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  1. Look into the "\World of Tanks\Aslains_Custom_mods" folder Packing a zip file with the proper structure to the location, starting with mods or res_mods depending on where it's saved.. And it'll be installed as the last step, overwriting what's there.
  2. If you still have the last working modpack, just run that with the "Delete all previous mods from the game (strongly advised)" option
  3. A lot of players spreading weird stuff is quite common, sadly. It doesn't get anymore clear than this: Legal: Enemy gun indicators on the minimap: shows direction where enemies within the draw distance are pointing their guns (on the minimap) http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/69622-fair-play-policy-faqs/ (Yes yes, ASIA link... but, Fair Play Policy is GLOBAL, same rules for ALL servers.)
  4. Your logs aren't from the newest #29 modpack Which was released just after you downloaded it, most likely? Key to make minimap smaller will be in the WoT settings menu.
  5. Get newest modpack, most likely XVM issue, due to the micropatch this morning. As for your minimap, there's two keys, one to increase the size, one to decrease the size.
  6. Most likely is, due to the micropatch this morning.
  7. Please remember to attach logs, see my signature
  8. I'm fairly sure many people have gotten it while playing the Assault game-mode. Since it doesn't require you to kill the last 5, just be alive alone while 5 enemies are alive, and win the game. And time running out = win, for a defending team in Assault.
  9. Good game and lol at the idiots that have gone infront of your gun, one by one, kindly waiting for you to reload first...
  10. Yes, I've tried below native resolution, and it gets blurry, due to the way that the pixels are shown, on the lower resolution. \res_mods\VERSION\gui\battle_layout.xml "indicatorSpeed" is the Cruise Control options. Distance from Glue is usually what needs to be changed. The others are the anchors, but not too sure myself on how to adjust those.
  11. Yeah, you need to manually setup each tank first, so it can learn which ones to mount things on
  12. It's some issue with a new file that XVM started to include, crosshaircontrols or something like that. Aslain is checking more on it
  13. You could make it easier on yourself when sharing logs, and use the new archiver Keep in mind for next time As for the issue, no clue. But Aslain knows, he knows all!
  14. I'm pretty sure the issue is more the World of Tanks client itself. They recently changed it so tanks get spotted faster, and that's bound to cause heavier load when the initial spot is done. Makes total sense to me that that would be the issue at hand. It happens like that on really fast computers too, those with SSD, and what not.
  15. Run Aslains_WoWs_Logs_Archiver.exe in the World of Warships directory. Attach the Aslains_Logs.zip file it creates.
  16. It's a sticky in the section you posted in, it's in Aslain's signature, and in mine (Mine also has the WoWs link, though they're pretty similar anyways)
  17. Shouldn't change at all. They're textures, they're loaded no matter what
  18. You asked this in the Requests section, and got a reply there
  19. Should be at least one option of auto-mounting/unmounting in the modpack
  20. Please remember to attach logs
  21. Many of the things WG does, are puzzling at best. They really should tell people what they did wrong, and not just "You used a bad mod!", they need to say what kinda feature it provided. Surely they detected SOMETHING, so they should be able to say it. But they won't... I'm pretty sure Aslain checks the changelogs of mods - but it could still be snuck in without a note in the changelog, I suppose. I hope that isn't the case. Keep in mind that these ban waves can be from things detected all the way back to the FPP's beginning. You wouldn't be the first innocent that WG banned, if it is... others have mentioned that they were playing completely without mods, but still got a ban.
  22. "base our judgement on guidelines" - what a load of horsemanure. They should still saying what guideline it was.. so players and others have a chance at finding out WHY and WHAT caused it... sigh. Aslain checked every single mod when the Fair Play Policy was released. And any mod that was even just a little bit in the grey, was checked directly with WG staff.
  23. That doesn't make any sense to me - but okay. Hehe. My client takes the screenshot as the client's resolution. Not something else. And it should look blurry, if you're stretching 1440p, to 2160p. But oh well. And who knows if it can be fixed. Should be possible, but who knows. It's hard for Aslain to adjust it though, without a 1440p or 4K monitor. But you're welcome to try editing the file yourself, and then sharing it, so Aslain can add it for other users of "above 1080p"
  24. The screenshot says otherwise though, since it's 4K sized. But I can confirm that the speed-thingie is in the middle just the same on 1440p. (Off topic: Doesn't things look blurry when you run below the native resolution? Since pixels would need to get stretched to fit the same area)
  25. Your resolution is 4K though, and not 1440p, judging by your screenshot resolution. Compass Elements Move compass elements (rework by Aslain) Works just fine on 1440p. Can't speak for the other one.