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  1. Quaksen

    Mods sharing hud_lib.swf file removed?

    Problem is that many people still ignore such warnings, and there might have been other issues that I didn't know about If there was truely only issues with Arms Race, there could have been added warnings in some form that says that, but we'll see what happens
  2. Quaksen

    Mods sharing hud_lib.swf file removed?

    All battle GUI stuff was removed since they are preventing the new Arms Race stuff from displaying properly.
  3. Quaksen

    Aslains Mod issue

    Sounds like it's part of the Battle GUI Customization, and it was all removed since it's breaking Arms Race battles.
  4. Quaksen

    Constant crashes with 0.7.9

    "Won't use modpack again." yet you took your time to post logs, thanks for that, maybe it'll solve it for someone else. Personally, I've had zero crashes in 0.7.9. Moved thread to the correct location.
  5. Learn something new every day. I'm using Hakabase's, and that one needs it, or they'll just vanish completely, like it is in your screenshot.
  6. You are missing the tick in "Display team lineups" - shown in your screenshot of your settings.
  7. Quaksen

    Aslains Mod issue

    Had a look at the "Class Panel with hp bars", the option "without sidepanels" specifically says: "without side panels (it's default version of this mod, just like it was made by its author, with all it's features like a draggable battle timer, and 1 ribbons per row)
  8. Quaksen

    Aslains Mod issue

    Please attach log files.
  9. Please attach log files. The guide is in my signature and in the pinned thread in this forum section.
  10. Quaksen

    Installing problem

    Make sure you're selecting the proper World of Tanks folder, if you have more than one installation.
  11. Quaksen

    Dogtag Remover

    It's there. "Dog Tags Remover" Towards the last quarter of the list. Just above the chat mods. The same section has Navigator, Ribbons, various GUI stuff and so on.
  12. Quaksen

    Dynamic Cross Hair Issue

    Do you have a habit of tabbing out of the game from time to time? That has caused that issue in the past, and doesn't seem to be fixed yet (up to the mod author, and not Aslain, to fix that, I think)
  13. Quaksen

    In Garage - British Challenge Window Does Not Load

    The British Challenge window and a few other things, are being opened as a website actually, using a "Chrome-style browser" (The 'Chromium Embedded Framework' CEF, for short), and that could be getting blocked for some reason, which is why I mentioned to check it As for the other thing you mentioned (it was in the email, but you edited afterwards, hehe) - it's just my signature, it's always attached to my post - your logs show up just fine
  14. Quaksen

    In Garage - British Challenge Window Does Not Load

    Check your internet security software logs to see if it's blocking something, while you have mods installed. I can open the Challenge window just fine using mods.
  15. Quaksen

    issue remain even after update

    Ah thanks Ress. I'll just leave this one by itself then, since the other topic was made by someone else.

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