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  1. Johny_Bafak's Vertical Techtree

    The compact horizontal techtree in the modpack is nice enough, prevents the scrolling at least
  2. Trend Micro notification

    Triple scan? I hope you don't have more than one anti-virus software on your computer. They'll conflict and mess shit up badly. Yeah - it's fine to post it - but no need to post it everywhere. That's a bit over the top. Aslain will probably have to contact them about it.
  3. Trend Micro notification

    Gotta love false positives. https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/705a51ce8e5b242a67c449c1145733cf4bb223e32099e7ec5f422412548634c3/detection
  4. Johny_Bafak's Vertical Techtree

    Johny_Bafak is gone for now, he hasn't been replying to things for a few months now.
  5. Quickybaby in game panels not the correct panels

    Please attach log files.
  6. Zoom Mod

    Keep in mind that Aslain manages the World of Tanks modpack as well
  7. According to your logs, you don't really have anything selected at all.. just the "Save password box" - odd.
  8. Sound only coming through 1 headphone

    Maybe it'll be fixed in a few years - they're still having issues with something as simple as a chat system for an online team play game.
  9. Personal mission codes on EU

    230217VERYCOLDSHIP - personal mission for 10 ESCL flags 230817GUNSFORANYSHIP - personal mission for 10 Flesh Wound flags 160217GOTOUSSRSHIP - personal mission for 10 Papa Papa flags 050117BETWEENERSHIP - personal mission for 10 Papa Papa flags (again) 040117BETWEENSHIP - personal mission for 10 Zulu flags 150715NOTHSFSHIP - personal mission for 10 ESCL flags (again) 020316SUCHABUZZSHIP - personal mission for 10 Flesh Wound flags (again) 301116REVOLUSHIP - personal mission for 10 Cmd-XP flags 210815SUCHABIGSHIP - personal mission for 10 Zulu flags (again) 120218OUESTLESHIP - personal mission for 10 Cmd-XP flags (again) This is what they give, copied from a reddit thread.
  10. Hash Mismatch on v.9.22.0 #03

    Since you mention that the hash matches #02 version, that simply means that Aslain forgot to update the hash when releasing #03 modpack Minor mistake on his part
  11. Player color on minimap

    Moved to correct section. This is hardly a World of Tanks thing, with CV's, pink TK'er and stuff.
  12. Error When downloading the mods

    Try restarting your computer, and installing again. It's a local issue of some sorts, preventing the process from running. (Maybe AV?)
  13. Sound only coming through 1 headphone

    Only happens when you use the modpack, or what? If it ONLY happens with the modpack - include logs. If it happens without modpack - contact WG.
  14. eskpoint-mods.tk(feedback) link on exit panel

    The only way would be to NOT use any mods that has the EKSPOINT notice on them in the installer. (Or you could setup a block in your AV, to block that particular website, so it's not clicked again)
  15. Can't install v7.1.0 #00b

    Did you try downloading the installer again?
  16. Autoaim Indication mod was removed for now, since it's causing issues like preventing people from shooting. And that mod has that feature.
  17. Game crash at battle start.

    Try without: Minimap with ship names
  18. Ekspoint Mods

    Would be nice if there were good replacements for all of them
  19. Winrate not showing up in-game

    Please attach log files as well
  20. What happened to auto aim thing?

    It's preventing people from shooting - so it was removed - till it's updated.
  21. Short question ;-)

    Feel free to yell at me, if it's not Battle Observer's capture bar, lol.. though it should be!
  22. Short question ;-)

    Battle Observer - check the garage menu bottom right corner
  23. Blocking of shot

    Well, isn't there one for one of them? Anyways, you might end up being blocked for spamming, you know, if you post such messages ingame, and people then report you
  24. Aslain's current version is Current World of Warships version for EU, is that. We get the update tonight. Current World of Warships version for NA, is or so. Relax, update is coming.
  25. Blocking of shot

    It's been gone for like one day, relax, and let people update their mods first