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  1. Voice Mods

    res_packages folder, most likely.. and you'll need: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/81806-get-your-wows-unpacker-here-06120/ Not sure what else, if you want to mess with it.....
  2. Try when Aslain releases #01 version of modpack, Autospy panels are updated in that one. (Hasn't been released at time of writing this reply.. so hold on )
  3. Issue with Detailed Damage Indicator

    A few others have had the same issue... it has to be a local issue, from what I can tell... Battlenat0r tried the setup that worked for me, and it didn't work for him, for example.
  4. You'll need to ask WG to work on it... it's their issue.
  5. Graphics Bug

    Good to hear Yeah it was hotfixed shortly after release so easy to miss.
  6. My client is not detected at all.

    Selected game should have a "Game settings" button, which has the "Check and repair" (going by information from Wargaming's wiki, as I don't use the Game Center)
  7. Graphics Bug

    Are you using the #00a version of the installer? It should have fixed it. v. #00a (19-10-2017): - hotfix Battle GUI customization
  8. Duke Nukem Audio mod not working

    Yeah Hopefully someone can update it
  9. gun reload sound

    When they're updated. That's about as close as can be said. Wargaming updated the Wise sound engine, which broke almost everything.
  10. My client is not detected at all.

    Weird move by WGNA... :/ For whatever reason, the Game Center removes the file that Aslain checks game version on - no clue if there is an alternative file to use - if there is, I'm sure he'll add it eventually. But it won't prevent you from installing the modpack
  11. My client is not detected at all.

    So it's NA forcing it down your throats? Or you've tried World of Warplanes... Saw a thread on NA forums mentioning both of those things... one guy had to reinstall to use the old launcher. Anyways, on EU, the old launcher works fine. And still - the modpack works just fine... if you have an actual problem, do post about it. But that warning message isn't a problem.
  12. My client is not detected at all.

    I'm using the old launcher just fine - I'm not forced to use that game center. And regardless - you can still use the modpack just fine. Nothing changes. It's a simple warning message, to try and help people. (And those with Game Center, will just have to live with it for now.... IT STILL WORKS)
  13. My client is not detected at all.

    That message doesn't matter, AT ALL, you realize this right? It's a simple warning message... you can continue with installation, as you were already told. (Or stop using Wargaming's shitty Game Center, which removes the file the installer uses to tell the game version)
  14. autoaim helper

    Tomorrow, if the mod is updated/fixed.
  15. Captain issues

    Hard to tell without the logs - as they're required in pretty much all cases. I run session stats, clear vision and tech tree, and I can move captains around just fine.
  16. Sounds good It makes it much much easier to try your setup, and also see possible errors in logs and what not. (One of the files included will be the exact mod setup you use without the need to type out your list, and manually adding them one by one)
  17. My client is not detected at all.

    Get the newest installer, which fixes that issue (hopefully) v. #00a (19-10-2017):- hotfix Battle GUI customization
  18. See my signature on how to create the logs zip, and attach that
  19. My client is not detected at all.

    Please attach log files, at least. Even though the installer says it doesn't detect the client, it should still install fine, if you select the game folder.
  20. Clan tags / logos or icons

    Probably not. Not that I know of, at least.
  21. Frindslist unavailable

    Probably just restarting the game until it works, or keep opening it until it works. It's a WG issue, it's come and gone for years it seems, a connection issue between you and WG's server. Probably WG's server being poopy.
  22. Clan tags / logos or icons

    Aslain's modpack installer.
  23. Clan tags / logos or icons

    Sub-selection for Player Panel Sub-selection for Custom Battle Loading Screen