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  1. Because I replied to you mentioning the FPP. I simply added a personal opinion on it. Shrugs. I obviously mentioned the "straight forward", because you also did, and I agree with it. We were discussing a suspicious website and the FPP. Not this mod in particular. We went kinda off topic when the whole suspicious website part was mentioned, hehe. Ah well (I re-read it as I posted it, and after, and I still do not see how it could be even slightly seen as being sarcastic. I see a post saying I love the FPP, and agreeing with you.) Anyways, game on.
  2. I don't see the sarcasm at all in that post? I'm saying I love the FPP. I'm saying it's straight forward, same rules for all servers. Instead of what it used to be, before FPP, with different rules for different servers. Oh well, lol.
  3. Unless it has changed (it might have) they should be in res_mods\version\gui\maps\login, as png files. If they're in the new "mods" folder instead, as a .wotmod file, you'll need 7-zip (freeware) to extract the file.
  4. Why would I be sarcastic? Don't you like the fact that all servers have the same rules..... instead of one server allowing a mod, and another having it banned? That shit was confusing as hell for modpack makers like Aslain. And confusing for users as well, trying to figure out which mod was allowed where. (I was saying FPP was same rules for all servers..... and I was saying that BEFORE FPP, there was different rules on different servers.)
  5. Someone else had the same issue, and it was the "favorite server" option, uncheck that, reinstall modpack, and it should be fine. Serveur Favori (enregistre le serveur sélectionné)
  6. Looks like there's some issue there then, with the favorite server option, and how it saves to a file on computer, that probably isn't wiped alongside caches and such.
  7. I'd guess it's an issue with the favorite server part, since NA had their servers merged, from two to one.
  8. Selecting the clean installation at the end, deletes all mod files, and then installs what it has selected + the mods you have in custom mods folder + everything in DLC cache, if you didn't opt to delete DLC cache in the installer. You shouldn't need to manually delete things before doing a new setup
  9. Best thing to do instead of a bunch of screenshots of the installer and it's options, is just complete the installation, and create a new set of logs, which will then have the new selections for much easier testing
  10. Probably have some program on your computer blocking that script from connecting to the internet. Did you check the file it says? And missing logs to the post... please attach.
  11. Yeah, I love the Fair Play Policy, and how it is straight forward, and same rules for all servers - instead of different rules for different servers
  12. Yeah realized afterwards that was nonsense, hehe. That would just make your default zoom always be x4, but sounds like yours is defaulting to x12.. which is odd, since it's set to false.
  13. My previous reply was a bit off I see... edited out the useless part, hehe. Thanks for adding the logs
  14. You should attach required logs, to make things easier.
  15. You selected them? Aslains icons Original WG icons colored with my style
  16. The former isn't really out of the question, as the site you link to, is hosting pretty much every single mod that isn't allowed out there - while also hosting a lot of mods that are just fine. And many other mod websites out there, not just for World of Tanks, but other games, are probably suspicious in the fact they have weird download hosting, with tricky clicks and what not.
  17. Because the Game Center replaces the launchers in the normal games, to use itself instead. The Game Center is still just "open beta" by the way. Installer will warn you that there's no client there, since it doesn't detect the normal files (since they're removed by the Game Center) But it'll still install the modpack just fine. You just cannot launch the game through it - launch game manually afterwards.
  18. Browser could be using too much memory, if you do not have a lot in the computer, and when loading into a battle, game probably starts to use more, and stalls/crashes, due to running out of free memory to use? That would be one guess, if you think it's related to a browser running at the same time.
  19. What crosshair are you using that you are having issues loading into battle with? There WAS an issue with the Rising Star one, and it was fixed. Other crosshairs work fine too. So if you are using one, name it, and if you could, attach logs as well.
  20. Did you do a complete clean install of Windows and everything? And even if you did or did not do that - I would recommend doing a virus scan, of all harddrives connected to the computer, to rule that out - just in case - better safe than sorry. Could have been something lurking, that was triggered in some way.
  21. Ah yeah, that would do the trick. Didn't think about that part
  22. Could you please attach required log files as well? See the sticky thread in this section, or the link in my signature.
  23. Only if it helps him, he didn't report back, but that could be a good sign, if he ended up playing World of Tanks Lets hope so.
  24. You should be able to click activate services, and then login to World of Tanks on your laptop, and it should register that for XVM, and work fine from then on... Otherwise I am not sure what could block part of XVM... it seems weird. Just in case, please attach log files as described in the link in my signature
  25. When you switch between computers, do you keep reactivating on the modxvm website? Since I'm pretty sure it's locked to the computer that last logs into World of Tanks afterwards.