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  1. Quaksen

    Download problem

    Direct means it goes directly to down modpack. Download link goes through the ad-supported page, and then to the same download link that direct provides. It's a means to support Aslain. Using direct gives him nothing at all - unless you donate. There's plenty indicator, given that it's a seperate link all together, next to the other one, called "direct"
  2. Quaksen

    Download problem

    No, "ALL" of them are not blocked. Did you try the direct link as Aslain suggested above?...
  3. Quaksen

    Gun Sights

    v1.2.0.1 #01 (18-10-2018): - removed potentialy incompatible mods: all crosshairs (Probably due to the event..)
  4. Quaksen

    Download problem

    It's most likely just the AV companies flagging the domains, for occasionally having that "fake techsupport" website, which is a phishing attempt, trying to get people to enter their stuff. There's really nothing to do about it. There's already several alternatives to use too
  5. Quaksen

    Download problem

    Moved your post into a similar thread, and out of the wrong one. See Aslain's reply above.
  6. Quaksen

    Install error

    If you do that, expect a lot of issues, since the update broke a lot of stuff (again)!
  7. Quaksen

    Mod Problems

    The locations of the mods would probably be saved for the 4K resolution - and you'll probably have to delete "preferences.xml" from the World of Warships directory, to get rid of those saved values. Keep a backup of preferences.xml just in case.
  8. Quaksen

    Issue when using #5 (and earlier)

    Please attach log files. You're probably installing without clearing DLC cache or the mods folders?
  9. Quaksen

    web security

    There's zero issues on my end using any of the links. The ad supported links can sometimes be weird, but that's not changeable. The direct links give no issues.. and if you are having issues with them, that's probably more on your end.
  10. Yeah I know you weren't asking for a fix right away Just letting you know what is going on, so you know why there's a delay currently Aslain is working mostly on 1.2 for World of Tanks, since that was just out The red icons for consumables are made by me, same with the red ones for unobtained achievements Glad to know that others are actually using them! I only just noticed the icon was missing recently, when I played a French cruiser, which is (I think?) the only ships with that booster so far.
  11. You are already installing the latest modpack - just ignore the update check mod for now?
  12. You are using the latest. What message are you getting ingame? What version is it telling you there?
  13. Quaksen

    hp bar

    A little vague of a question, and not related to this section (Issues & bug reporting) if you aren't even using the modpack?
  14. \res_mods\VERSION\alt_minimap\settings.xml <camera> <sightLine thickness="1" color="0xffffff" alpha="0.5" /> <fov color="0x7dfffff" alpha="0.08" /> <distance reDraw="true"> Setting reDraw to false, lets you have the vanilla circle on the minimap. Edit: Correction, it's reDraw to false, to get the vanilla circle
  15. Red one is already done and sent to Aslain. Gold one is on him to make. If you aren't aware, World of Tanks 1.2 was just released, and that has to take priority over some icons. Patience.
  16. Oh okay. Just the way you described it, and the only way that I know that XVM panels wouldn't show it, made me say that. Hard to know what else you're experiencing, I cannot read your mind and see infront of me exactly what you see
  17. Quaksen

    Error starting game

    The game hasn't updated yet. As you can clearly see from the error message, the game wants to load, because that's still what's active.
  18. You need to re-activate / prolong XVM services every 2 weeks or so. I'm assuming you probably did not do that?
  19. Quaksen

    removed: Personal Missions Helper

    I'll look into it when I get some time. But looks like it might be possible these days to get it translated, though it'll take some time.
  20. Quaksen

    removed: Personal Missions Helper

    There's 3 different ones in that zip file, so which one are you talking about?
  21. Quaksen

    Trojan reported

    And where exactly are you seeing this message? On the download page? During the download? Just after finishing the download? Running the installer?
  22. Quaksen

    Ribbon customisation & detection

    If/when they're updated by their mod authors. All Battle GUI Customization was initially removed since it was breaking the new Arms Race stuff.
  23. Quaksen

    Possible to Make Equipped Equipment mod?

    It's already a thing! It's called: Tooltips Count Items Limit Extend and it's listed under the Garage Mods, just above Session Stats and so on.
  24. Quaksen

    Mods sharing hud_lib.swf file removed?

    Problem is that many people still ignore such warnings, and there might have been other issues that I didn't know about If there was truely only issues with Arms Race, there could have been added warnings in some form that says that, but we'll see what happens

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