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  1. defraggler (loading times)

    Defraggler is a lovely tool , gets that HDD into a better state.. Note to other users; if you have an SSD drive, do NOT use defragging software.
  2. Mod won't work for me

    Please attach log files - otherwise it'll be quite hard to do anything about "game isn't working"
  3. Mod

    There are currently two different aim time options, the newly added "XVM sight" addon, and the Extra Aim Info :) Aslain is also working on adding the one you linked, if it's possible.
  4. CTD & BSOD

    BSOD is caused by hardware issues, or drivers for said hardware. Not this modpack. Connection issues is also either your end, or a link between you and Wargaming's server. Who knows about the CTD's - you didn't provide any logs at all.
  5. virus

    If you, for whatever reason, have issues with the main links - simply click the "direct" link, which is another one.
  6. Tchatbox issue

    Hehe, covering the download links, but they're still clickable at least
  7. Tchatbox issue

    The chatbox was updated - and it broke everything - so it's disabled for now.
  8. Missing Mod

    I don't know what you do when you install the modpack. What I do, is simply double click the exe file, and the setup is always saved between each and every installation - for the last several years. Never had any issue where the setup suddenly vanished on me. Are you, for some reason, using "Uninstall" before you install an update?
  9. Missing Mod

    Aslain doesn't have access to remove your files - without your own consent. (Nor is there a client running in the background that removes something, lol.) Mods are removed, because YOU choose to remove them / update to a different modpack version. Read the changelog. The mod selections in modpack, is saved, if they are not saved for you - that's a local issue - or you're deleting the files containing said information. Nothing is removed "magically"... Noone is forcing you to update between each modpack update. Only if you see something that affects something you have an issue with. Because you are selecting an XVM option - so default XVM is being installed. And BO button suddenly disappearing is either, again, something local on your end, or you deselected the mod. Things don't just magically disappear.
  10. ship speed

    Various player panels can show ships top speed. Also "Info Panel (enemy)" can show stuff about enemy ships. Don't think you'll find one that shows their exact speed, at any given point in time - just their max.
  11. Top 10 in battle results

    Don't think there's one that does that. I have a personal edit for the YasenKrasen config, that adds placement to the battle result in the notification center though. (It has a larger font, says Rank: and then number, colored somewhat XVM-style) If you use that - you could send me the config file for YasenKrasen (it's in \World of Tanks\mods\configs\yk-stats\), and I'll edit it and give you a file to use in the custom mods folder, so it'll be installed everytime you update modpack.
  12. You're welcome, hehe though exaggerating a little bit on the G.O.A.T. part If you change it back, just remember it for the future, to switch to 100% - installer doesn't like that, since it becomes too big for the resolution, lol. (It might fit on larger resolutions, but I don't know.. I'm stuck at 1080p )
  13. Well the picture is 1080p, so you do have scaling on (probably a laptop?) If you hit the windows key, and type in "scaling", it should be the first thing to show in the menu, which opens the proper settings screen for it. You'll need to be at 100% to use it properly, you can always switch back afterwards
  14. You need to use 100% scale - you're using a scale to make things larger - and that breaks the installer in the way you're showing.
  15. CTD whenever click Italian Challenge

    Please attach log files properly See my signature
  16. Johny_Bafak's Vertical Techtree

    The person, Johny_Bafak, is still missing. OldSkool, together with KukieJar, has managed to salvage and update the mod to mostly what it was.
  17. Using wrong modpack for wrong game version. NA hasn't updated to yet then, and you tried to use that modpack, when you still need to use
  18. He doesnt have a problem, just asking a few questions It should work fine with all types of crosshair, default or mods
  19. Several mentions of "Hitmarker" since then though
  20. You're quoting a changelog note for 9.17.1 Lots of things have changed since then, things are added/removed/changed all the time
  21. link to newest update

    The newest modpack is always listed here; Almost right next to where you posted If you follow that thread, you'll even get an email notification instantly when new modpacks are released.
  22. Automatic update

    Download part was mentioned after it. And I know he could just as well mean "go to the website" It's such a small thing to do - as Aslain himself said
  23. Automatic update

    Update modpack - without having to connect? lol...
  24. Missing Mod

    Please attach log files as well