslain's workload
  13. Clan tags / logos

    He should be able to use the one I created from your profile avatar image. But if you have the original, that'd be better, I bet? Depends - is the original without the white background (transparent background) or is it like your avatar? (if it's like your avatar, then it should be all good from here)
  14. safe shot not working

    Good to hear it's fixed, for whatever reason Keep in mind: It's not your actual gun that determines the safe shot.. it's the client crosshair. (If you hold down right click, and look another direction than your gun - you should be able to move mouse over a friendly tank, and not be able to fire, since your crosshair is on him)
  15. safe shot not working

    Logs please See my signature for a link.