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  1. What happened to auto aim thing?

    never prevented me from shooting....
  2. WN8 % chance to win

    Hmmm, is it under the "Non-XVM hitlog" settings?
  3. There are other Mods out there that have a "WN8 chance to win %" option Mod. It calculates both teams WN8 averages and gives the chance to win in the top of the game screen. (since xvm does not offer it anymore) I could have sworn that Aslains had it as well .........
  4. Fair Play on NA

    "I honestly don't see how snapping give you such an advantage that it warrants banning... " I think they miss-worded it. I believe they will clarify later, as snapping a target does not give you an advantage. All it does is enable vanilla auto-aim alot better.
  5. is stupid. It is NOT a cheat. Hell, quickie babies mod pack even has it.........
  6. How to create custom flags ?

    That would be a great idea, as I was wanting a Lebanese flag, but none exists in WOT......
  7. I just love.....

    Wow, thanks!
  8. I just love.....

    Oh yeah, thanks. I have no problem w/the skins, just the 'WGleague.net' stuff.
  9. I just love.....

    the 'Echoes of war-Gun sounds'.....So real sounding, even the artillery shells flying in the air! I just wish Aslains had a 'remove wg league.net advertisements' MOD from the 'Black Dog' GF and the AMX 13 75 GF........A plain skin with no add logos
  10. Real gun/engine sound mod

    Thanks for the reply. I really do miss the 'real' sound of an artillery shell flying by......
  11. Anyone know if there are any Mods out there }9.15} that have the real diesel engine sounds along with gun sounds/radio? 2 patches ago, they mysteriously disappeared without explanation from mod-packs...
  12. Firefly Mod

    Anyone know if the 'Firefly Mod' will be added later?