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  1. Wargaming has officially gone totally insane... on EU on RU on ASIA LOL...
  2. Safe shot illegal: FALSE. It's allowed. Source: http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/69622-fair-play-policy-faqs/
  3. Could be a number of things... Slow internet Limited amount of data per month and what not But yeah, things can go wrong if you just copy, without installing properly, missing registry and what not..
  4. If you run clean install + clearing DLC cache, there shouldn't be any leftover files messing things up
  5. Depends on what you mean, by not getting xp for your premium and elite tanks.... If you enabled "Accelerate Crew Training" on them, all xp earned on them goes to the crew, and you don't store up xp that you can convert to free xp using gold.
  6. See that little lock next to the "Convert" text? Yeah.. that one.. click it It's an XVM feature, that you selected to install with the modpack.. and at some point, you clicked it, thus locking your Free XP, so you couldn't accidentally use it. Same goes for the gold, yours is still unlocked for the gold, as is the default. The gold you spent to convert xp into free xp, added the free xp to your pool - but as it's locked, you didn't spend it. (You had enough free xp prior to spending the gold - but the free xp was locked)
  7. And here's a picture from the "Official" World of Warships modpack, the one that your error message is most likely from:
  8. You're probably just confusing the two modpacks, for whatever reason... Aslain's installer is here, and will never contain such a message that you saw: The picture you've taken, is a message either from ProShips modpack, or that "Official" World of Warships modpack from the WG forums..
  9. Even Aslain himself said it's not from his modpack.
  10. In your screenshot, it mentions "aslains_installer.exe", which isn't the default name - I think that's why Aslain is asking if you renamed it
  11. The screenshot you posted is NOT from Aslain's modpack.. but probably the "official" World of Warships modpack? There's no Russian text in Aslain's modpack, for example
  12. Better attach those logs, so Aslain has those to check Some other mod has to be in conflict with it right now, it seems..
  13. When in the Dock, you should see the blue I in the corner, the notification center When you open it, do you see 3 tabs, where the rightmost one is russian language? That's the session stats (I see it, with the latest modpack as of this post)
  14. Weird, but glad you found a workaround Hopefully someone else with a bit more knowledge on things can drop by, to help you closer to what you wanted
  15. Hehe, I didn't even notice that it was from another modpack, lol.. my reply still worked though I guess, since there was no modpack from you at that time
  16. Better Ship Icons on Compact Carousel is the culprit, according to posters here:
  17. You have first tabstop after 1, and you only included 1 tab command, so there should be 1 space between the name, and the clan. And yes, it's in pixels. So you should have a 1 pixel space between name and clan tag. In the line you posted (As example, most uses I've seen, start at values between 30 and 105..)
  18. It's a temporary file that gets flagged, for whatever reason. When Aslain feels better, I'm sure he'll drop by this thread and answer it. We already had issues with the folder renaming tool, that got falsely reported by some anti virus as being bad, which it wasn't/isn't
  19. Gotta love those issues that randomly appear, and randomly goes away hehe
  20. You sure you haven't just increased it's size? Try hitting the hotkeys to increase/decrease the size of it. (I think it's +/- keys on the numpad, by default)
  21. Aslain knows. He's in bed with flu, so lets just hope for a speedy recovery
  22. Quite odd that it would block the torrent file - gotta love the paranoia of "smart" filter. I could understand it blocking an "unknown" exe file. But you're talking about the torrent file.
  23. Yup. Latest proper release works fine too. Just remember to pick the proper one, since there's one for RU/CIS, and one for the rest of us Due to version differences. I just copied in the version folder + mods folder, leaving out the configs folder, and it was all peachy
  24. Answers/Ideas inside the quote, in red text. You can easily test your values, by loading up replays, instead of going through a real battle each time Then you can quickly find out which suits your needs, using the various macros from the macros.txt file
  25. Also the problem of no logs