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  1. type

    What happened to auto aim thing?

    never prevented me from shooting....
  2. type

    WN8 % chance to win

    Hmmm, is it under the "Non-XVM hitlog" settings?
  3. There are other Mods out there that have a "WN8 chance to win %" option Mod. It calculates both teams WN8 averages and gives the chance to win in the top of the game screen. (since xvm does not offer it anymore) I could have sworn that Aslains had it as well .........
  4. type

    Fair Play on NA

    "I honestly don't see how snapping give you such an advantage that it warrants banning... " I think they miss-worded it. I believe they will clarify later, as snapping a target does not give you an advantage. All it does is enable vanilla auto-aim alot better.
  5. is stupid. It is NOT a cheat. Hell, quickie babies mod pack even has it.........
  6. type

    How to create custom flags ?

    That would be a great idea, as I was wanting a Lebanese flag, but none exists in WOT......
  7. type

    I just love.....

    Wow, thanks!
  8. type

    I just love.....

    Oh yeah, thanks. I have no problem w/the skins, just the 'WGleague.net' stuff.
  9. type

    I just love.....

    the 'Echoes of war-Gun sounds'.....So real sounding, even the artillery shells flying in the air! I just wish Aslains had a 'remove wg league.net advertisements' MOD from the 'Black Dog' GF and the AMX 13 75 GF........A plain skin with no add logos
  10. type

    Real gun/engine sound mod

    Thanks for the reply. I really do miss the 'real' sound of an artillery shell flying by......
  11. Anyone know if there are any Mods out there }9.15} that have the real diesel engine sounds along with gun sounds/radio? 2 patches ago, they mysteriously disappeared without explanation from mod-packs...
  12. type

    Firefly Mod

    Anyone know if the 'Firefly Mod' will be added later?

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