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  1. What, why are you saying sorry? Don't mind the yellow text message - it's a signature, and always posted with my posts. Since most of my posts are in the bugs/issues section, where people haven't added logs
  2. Odd, heh. There's no logic behind all the random ships that gets added when you try to add bots. Hopefully someone knows...
  3. Odd - perhaps your Aslains_Logs.zip file wasn't updated properly - could you open "Aslains_Installer_CompList.log" and check the version it says at the top? (It should be where you find the zip file, alongside some other Aslains_Installer files)
  4. And if you are having mirrored icons - when selecting BADoBEST v2 + some Contour Icons option - then do share your logs.
  5. There's no issue with BADoBEST v2 + contour icons... works just fine - as I said many times now. Hehe. Also Aslain explains how it's installed now. As for the top bar - you do not get it by default... you are messing with stuff outside of the modpack
  6. As I said - I'm using BADoBEST v2, with Autospy's contour icons - and they are displaying just fine. There's no mirroring. They display just like your screenshot shows. Properly. I tried the contour icons you selected - and they work just fine too. Your screenshot is showing something other than the v2 panel though - or you wouldn't be getting the top bar?
  7. How is it a bug - when v1 and v3 panels are described as "NOT COMPATIBLE" with contour icons? v2 panel - which is compatible with contour icons - works just fine... it shows the contour icons not-mirrored.
  8. BADoBEST v2 + contour icons works fine. The others should be de-selecting contour icons automatically. v1 and v3 descriptions says they aren't compatible with contour icons. So this is more of a request, than a bug/issue
  9. Not sure what the issue is from your screenshot? The icons themselves - if mirrored - would look backwards... as they are now, they're displayed as they should?
  10. Indeed - missing this update, for example: v9.17.0.3 #12 (05-02-2017): - updated gun sounds Zorgane 1.09
  11. That sounds rather odd, and would probably need a replay to understand exactly what you mean.. Autoaim being disabled would be: Him doing it. Target getting unspotted.
  12. If you posted logs - they would be taken care of - if there is an issue on the installer's end.
  13. Does your friend use triple monitor setup? He selected: Dreifach Bildschirm UI Tweak [lese Mod Beschreibung!] Which moves a lot of things off screen, if you're running one monitor. Since it adjusts for the following resolution: 5670x1080
  14. Logs are quite important, so he can test what you are trying to install. You know.... Logs are more than just seeing the error message. If the folder "World_of_Warships\res\banks" is missing from your game - then you have an issue with your game client. Look for it? Is it there, in your game folder?
  15. Illegal now
  16. It's shown in your screenshot. [ direct ] - right after the mirror number.
  17. The best bet for that menu, is probably that someone has been working with Photoshop, and editing it to look like that, just to make fun
  18. Click the X in the top right corner of the special battle window, that usually works for me. Wouldn't surprise me if this is a WG bug, actually. And if the special battles are still shown in the bottom line, click in there, click on the battle you're already shown in, and then the X, if the above didn't work.
  19. Some issue between you and the DLC server, maybe... running as admin shouldn't change the speed.
  20. I have downloaded DLC files faster than 130 KB/s, that's for sure. But there are many factors... and I doubt that specific files are slower than others.
  21. Hehe I know.. that's why I added the " " after saying complained. Usually the link should also have a mention of which region it was for, but thankfully it's rare that it's needed And you too, have a nice day
  22. The modpack version is for the game version... v6.1.1 for example. When you downloaded, and complained you downloaded the v6.1.1, when your game version was something else (v6.1.0) The picture you just showed, doesn't really help anything.. since the old download is now gone, and EU is updated. So NA/EU are on same version. The mirrors aren't linked to the game version. The mirrors are location based.. shrugs
  23. There was download links to both versions - because there were different versions live. Maybe region wasn't mentioned.. but hopefully you know what version you are playing
  24. At the time of your posting, Dazzleship, EU isn't on 6.1.1 So you used wrong modpack version We get the patch in a few hours. Mulligey is on 6.1.1 though, being on NA servers. (For whatever reason, NA gets the patch the day before EU... in WoT, it's totally different, hehe)