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  1. I use Butterkeks tracers too, and the Custom Loading Screen, and no issues here, both working just fine. Hmm.
  2. Quaksen

    Camo Rating in different moments

    If I'm not mistaken, a mod that showed this (called 'Master Ambush') was removed when the Fair Play Policy was introduced, since it's in a grey area.
  3. Quaksen

    Cant load game at all

    What a mess you ended up making with all those file links, hehe. Please read the pinned thread, or the link in my signature, on how to attach log files (since many important ones are missing from what you added)
  4. Quaksen

    few mods are updated, can you add them back ?

    The official "Crew Skill Informer" thread is here; http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/481984-1021-crewskillinformer-crews-skills-and-perks-in-battle-window-update-18062018-v12/ (I know it says it's updated, but it's not working yet. Aslain tested it too, his reply is one of the latest ones there)
  5. Quaksen

    few mods are updated, can you add them back ?

    Crew Skill Informer isn't ready yet. It's preventing the game from working. Battle Observer in the modpack, has no "virus" and won't be showing ads. (The offending 'vxSettingsApi' isn't included, since that's the one causing it.. result: No garage menu for BO, but BO works just fine.) Your link is to a closed group for Facebook. But it's probably talking about BO while including the 'bad extra mod' called 'vxSettingsApi' As for spotted enemies without XVM - there's an option in PMOD, I'm sure Aslain will include that next update, if it's not already there. Not sure he'll include what's on your link, since one of the authors is known for having added the ads bullcrap to other mods.
  6. Quaksen

    Yet another update this morning

    Don't know what to say.. is ASIA currently down? At least I cannot open their website; "This site can’t be reached worldoftanks.asia took too long to respond." Please attach log files if you're having issues - and please make a seperate thread for it and explain your issue
  7. Quaksen

    Yet another update this morning

    Well, with that error message, ASIA is still on game version, and you shouldn't be using the modpack for it.
  8. You'd have to get ekspoint to remove his adware/malware and what else word you can call it, from his "ekspointCore" file. Until then - NOT HAPPENING. GUARANTEED.
  9. Please attach log files. Also: CAPS LOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL? Between typing the topic and your post, your CAPS LOCK key went broke, or your Shift key got stuck.
  10. Quaksen

    HP team bar

    Maybe next modpack update. BO seems to work just fine without "vxSettingsApi" (vxSettingsApi was removed due to having a lot of adware shit now)
  11. Quaksen

    Yet another update this morning

    You're using region changer, and didn't select the servers for it to show? for Auxilium.
  12. Quaksen

    Lost all camo

    One mod author decided to include adware stuff in his mod - they were removed 2 modpack updates ago. - removed mods sharing dependency files polarfox.vxSettingsApi and polarfox.vxBattleFlash(Battle Observer, Utannouncer Female/Male, Radial Menu, Show Vehicle, Colored chat messages "Chat + Kill-log")
  13. Quaksen

    Crew Skill Informer - My fav mod <3

    It was removed because it's crashing the game or just not working. There are some reports in it's thread; http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/481984-092103-crewskillinformer-crews-skills-and-perks-in-battle-window-update-11012018-v11/
  14. Quaksen

    Battle Observer bugged in #02

    Yet still required if you're expecting to get help
  15. Maybe some mod is affecting it then - even if that shouldn't really be possible, since there's no text files installed. Hmm Minor issue though, nothing game breaking, and so far it looks like it's just those 4 lines. Aslain is looking into it though.
  16. Not URL's, but just broken text messages. WoT's translation files uses stuff like "finalStatistic/window/title" and then the translation would be "Battle Results" for example.. and whatever else in other languages. Like this; msgid "finalStatistic/window/title" msgstr "Battle Results" I'm guessing WG fucked up. The english files are fine. They are fine in YasenKrasen too, but you don't use that text addon.
  17. Quaksen

    [Login Screen] How to change ?

    It'll work As long as you follow what Ress and me mentioned Ress' post is a good one explaining it.
  18. Quaksen

    [Login Screen] How to change ?

    That's what I said, yeah. Inside "res_mods", and inside the "VERSION" folder, you'd first be making "gui" folder. Then inside that, you'll make "maps", and inside that, "login" - and place your login images there.
  19. Quaksen

    [Login Screen] How to change ?

    In res_mods? Of course not. You'd have to make the folders
  20. Since "battlehits" is part of the 2nd last line, try without; "Battle Hits Viewer"
  21. Quaksen

    No options for MOE extended

    Press Esc in garage, or the gear in top left. Should be there.
  22. Quaksen

    trouble with losing all camo

    It should be just first time using the mod, the configs aren't touched in the appdata location. I can poke Aslain to have him confirm it
  23. Quaksen

    trouble with losing all camo

    You didn't lose the camo, it was demounted as described for the mod you selected, so you can mount it again and teach the mod what camo goes where. Auxilium, if you kept it checked, would save what camo goes on which tank. If you keep it checked, it'll save those things to it's config file. The demounting is done as a first time use of it.
  24. It's because of the added options yeah.. not sure if it would be fixable - but auto-selecting something based on previous installation, when new stuff is added as sub-options, would be a problem too, since the installer couldn't possibly know which region it should default to
  25. Haha.. numpty - first time I've heard that one That has to be a UK-term. And that does make a lot of sense! Don't worry about it - you aren't the first, or the last, to mix up Battle Observer and Battle Assistant

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