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  1. Hashidate

    [0.6.4] Drydock with Daylight

    Did it myself, I´m playing on EU with the Nickname "Hateshinaku" So no source, since this is the source (German Forumthread: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/78499-trockendock-bei-tag/)
  2. Hashidate

    [0.6.4] Drydock with Daylight

    Like the Title suggests it´s a simple modification that lets the sun smile in your dark dry dock. Download: >Mega< Installation: Extract the contents to "World of Warships/res_mods/x.x.x.x(res version)
  3. Hashidate

    Problem with us direct link 2

    McAfee is bullshit
  4. Hashidate

    Smoke Counter!

    The developers already said that they want to implement a timer to the game
  5. Hashidate

    2 Ports for the Modpack

    I made 2 Video that shows the 2 ports there´s also an download link i hope you like it! Maybe you can bring them into your modpack.

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